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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 3

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 3   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 3 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 1:54 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

The sun was shining brightly over the Jubilife City, as people littered the streets. It is always busy during the day, and even more so at night. Tourists from other regions come here for the attractions and the fun activities. I walked down the streets, searching for a pokemon center. I kept my hood on in case anymore of those weird men were lurking around. I thought about the masked man i battled, he still had 5 more pokemon…and we barely took down one…in fact we merely crippled it before it fell…

Many thoughts were running through my head. How could I have done better? Did I push my pokemon too hard in their first battle? Will they take a while to recover? I glanced down at my waste to look inside the pokeballs. Sableye and Emperor were fast asleep. Man I worked them too hard…and put them in so much danger…and still, they were more than ready to lay their lives on the line for my sake…

I continued searching for a pokemon center, passing by many families with their children, and thousands of couples eating ice cream, playing games. Hmph…who needs all that nonsense…all I need is strength! The power to crush anyone who gets in my way! i thought, as i bumped into a kid. "'Scuse me sir!" cried a little girl. I partially turned my head to see that there were two more kids approaching me. "Mister, mister! We can see your pokeballs on your waste! Can we play with your pokemon mister!?" said the boy. The three kids gathered around me, laughing and giggling pulling on my pants leg.

I let out a sigh. "No, I'm busy…they are injured and I need a pokemon center…" I said in an annoyed tone. "Oh! Mister we know where it is! We can take ya there if ya want!" said another girl. The kids agreed pulling my hand. Do I trust them? Just cause they are kids doesn't mean they can't be tricked into leading me somewhere. However, I was lost and did need the help, since i never explored Jubalife City on my own before. "Hey! You guys! We should ask for something in return! Yea he has to give us something!" said the boy. Their eager little eyes all turned to me, looking for some sort of reward.

"Hmph…I'll let you be my friend, and i'll buy you guys ice-cream, deal?" I said reluctantly, they all cheered and skipped as they led me to the center. We eventually bought the ice cream, and as I traveled with them, I found out that they were orphans that were staying with an ill step mother at the moment. She was sick at home, but the doctor said she just needed some rest. They talked about how they were scared of losing her, and how great of a mom she's been to them . They eventually became comfortable enough with me to introduced themselves. The two girls were Lani, and Susan, and the boy's name was Peter.

I took a breath of relief, and wound up talking with them more. "Cherish your step mom always, ok? She sounds like a nice lady…" I said. "Yea! She helps us make all sorts of goodies like cupcakes and cookies! And she lets us eat them all!" they were having a grand time, just by being near me. I understood them completely, knowing the pain of loss, and not having our real parents.

We got to the pokemon center. On the outside it looked pretty small, but when we walked through the sliding doors, it was huge! There was hundreds of people running about, and lounging in the dining areas. Television sets were on all over the place, and the nurses were taking care of pokemon left and right. The pokemart was in the center too, so I wound up stocking up on potions and stuff. The kids wound up leaving me, something about the street lights; they also managed to get me to agree with getting on television and battling for them live. They told me that they lived in the Little Rock Nursery School for Orphans, and to call them when i could, and talk about my adventures. I don't know why, but i wound up getting attached to these kids,and accepted their request, as we said our good-byes.

I walked over to a pretty woman with pink hair behind the counter, "Nurse, my pokemon are worn out, can you please look at them for me?" I placed my pokeballs in a tray. The nurse looked at the pokemon, and gasped. "Oh my! These pokemon look exhausted! You need to take care of them better! What's wrong with you!" she said grabbing them up and rushing into the next room closely followed by a chansey.

I shrugged and went to take a seat in the corner, near one of the televisions. The news reporter came blaring in, "This just in! Right outside Jubilife city is a huge detonation site, allegedly there was an explosion, due to heavy artillery catching fire. About twenty Syndicate thugs were found near the location knocked out awaiting police. Officials only had this to say."

The view shifted over to a police officer, "The reason for the fire is unknown, but we did find illegal weaponry stored deeper in the remains of this cave. They were gonna use it as a form of storage to keep their smuggled goods, and sell them in the black market, Somehow they were thwarted and struck down, but the whereabouts of this vigilante are unknown."

The reporter returned to the screen, "That was live at the outskirts of Jubilife city, we are still unaware as to how and why this happened, but we are happy that these Syndicate thugs were brought to justice. Will this vigilante show up again in time of need? Or was this just a fluke, either way we'll get the story here first! On to other news for today…"

Hmph…vigilante, huh? I thought to myself. Is that what they call a good deed? I didn't really care for what Syndicate was planning; it was just unforgivable as to how they attacked my sableye. They had no regards to her life, so I taught them a painful lesson….which I luckily got out of alive. "Your pokemon are ready sir! The piplup was pretty hurt, but your Sableye oddly appeared to be fine! Anyway, there is a room ready for you to rest in for a while, with pokemon food! First door on your right, please help yourself!" said Nurse Joy as she brought me my pokemon.

I went into the room and locked the door, and released Emperor and Sableye from their pokeballs. I thought about why sableye was perfectly healed up, but I neglected to ask. They stretched and yawned, eating the food on the bed. "Can you both…still talk?" I asked. Emperor looked at me with a snotty face "I don't know can you still breathe?" it laughed. Sableye giggled as she ate. "Since when could you guys talk…and why now all of a sudden?" I questioned sternly. Both pokemon looked at each other and shrugged. "We tried speaking to the nurses, but they just kept gawking at my "beautiful feathers" and kept rubbing my head. Seems only you can listen to us" Emperor said annoyed.

Sableye floated up to me, "We've known you for a while and…well…you were so cool this morning that I kinda felt like we bonded! maybe that's got something to do with it?" she placed her head on my chest, hugging me. "Yea man, I felt like I couldn't lose the way you barked out those orders and we took down the bad guys! Man I felt like such a bad ass!" said Emperor jumping on the bed, shadow boxing and flipping as if he were dodging something.

I get it…so somehow when I further my bond with my pokemon…I can hear them speak…but how? When did I get such an ability? I thought. "Unanswered questions will have to remain unanswered for now. First things first, it's time we take the sinnoh league challenge…" I pulled out my map and laid it out on the bed. Sableye and Emperor huddled around me.

"Oreburgh City is 10 minutes from here, all we have to do is pass through Oreburgh Gate. We will go there, defeat Roark, and move on back here to spend the night. I would say training is in order, but the battle we had was more than enough of a warm up. So, by watching you guys in that battle, I know what you guys can do and how well you can handle yourselves" I looked at Emperor and Sableye, they were listening attentively.

"I don't think I need to say it, but if you listen to my commands without hesitation, success will follow us. As a team, as a unit, we can carry out our missions quickly and precisely. I will listen to any and all of your requests, and I will answer to those requests as best as possible. Of course, I am team leader, and Emperor here will be team captain. So if we are ever to separate, Emperor will take command, is that clear?" They both nodded.

"Good, also from now on, Sableye's code name will be Huntress, and we will refer to her as such." Huntress giggled at the name, "Oh my! How vicious! you try to make me sound so murderous! Do I look scary enough to pull off that name?" she giggled. Emperor laughed, "No way! That's too good! Huntress? There is no hunter instinct inside of her haha!"

"Need I remind you that we only defeated Aggron because of her ability in prankster, her will-o-wisp, and her night shade attack. She dished out just as much, if not more, damage than you did, blind firing bubble beams into a crowd, leading them into her night shades. From what I can tell she did most of the work." I said coolly. She giggled again, and Emperor scratched his head blushing. "Well then now that's settled, let's rest up for a little bit, then head over to oreburgh gate..." i said, as we left the room.

-Oreburgh gate, half hour later

As I approached Oreburgh gate, with Emperor by my side, we could see a crowd of people standing at the steps. "Wonder what's goin on?" said Emperor. "Probably something not worth our time…" I retorted, as I flipped my hoodie up.

As we got closer we could hear girls squealing and some dudes laughing, and in the center of the crowd was some pompous looking kid, wearing a huge grin on his face. I was about to walk past him, when I heard one of the girls say "OH wow! I can't believe you beat Roark so easily! You must be a great trainer!" I stopped and smirked.

"Yea well I walked in there and walked out like a boss! He couldn't handle my genius! I simply just rocked his world!" said the kid show boating. I turned to face the crowd; I was standing over them on the steps.

"Hey, you! Loser with the stupid grin! So you beat Roark huh?" I said mockingly. The crowd grew quite, and the kid turned to look at me with a frown. "Yea that's right, I have my first gym badge to show for it too! Why? You have a bone to pick with me or something?" he said turning around and walking up the steps.

"Why, of course not! I'm just a rookie on his way to challenge the same gym! So I couldn't help but wonder," I started walking down the steps toward him with a grin on my face, "If I could beat the loser that beat him, I should surely win." The grin on our faces completely disappeared as we were staring each other eye to eye, in each other's face.

"You got some ballz callin me out like that in front of my peeps, like some kind of big shot," he looked down at Emperor, who was also wearing a face of determination. "Ha Ha! You haven't even evolved your starter yet! And you think you can take me! What an amateur!" he laughed, his crew started laughing with him.

"All I see is a punk who can talk a big game and nothing to back it up…" I said coolly. Emperor laughed, and the crowd went "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH." The kid became infuriated. "Two vs Two singles battle right now! Winner is decided when there are no usable pokemon left!" he started walking to the open field and stood there waiting for me. Ok, so if he just got a gym badge then his pokemon must be pretty high leveled. His pokemon most likely consist of a fighting and/or ground type based on how easy he made the battle sound, since Roark has rock type pokemon i thought to myself.

"So choose your first pokemon! We go till one is unable to battle, and no switchin mid round! Monferno, Spotlight!" his monferno ran into the center of the field. The crowd of kids surrounded us, talking in anticipation for a good battle.

"Emperor, it's time to show him why you are far superior than any king…" I said snidely "I will take this guy down in a heartbeat, watch me closely!" he said to me walking onto the field. "Both players ready?" said a cute girl. "By the way, what's your name? Mine is Blaze Heart! My friends call me blaze, but you can call me Heart!" he said with a cool grin holding up a thumbs-up. I glanced at him and made eye contact. "My name is unimportant, just like you" I said coolly. "BEGIN" yelled the girl.

"Monferno he has type advantage, but its weak! Mach punch, go!" Monferno rushed forward at great speed, but Emperor was able to dodge it. "Use Mist now!" I exclaimed. Just like before a huge mist covered the field. "Cheap tricks won't help you win! Monferno use swords dance!" monferno began to glow as it focused its fighting stance, breathing steadily. "Emperor, use your Bubble Beam! Hit him from all directions!"

Monferno began getting bombarded by a barrage of bubble beam blasts, unable to detect where the hits were coming from. "Monferno! Use foresight!" Heart cried. Monferno began scanning the area, and successfully located Emperor's whereabouts. "Now zero in with mach punch!" he declared, grinning. Monferno also grinned as it leaped at Emperor with full speed. Emperor was still air borne from his last bubble beam attack! "Emperor do a 360 degree spin and grab his arm!" I said quickly. Emperor narrowly escaped full damage from the mach punch, and successfully grabbed his arm and threw monferno toward the ground.

"Now use bubble beam and finish him with your peck attack!" I exclaimed. Emperor sent monferno crashing into the ground as he was bombarded with more bubbles, and then he slammed into him head on with his peck attack as he was on the ground. "OOH OH GAH!" cried the monferno in pain. It laid there unconscious. Emperor struggled to stand, as he was still hit with that powerful mach punch. Emperor held up one of his wings, "YEA! Taken out like a friggin champ!" it said happily, as it started to glow.

"Woah!", "Ah!" the crowed was awed by Emperor's transformation, as he finally evolved into a Prinplup! I opened my pokedex up to scan monferno's and piplups data. They were both now level 23, meaning Emperor gained a lot of exp. with that battle. His new moves were Metal Claw, and Drill Peck, and he still had bubble beam and mist.

"Great work Emperor, well played" I said commending his effort, "Couldn't of done it without you, partner!" he said in response as he returned to my side. Heart was dumb struck as to how I won, "Aren't you gonna put your prinplup in its ball to rest?" he questioned angrily, as he retreated his fallen monferno. I shook my head no, "The pain he felt in this battle will serve as a reminder to his triumph, he will bear it like a trophy, and grow stronger in endurance by doing so." I said. The crowd began to cheer for Heart. "C'mon Blaze, knock out his next pokemon! He's not tough, his prinplup is clearly finished which means you have this in the bag!" Heart nodded and threw his next pokeball. With a puff of smoke, a Gible appeared and took center of the field.

"Ok Gible! We have to avenge monferno! We been threw a lot together, so you and I can work as a team much better! And we'll teach this jerk a thing or two about strategy!" he said anxiously.

Hmph another physically based pokemon, piece of cake "Huntress, Let's end this!" I threw Huntress' pokeball out, and with a puff of smoke, she appeared. "Battlers ready!?" said the girl again. Heart and I were locked in a staring contest, neither of us dared to blink, "Fight!" she exclaimed. "Gible GO USE DIG!" he screamed. "Heheh, Huntress use will-o-wisp!" I said conceitedly. With blinding speed, Huntress appeared in front of Gible before it could even dig its funnel. She giggled as she let off her will-o-wisp attack, severely burning Gible at close range. It let out a loud screech in pain, and neglected to preform it's attack.

"No! Gible! What did you do?" he cried angrily. "I burned it, it will take damage passively, and it's attack power is diminished…now use foul play!" With great power, Huntress slammed her claw into the fallen Gible. "Wha-, But how can it do so much damage! It doesn't look very strong!" Heart said confused. I began to smirk and Huntress began to giggle. "That's my power! To use your own against you! I'm just one tricky damsel!" Huntress said giggling, of course they couldn't hear her but myself (and i wasn't about to explain the move to them either).

"Maybe a third rate battler like yourself should do more research on pokemon abilities and combat strategy..." I said mockingly. The atmosphere grew dense, as the home team was losing at the home game. I looked around, with my hoodie still on. "What's the matter? No more cheers for your third rate champion? Don't make me laugh! You let wining some gym badge deter you from understanding what that victory really meant!" I said, pointing at Heart. "You and your pokemon TOGETHER won that badge, not one time did I hear you thank or even accredit them for the victory!" I began to get angry.

"You, together, worked as one! And you so easily forgot that working together is what helped you win in the first place! That's why I'm standing here, whooping your tail, because you forgot the most important attribute of being a trainer!" the crowd grew quiet as Huntress hovered by my side, and Emperor nodded in agreement. Heart listened to what I was saying, and took it to the heart; he closed his eyes and grinned. "You're right; I should have been more humble about it…But there is still a chance I can win! And there is nothing saying I can't start appreciating my comrades now! You with me Gible!" he said smiling down at his Gible.

Gible steadily stood up and nodded in agreement, letting out a screech of agreement. "Then Go! Use dig again!" Gible immediately dug into the ground at a great pace. "Here he comes Huntress, get ready!" I said to her. She nodded and went back out to the center of the field, looking around waiting for Gible to resurface.

Suddenly, Gible came bursting out of the ground behind Sableye, "Huntress Watch out!" I cried. "Too late! Gible take it down!" grinned Heart. Gible grabbed Huntress and slammed her into the ground, "Did you forget your attack strength has been weakened!" I declared. "Yea I know! But I got a move that doesn't use attack strength! Just the might of a dragon! and at this range it can't miss! GO DRAGON RAGE!"

Gible let out a burst stream of power, erupting at point blank range. "AHH!" cried Huntress, and a huge dust cloud kicked up. I shielded my eyes, and you could hear the girls in the crowd squealing trying to keep their skirts from flying up. The smoke steadily cleared and Gible was huffing and puffing, standing over a weakened Huntress. She steadily tried to get up, but she only moves fast when using non-aggressive moves, thanks to prankster. "Alright Gible! One more time!" Heart declared happily, as it began charging up for a second attack. Then I remembered what that nurse said earlier! FLASHBACK:"The piplup was pretty hurt, but your Sableye oddly appeared to be fine!

"Huntress! Use Recover and MOVE!" I cried. Huntress immediately recovered her health, and was able to muster up the strength to run out of the blasts range. "What!?" exclaimed Heart, "Quick! Counter with Foul Play again!" I said quickly. Gible was too weak to move out of the way, so Huntress quickly slammed her claws into him with tremendous force, knocking the pokemon out on the spot. I let out a sigh, Man that was close…i thought. This kid is capable of dishing out some serious damage! If he fought like that from the beginning I don't know if I could have really won so easily…

Heart let out a sigh, and we both retreat our pokemon to their respective pokeballs. The crowd began to clap and cheer loudly, rushing to their champion's side. He let out a heartfelt laugh, as they said how cool he was and remained calm under the pressure. "He's a worthy rival…" said Emperor. I nodded in agreement with a smirk. "Yea, we definitely have to train harder, people like him are the only opponents we'll ever see."

We began to walk away toward the gate, when Heart finally broke away from his fans. "Hey," he said "you never did tell me your name." I turned around and faced him, removing my hood, "The name is Soul, and the next time we meet, I will surely pummel you into the ground, as I just did…" I said coolly. Heart began to grin "The next time we meet, I will be fully synced with my team! I'ma make you wish you never taught me that little lesson, because I'ma make you eat those words!" he held out his fist in my direction. I smiled slightly, and gave him a fist bump, and walked through Oreburgh Gate, headed to my next challenge.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 3
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