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 Welcome to Creative Writing: Rules and Regs! MUST READ

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Welcome to Creative Writing: Rules and Regs! MUST READ Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Creative Writing: Rules and Regs! MUST READ   Welcome to Creative Writing: Rules and Regs! MUST READ EmptyWed Nov 20, 2013 3:56 am

Hey guys, my name is Naeem Denis, and my alias' are Spider-Man/SoulXCross/Empoleon/Scizor. I just want to briefly welcome any and all potential readers and writers, and also to encourage anyone trying to build upon their skills as writers to create many narratives on any given topic. This forum is not just for Fan Fictions, but any creative story (ongoing or short story) that you may wish to share with our general public. It does not HAVE to be about pokemon or naruto either, it can be an engaging story about anything you wish to write about, as long as you follow the rules.

I'm gonna list the rules here to follow, to help keep this forum fresh with ideas and great stories! To demonstrate how my rules work, i will submit my own fanfiction as well.

*All submissions must be typed out in Microsoft WORD before being submitted.

*All stories must be presented to me for viewing before they can be put up.

*All stories must be rated, at most, T for TEEN or lower, we can't have anything too explicit for young children.

*Please do not take anyone's hard work and completely bash it, however i greatly encourage constructional criticism.  

*Any negative and/or explicit comments will be immediately terminated. Proper and effective penalties will be executed depending on the context of said malicious comments.

*After i have reviewed your story, you will create an account on fanfiction.net, and submit your works there.

*The link to your new fanfic will be placed into it's own topic, and whenever there is a new update to one of your chapters, you will edit your topic to say the latest chapter.

Please enjoy reading/writing your new stories, and i hope every has a good time on my forum!
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Welcome to Creative Writing: Rules and Regs! MUST READ
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