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 Forum and Chat rules

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Forum and Chat rules Empty
PostSubject: Forum and Chat rules   Forum and Chat rules EmptyMon Nov 11, 2013 2:16 am

These are the rules, and I expect them to be followed. If you do not follow these rules, you will be expected to face the consequences. If you can't do the time, don't to the crime. Seriously.

Staff Rules

  1. Don't break any of the user rules, you are the one enforcing them in the first place, so don't be a hypocrite.
  2. Don't abuse powers.. Seems pretty easy, don't you think?
  3. Treat members with respect. Just because you have a higher rank, doesn't mean you can treat them like less of a person.
  4. If you feel someone of the same rank or higher is doing something wrong, you don't have the authority to correct them, but you should still report it to a higher rank so they can take care of the issue.
  5. Do not undo something someone of the same or higher rank has done. It isn't your place to. Only with the permission of said person will you be allowed to.

User Rules

  1. Keep cussing at a low, avoid it if possible.
  2. Don't minimod, or tell people that you are a mod. We have actual mods to do this stuff, you know?
  3. Don't post pornographic or sexual images/messages in the chat. No sexual harassment either.
  4. Racism, Religion, and Sexism is all to be kept to yourself. We don't need those arguments in chat.
  5. Treat others with respect. Simple.
  6. Listen to anyone who is higher in rank.
  7. Do not harass others in any way what so ever. If they say you are bothering them, just back off.
  8. Do not spam or flood the chat, let's keep the chat nice and clean.
  9. Do not abuse any bugs in the chat, instead report them to a higher rank and leave it be.
  10. In the forums, post in the correct sections. Don't be silly.
  11. Don't bump a thread until a few days have passed. Bumping multiple times a day is just unneeded.
  12. Do not advertise any other Pokémon communities, chats, or anything of the sort. This includes any other Chatango chats as well.
  13. Do not try to find a way to loophole the rules, if you break them you break them. Don't act stupid when you break a rule and say you meant something else, even if you honestly meant something else, just accept the warning and don't do it again.

I expect EVERYONE to abide by these rules. Thank you for reading them, and hopefully I can thank you for following them.
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Forum and Chat rules
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