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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 2

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 2   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 2 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 1:53 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

I woke up early the next morning. It was still very dark outside, but the orange rays of the sun were creeping up in the horizon. I finished up the last bit of packing, a few potions, my map (just in case), a compass, a rope, the basic traveler needs. After washing up I threw on my favorite black hoodie, and walked back into my room where Emperor was still sleeping.

“Hey, wake up...It’s time to move out…” I said coolly. Emperor woke up slowly, yawning, and rubbing its eye. It hopped out of bed, and we left my room. As we walked down the steps, prof. rowan was waiting for me at the door. I attempted to walk past him without saying anything, when he stopped me.

“Soul, are you forgetting anything?” he asked. I shook my head no in response. Prof. Rowan sighed, placing a hand on his forehead.

“I don’t need to say good bye, we will be keeping in touch. If I need information I’ll call, and I will keep you updated on my progress…” i opened the door and took one step out.

“The pokemon by the cave is what I meant…” he said. I paused again, and turned back to face
him. “I haven’t forgotten about that…” I replied, and I finally left.

Emperor began to pull on the hem of my pants as we were walking. I looked down at it. It seemed to want to know what cave the professor was talking about. “This cave between Sandgem town and Jubilife harbors a ghost type pokemon. Prof. Rowan and I have studied it’s activity for quite some time. It’s pretty strong, and I’d like to catch it…” I said coldly.

Still dark outside, we walked into route 202. Emperor kept running all over the place, excited to be leaving Sandgem town. It kept running into random pokemon nesting areas and causing problems and all sorts of noise. I eventually got fed up. “HEY!” I barked. The wild bidoof chasing Emperor fled at the sound of my voice. Emperor stood still, staring at me. "I want to travel discreetly. I do not want to attract any unwanted attention. We happen to be in a very docile habitat right now, so we are lucky. All the noise you are making could get us killed! Shut up, and stay close to me!” I growled as i turned and began walking again. Emperor saluted, and quickly followed me.

As we neared the cave I halted, and signaled Emperor to hide. We took cover in some nearby bushes. “Emperor Look…there are some men over there wearing masks…what are they doing…?” I asked. Emperor shrugged and chirped. We stood watch for a while, watching the men bring in large crate after large crate with their fork lifts. “Alright men! We moved enough of the devices into the cave! We’ll seal it up so no one can get in!” said one of the men.

“Crap…we have to get in there and find Sableye…she’s alone in their and probably scared…” I said to Emperor. Emperor nodded. “Use mist to give us some cover, we’ll sneak in behind the machinery...” I said to Emperor. He chirped happily, holding his hands out. Suddenly, a thick fog began to set in. “Hey Boss!?! The fog!!” said one of the workers. “Forget the fog! This is better! Continue working, some morning dew won’t stop our progress!” Said another. Emperor and I bolted into the cave unnoticed.

“Follow me closely, she lives deep inside…” I said, but as we moved deeper, we found more and more of these boxes. Something told me there was a problem. “Hold up…Emperor, use Peck, and open up one of these boxes.” Emperor began to open them up, and I grabbed a flash light out of my bag. Inside the boxes were bombs, guns and thousands of other weaponry. Something touched my shoulder, so I immediately grabbed the source, and flashed my light over my shoulder.

Sableye panicked and let go of me, and began to run away. “WAIT! sableye! I’m here to help! It’s me, Soul!” Sableye slowly drifted back, recognizing who I was again. “It’s ok, I promise…I won’t…hurt you” but it was too late for that. Sableye appeared to have been brutally attacked. My face grew grim with anger, and Emperor consoled the sableye, rubbing her wounds.

“I didn’t care that they harbored these weapons here, it’s really not my concern…but when they hurt pokemon like this! I simply can’t stand for it! Sableye I was gonna challenge you to a battle to see if you’d join me, but under these circumstances, I ask you join our team so we can end these thugs!” Sableye nodded in agreement, with a face of great determination.

“Good…it’s payback time…” I pulled out a few of the potions I brought and nursed Sableye’s wounds. We waited a few minutes for her to get a little better. “Ok! Sableye are there any other pokemon or people in this cave?” I asked her. She shook her head no and began to float.

"If memory serves me right, your moves were will-o-wisp, night shade and foul play…ability prankster…hmm I have an idea, Use will-o-wisp on all the boxes behind us, Emperor get in your pokeball! This is gonna get rough” Sableye ignited a few nearby boxes as i flipped my hood on. Then suddenly, BOOM! One box exploded, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! A chain reaction started to follow. “Let’s GO! TOWARD THE EXIT!” I yelled. I sprinted back the way we came, as sableye continued to ignite boxes we ran past.

“What the HELL was that!” said one of the workers. They peered into the cave, I ran right threw them, one of them turned their head to try and get a look at me, but I was holding my hoodie over my face. I came to a sliding stop, and sableye circled around me. “YOU! WHAT WERE YOU DOIN IN THERE YER LIL BRAT!?!?!” cried the leader. I stood up straight and smirked. “Giving you a dose of your own medicine..."i said in a cool voice, as i began to countdown, "5..4..3..2..” BOOOOOMM, BOOM, BOOOOOOOM, BOOM BOOOM! The cave went up in flames! Rock and magma flew everywhere. “The weapons! The boss is gonna kill us all!! Ok kid…today you die!” said one of the grunts. I dusted off my shoulder. “You guys? Beat me? Heh I’d like to see that happen!" I threw Emperor’s ball onto the ground, and in a puff of smoke it appeared out of his pokeball. The grunts brought out there pokemon too, a bunch of zubat, raticate, ryhorn and grimer.

“Just one kid. huh? No way you can beat all of us on your own! And if those are your only pokemon, you’re in real deep!” yelled another grunt. “Hmph…” I grunted. He was absolutely right. I had an out however, most of these pokemon were frail attackers, and the ryhorn could be taken out by Emperor easily. The few grimers are easy targets too…just gotta think….”Emperor! We need cover! NOW!” I yelled. Emperor chirped and let loose a mist even thicker than the one before. “The mist! Boss I told you It wasn't natural!” cried a grunt. “Whatever! Just ‘cause we can’t see yer doesn't mean yer can get away! Get 'im...” he said in a dark voice.

They all roared and charged forward like idiots. Emperor, Saybleye and i were in the trees, dashing around looking for easy targets to prey on. I opened up the pokedex to check out the levels of all the pokemon, and their hp levels. The majority were low leveled, in the 10-15’s range with pretty low hp. “these pokemon weren't very well trained….” I muttered. I checked Sableye’s level, which was 23, and Emperor’s which was 12. “This is good enough, Sableye! Hover over the crowds and use night shade and will-o-wisps on all the stragglers! Don’t let up! Emperor, we’ll be hoping around to make it seem as though we are attacking from everywhere, spam those bubble beams!” i commanded

We did just as planned; group by group we took out the pokemon and the trainers. As they were attacked by piplup, they ran into the constant night shades. Since the zubats and raticate have lower hp stats they fell easily, it took a while longer to get the grimer. The Ryhorn were severely weakened but that didn’t matter since the trainers got knocked out as well. The chaos and confusion was a great cover to our stealth, as we silently took every man and their pokemon down. The mist finally cleared and we walked out into the clearing.

“Hehehe, yer pretty good fer a brat!” I quickly turned around and saw the leader, wearing a crimson-red and white mask. “Your men are beaten, and you have no pokemon yourself…so get lost…” I was bluffing. Emperor and Sableye were completely worn out by their constant attacking. I signaled to them to stay hidden so he couldn't see my disadvantage.

“So yer managed to take out meh henchmen! But do yer have what it takes to fight me?! Oho and don’t go thinking that “mist” trick will work fer ya again! I see threw that nonsense, as I am still clearly here and un-phased.: The man chuckled. I back stepped a little to gain some distance. Crap…this isn’t good I thought. The enemy threw out a pokeball, and out appeared an Aggron! “Welcome to tha big bois runt!” he laughed maniacally. “Aggron! Head Smash, GO! Get this trash outta mah site!” The Aggron roared and charged after me. I dodge rolled to the side, and pointed at the beast, “Emperor, Bubble beam!” I yelled.

Emperor hoped out of the shadows, firing off his bubble beam attack. It connected with Aggron from behind at a very close range. “Emperor! MOVE, STICK AND MOVE!" I yelled, as i quickly I got up and ran in the opposite direction, with Emperor by my side. The enemy trainer and Aggron began to pursue us. He doesn’t know I still have sableye! It was to dark to notice a ghost type floating around! I need her will-o-wisp to cut this things strength! I thought. I turned around and Emperor followed. We were at the wreckage site of the cave again, with nowhere to run. Come on, get closer, just a little closer…I turned to Emperor to see his expression, and too my amazement he was unwavering! I looked around and saw Sableye waiting for my signal ready to strike.

They have absolute faith in me…I got myself together, with new found confidence in myself from the faith of my team, and faced the masked man. Stall 'im, figure out their plan! i thought. “So what’s your game! Why were you stockpiling weapons!” I demanded. The perp slowed down, and so did Aggron. “Fer money! Of coarse! We were gonna sell them to make some coin, but yer interfered with that plan, and we don’t take kindly to that, kid! So now we gonna take care of you and take yer piplup. Oh yes we’ll take that differently colored chap and sell ‘im fer a pretty dollar. That’s seems like a fair trade! It’s pretty powerful, too! Dealing some critical damage to meh Aggron! But hey, don't try ter stall meh, Aggron, KILL!” The Aggron charged at us again. “NOW!” I screamed. Sableye zipped in with blazing speed and used will-o-wisp before Aggron’s attack could go off, and severely burned it. “RAWR??!?!” the Aggron screamed as it tripped over and skidded next to me.

Emperor and I jumped back, “Emperor bubble beam!” I said quickly, and Emperor doused him in a montage of bubbles. “Aggron!” the man growled. Sirens could be heard in the distance, and the sky was starting brighten up with an orange like glow. Perfect timing, I can taunt him now, he’ll take the bait and take off… "The cops are on their way, your bandits and this cave will be found, and your schemes will be brought to the light. Nowhere to hide now…” I said coolly. The man laughed, “You think yer so smart, I have to take the bait, but killing you would be my pleasure. Yer took down one of mah pokemon, but I have an entire team ready ter trounce ya! Yer lucky, I will report this to the boss…yer will be found…and yer will be killed…HAHAHAHA!” he laughed again, and retreated Aggron to its pokeball. He crunched some digits into his arm and transported himself away.

I grimaced at the thought of him having more pokemon in his arsenal...waiting to take me out. I looked down at my pokemon. “It’s ok Soul, we could have taken him! We are elite!” said Emperor. “Yea! Did you see how we beat them? It was way too easy! I couldn't have done it without you Soul!” giggled sableye... “ Neutral what…what? How? When wth!?!?!” I said in a surprised tone. Emperor and Sableye looked as though nothing crazy happened. “What!? What did we do!?!” they said in unison. The sirens grew louder. “No time to to talk, we have to disappear" I said as the cops got nearer. We took off into the darkness of the forest, and headed to Jubalife City.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 2
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