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 Requesting Genned Pokemon

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Requesting Genned Pokemon Empty
PostSubject: Requesting Genned Pokemon   Requesting Genned Pokemon EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 1:34 am

If you are asking someone for a genned Pokemon, it's pretty simple. They can't really scam you, unless they ask for JP first and never gen you your Pokemon. If this happens, report it to staff and we WILL take care of it for you. That's pretty much all when it comes to requesting genned Pokemon.

IF you want to make your own thread/topic about requests if you are doing them, try to make it look professional and try to include all JP amounts if you could. For example:

" I can gen or clone for anyone, just request what you need. It costs around 100-200 JP depending on the request.

Pending Clones:
Person 1: Pokemon,
Person 2: Pokemon,
Pending Gens:
Person 1: Pokemon,
Person 2: Pokemon,
etc. "
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Requesting Genned Pokemon
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