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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 5

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 5   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 5 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 1:55 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

The next day swung by rather quickly. I woke up in my room that I rented at the pokemon center. Emperor and Huntress slept close to me, but Huntress was practically squeezing me. As I sat up I rubbed my head. Images of the night before kept flashing through my head…All I could possibly think about was Greiger. His intent to kill…and how he decided to do so without hesitation. His laughter rang in my head like the chime of a bell at a funeral.

Am I…Am I scared of Greiger? I pondered, as my eyes widened. I began to sweat as I thought about battling him again. “Dammit,” I whispered to myself. I have to shake this feeling off; I can’t allow the thought of losing to him cloud my mind. I hopped out of bed, and immediately started doing my routine morning exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, basic calisthenics too keep my body strengthened and it gets the blood flowing.

Emperor woke up, and joined me in the morning exercise. “If I’m to be a captain, then I need to be strong like my leader…” he grunted as he worked with me. I smiled as we began working out even harder, pushing ourselves. “Nyaa…what are you guys doing~” moaned huntress, rubbing her eye and yawning. “Working out, come join us already!” growled Emperor. Huntress stretched and yawned really loudly “Ok!” she replied happily, and she joined us in the work out. After we finished, I showered up and packed my back preparing to leave. I had emperor and Huntress clean the room and make the bed, to help them learn discipline and to learn that making huge messes requires someone to clean it up. We left the room, and headed to the lobby.

“Hey! People are gathering at the gym! Do you know why?” said a really cute girl to one of her friends. “Yea,” responded another, “Roark is gonna have a huge battle with this awesome trainer today! The time wasn’t set, but everyone is anxious to see this new trainer!” one of the boys in the group shook his head. “What’s so special about some guy? He's probably getting over hyped!” he said. His homeboys laughed with him, but another girl responded. “Well Lawna Baker, from Trainer Watch TV, isn't a liar! She said this guy is good, and even had an interview The one and only Heart!”

Hmph…I guess Heart really is famous, I thought to myself, sitting at a nearby table to continue listening. I gave Emperor some money to buy food for us, and flipped my hoodie up so I wouldn't be noticed. “Whoa, no way! You mean the Heart that beat Roark! Roark was undefeated for a very long time! Till Heart swung by a scrapped up a win! I tell ya that was one rough battle! Didn’t seem like heart could do it until his chimchar evolved!” they all agreed in succession, until another girl piped in, “But here is the thing! Heart said he battled this person, er I think his name was Soul? Yea it was Soul! Heart battled this person, and he said he lost without a single win!”
The table grew really quiet. “We have to go see this battle!” said one of the boys, and the whole group got up and left. Emperor finally came back with the food. “Emperor…I have to go make a phone call, protect yourself and huntress till I get back…” I said coldly, as I got up and left.

I looked up the number for the Little Rock Orphanage in the directory, and called the number. It rang a few times, than finally the screen turned on and showed a Young woman. “Uh, Hello?” she asked looking at me. The woman had a glazed expression over her face, as if she just woke up, she also had res hair and red eyes that were half open. I took off my hood, “Hi, yes um…My name is Soul, I wanted to know if your step children were home?” as I said that Lani jumped in her lap to look at the screen. “Who ya talkin to mo- HEY!” said the little girl.

“Hey, EVERYBODY! Big Brutha Soul is on the phone!” she yelled out loud. Peter and Susan swarmed to the phone, bombarding the Woman as they all were trying to look at the screen at once. They were each talking so fast and in abundance that I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. When did I become a big brother? I thought to myself, “Hey! HEY! Quiet down already!” I said in a stern voice. They quieted down, beaming at me with faces of pure joy.

“My, my!” began the mother, “These kids spoke very highly of you, Soul!” she said smiling. “Yea…well they helped me find my way around in Jubilife when I was lost…no big deal” I said coolly. The mother smiled at me, “I’m glad you called! They stayed up later than usual last night and saw your interview on Trainer Watch TV! You've become quite the famous trainer! Literally over night!” she said, beaming at me. “Yeah, well about that…I’m gonna be battling Roark on TV really soon, and I promised I’d call to let them know whenever I was gonna be on TV.” I said rubbing my head.

“OK! Soul we won’t miss it, will we kids?” she said smiling to the children. “No!!” they said in unison. “Yea…umm I gotta go, I have some last minute strategies to go over with my team…I’ll call you guys after to hear what you thought of the battle or something...” I said. And I hung up the phone. I let out a deep breath and turned to see Huntress and Emperor standing behind me, with THE biggest smirks on their faces. “What?” I said. “SHE was pretty cute! Was that your secret crush?!?!?” swooned Huntress. I began to blush, “No! not at all! she is older than me!” I said in protest. “Oho! My man Soul! Goin for dem older girls huh? Like em experienced =3=” Emperor said. “Oh shut the hell up!” I growled at them still blushing. They both started laughing hysterically as I made another call.

The phone rang for a few seconds, but then Prof.Rowan answered. “Why, hello there Soul, I expected to hear from you soon, How are you my son?” said Prof.Rowan quite happily. “I’m fine…” I muttered. I didn't know what to say to him, I called him to let him know I was safe, “You haven’t changed…You also developed quite the knack for adventure, hm?” he said raising an eyebrow. I didn't respond. “Your little escapade in front of Jubilife City caught quite the amount of attention! And then your little speech on national television?”

I grit my teeth, “Fame is not the reason why I took those actions!” I said coldly. Prof. Rowan shook his head, “That is not what I’m implying. I’m glad you found reason to fight without personal gain in mind, but you have yet to discover the meaning between bonds! I have some more research I must attend to, do take care of yourself, Soul, and win that gym badge.” he said with a straight face. I gave him a nod, and we both hung up.

“I missed the old man…Glad to see he’s doing well…” said Emperor. “Yes, he was always nice to me!” beamed Huntress. I began pondering upon what he said. Have I not worked together with my pokemon enough? Have we not become one yet? I can even talk to them, and understand them, as proof of our bonds! So what more could there be…I shrugged it off, and ordered huntress back to her ball. We left the Pokemon Center, and headed for the gym.

Oreburgh City Gym, 15 minutes later…

The stadium was packed with people, and there was even a long line still outside the door. I didn’t want to cause a scene, so I walked around to the back, putting my hood on. As I walked around the back, there was a huge gate prohibiting further access. Emperor simply hopped over it like it was nothing; I on the other hand used the wall to jump off of to grab the top of the gate. I climbed over it and landed on the other side. I dusted myself off, and walked up to the door in the back. Suddenly the door opened up, and Roark stepped out, followed by Psyche. They both looked at me as I stared emotionless-ly back at them. “Hmph, can’t even use a door like everyone else...What are you some kind of hot shot?” said Psyche angrily. I simply smirked, “I remember saying something about not talking to dead people…” Emperor snickered by my side.

Psyche got even angrier. “You little shit! I’ll let you in on a secret! My Scyther was on the side lines waiting for my signal! he has the move protect, so I was gonna use it to defend us from the rocks, follow up with double team to set up a diversion while it freed us, then create an assault tactic with one of my other pokemon after i recovered my pokeballs! In other words, you got in my way ass hole!”

“Hmph! Nice little strategy, but I'm very good at reading people, and the look in your eyes showed lack of discipline, and fear...” I said angrily. Psyche smirked; he knew he got to me. “That’s pretty funny! Because when you finally revealed yourself after you pretty little entrance, I couldn’t help but see you shaking in your boots! So who were you talking about really?” he said sarcastically. I threw off my bag, and we both stepped to each other’s face, ready to swing. Emperor slid right behind Psyche ready to have my back, and His Gengar crept out of my shadow behind me in striking position.

“That’s ENOUGH” declared Roark. Everyone stopped moving, but Psyche and I did not break eye contact. “The important thing is we got out of that alive, regardless who did what. I myself can say I was happy Soul was there, that just gave us more advantage, in case anything had gone wrong. We are on the same team here, don’t forget that,” Roark grabbed our shoulders, “besides he has a battle with me today, and I want to see what he can do at full potential!”

I brushed Roark’s hand of my shoulder. “We aren't friends; I don’t need either of you to fight my battles with or for me. My pokemon and I are strong enough to take down any threats we face on our own, if you guys wanna be my side kicks, too bad. I’m an A class act all on my own...” I said coldly. Emperor nodded, “Tell ‘em Soul” he said in agreement. Psyche frowned, “You act so fuckin tough…Fine! We’ll see what you can do against Roark, but you and me, we have unfinished business. And trust me, it won’t be pretty…” he turned around and walked off, with his scarf flowing behind him. Roark sighed. “He’s a bit of a hard head that kid, you both definitely don’t do well together huh? C’mon let’s head inside.” Roark said, leading the way.

Inside Oreburgh Gym, Stadium Corridor, 10 minutes later.

As I was waiting for the National Anthem to finish up, Lawna Baker approached me, with her camera man. “Hey Soul, can we ask some quick questions for the record?” she asked with a smile. I glared at her, “get out of my face…” I said in an angry tone. She waved off the camera man, and turned back to me. “How about now? Is that better?” she said calmly. I didn't respond. “I just wanted to say good luck..and I really hope you are as strong as you say you are, I also have a message from Cynthia,” she held up a note. I reached to take it, but she pulled it away and put it in her bra. “she said you can get it only if you win! it's apparently an invitation to training with her!” she said with a smile and a wink. I nodded to her, “Good! Give ‘em hell out their!” she said, and she walked off.

“LAAAAAAAAAADIES AND GENTLEMAN!” declared the announcer, the crowd boomed with excitement and cheers. “TODAYS MATCH IS A GYM LEADER FEATURE MATCH!” exclaimed the announcer, “This episode is being aired live, on the Trainers Watch Channel! I’m your host, Jay Snider! And let’s WELCOME THE MAN OF THE HOUR! TOUGH AS A ROCK, ROARK!!!!” the crowed boomed again, as Roark walked out of his side of the field, waving at the crowed. Girls were squealing everywhere screaming “I love you's" to Roark.

“ANNND Today’s challenger, the overnight sensation! SOUL!” he exclaimed. The stadium clapped for me, and threw out some whistles. I walked up to the stage, and put my hood up. The official walked up to the side of the stadium. “This battle is a 2 pokemon battle! Only the challenger is allowed to switch pokemon mid round! A player loses when BOTH pokemon are knocked out! Please send out your first pokemon!”

Rampardos is his ace…so I’m sure he’ll send it out last, Huntress will be able to dismantle Rampardos…So I’ll send her in last, I thought to myself. I looked down at Emperor. “You’re Up first…Destroy him” I said coldly. Emperor grinned, “With pleasure!” he said as he hopped out to center field. Roark grabbed a pokeball from his waste. “Rhyhorn! I’m leaving it to you!” he said, as he threw the ball into the air. With a puff of smoke, Ryhorn appeared. It started snarling and kicking up dust with its feet, ready to charge.

“Trainers Ready...Begin!” cried the Official. Roark acted immediately, “Ryhorn, use Stealth Rock!” he said. Suddenly, giant stones from the field began to hover all around the pokemon. “Soul, I don’t know what this is!” cried Emperor. “Don’t worry about it! Stay focused!” I said to him. “Great job Rhyhorn, now go! Use mega horn!” he said. Rhyhorn began charging toward Emperor. “Emperor, use Bubble beam! That’s Rhyhorn’s Weakness!” I called out. Emperor immediately shot out bubbles from its beak in Rhyhorn’s direction.

Roark began to smile. “That’s it Rhyhorn! Just like we practiced!” he said. Rhyhorn began using the rocks from the Stealth Rock attack as cover! “Soul! I- I can’t hit him!” said Emperor angrily. I smirked. Smart tactic to use the rocks for cover, but by doing so he revealed the purpose of stealth rock!

“Emperor! Stealth Rock can’t hurt you, since he can't control it freely! it’s meant to counter my ability to switch! But we can use the obstacles to our advantage as well! Try jumping off of them and making your way to Rhyhorn!” I exclaimed. Emperor nodded, and began jumping from rock to rock. He hopped over Ryhorn’s head. “Crap! How did he figure it out so soon!” said Roark in an anxious tone. “I studied your style of battle last night at the mining area! Your style was to restrict one’s movements to make up for lack in speed!” I said in a sarcastic tone, “It was easy to see through this trick! Too bad, Now I only need Emperor to win this battle!” The crowd cheered as Emperor effortlessly maneuvered around Rhyhorn’s attacks.

“We’re not done yet! Rhyhorn! Use Rock Blast! Combine it with the Stealth Rock Attack!” yelled Roark. The floating rocks began to wildly swing around, aiming at Emperor! Emperor narrowly dodged the first rock, “Soul Think of Something Fast!” he said, as he fired more bubble beam blasts. It was to no avail though, since Rhyhorn was able to guard itself with the stealth rocks.

Dammit! That defense is annoying I wish I could just smash through the rock…WAIT! That’s it! “Emperor! Get as close as possible to Rhyhorn!” I called out. Emperor narrowly dodged another rock blast assault. “Are you CRAZY!? I can barely dodge his attacks from afar!” he replied, dodging another incoming rock. “DON’T ARGUE WITH ME JUST DO IT!” I bellowed, the crowed was going wild with anticipation. “Alright man! One penguin sandwich! Comin up!” he said, dashing forward.

“Rhyhorn! Don’t let up! Use more Rock Blast!” commanded Roark. “GRAWWR!” cried Rhyhorn, sending more rocks after Emperor. Emperor jumped over the first rock, clung onto a nearby floating one, then jumped off of it to avoid the second incoming rock. It ran forward some more, and slid under the third one. He got up again and jumped to the side to dodge the fourth rock, jumped off that one and swayed out of the way of the fifth rock barely. He jumped up in the air above Rhyhorn.

“Rhyhorn! He’s going to attack again! Shield yourself!” Roark exclaimed, and Rhyhorn covered itself in rocks. “That’s it! Now Emperor, use all your might! FULL POWERED METAL CLAW!” I cried. Emperor grinned as its wing glowed with an orb of light, and it then coated itself in steel, “RAAAAHHH!” exclaimed Emperor as it came down with full force. There was a flash of white light that illuminated the whole gymnasium. CRACK! CRUMBLE! Emperor successfully broke through the rocks! The Rhyhorn was hurt by the metal claw attack in the process, “Finish it with bubble beam.
Emperor leaped back and showered Rhyhorn in a barrage of bubbles. Boom! Rhyhorn went flying back into the wall, and fell over unconscious. “Victory! Round one goes to Soul!” the crowed roared, as Roark returned Rhyhorn to its pokeball, “You did great Rhyhorn! You deserve a rest, bud!” HE said, placing the ball back on his waist. “Hey soul, sorry for doubting you man…” Emperor said taking in deep breaths. “Don’t ever question me like that again!” I said coldly. Emperor looked kinda down, but he shook it off quickly.

Hmph! Pretty perceptive, Soul! However, it takes more than a sharp eye to win a battle, thought Psyche as he watched from the stands.

“Second round! Please choose your pokemon. “Ok Emperor, hustle back you can-“ I began but Emperor cut me off. “No…Huntress can take Down Rampardos no problem; you and I both know that! But this…I have to finish this on my own! I want to get strong and prove my worth!” Emperor's face was full of determination. He wanted to fight on, even though he was already weakened. I sighed. “I hear you, you start taking too much damage, or if I see you getting any slower, you’re out…” I said coldly. He nodded and walked back center field. People began to whisper and talk, “He’s leaving his Prinplup in!” said one person. “Cant he see Prinplup is hurt!” said another. Roark looked worried, “Soul! Is it a good idea to keep Prinplup in? It can’t take much more damage! It at least needs some rest!” he said to me. The stadium grew quiet.

I looked down at Emperor, but he did not turn back to face me. “You gave me your word, Soul, that you would honor my decisions as a Captain! This is my call! Let me have it!” he said. I smiled. “I will not change pokemon. His determination and strength will lead us to victory…I trust my partner! in fact,” I pointed at Roark, “If you can take him down right now, I’ll quit the challenge and go home!” I said with a grin. The crowd went wild, and Roark shook his head. “I’m sorry, but that’s a terrible way to act as a trainer! You’re too head strong, but I’ll make you keep those words! Rampardos! It’s Showtime!” Roark threw the ball at center stage, and with a puff of smoke, Rampardos appeared. Emperor stared up at the behemoth, unwavering.

“And soul,” began Emperor, “Thanks for believing in me” he said. “Yea well you better take this guy down…You wanted the spot light Emperor, You got it...” I said coldly. “Trainers Ready…BEGIN!” This time I took initiative. “Emperor Metal Claw!” I cried, Roark was quick to counter, “Rampardos! Zen Headbutt!” Both pokemon charged forward and their attacks clashed. Each pokemon was pushing forward with all their might, but the power gave out! Boom! Both pokemon went hurtling backwards. “Don’t let up! Use bubble beam!” I cried. Emperor began to fire off his attack, but Roark countered again! “Rampardos! Stone edge!” he declared, and both attacks canceled each other out.

Both pokemon landed on their feet, but they immediately charged back forward, as if they were magnets of opposite polarization. “Rampardos! Focus Energy!” he said, and rampardos began to glow! “Kraww!” it screeched as it charged. “Emperor! wait for my signal!” I said. “Rampardos! Zen Headbutt, GO!” declared Roark. Wait for it, I thought as Rampardos got closer. It got within 3 feet of Emperor, “NOW! Us drill Peck! Aim at its feet!” I bellowed. Emperor slid on the floor with its belly, as its beak began to elongate and glow. He then began spinning rapidly, and attacked Rampardos’ legs, causing it to fall. “Quickly! Get up and rip him a new one with your bubble beam!” Emperor jumped up and fired off a stream of bubbles, colliding on Rampardos. Rampardos screeched in pain, and slowly stood up, “Finish it with metal claw!” I declared. Emperor charged after the weakened pokemon.

“Rampardos! Rock Polish and move!” quickly said Roark. Rampardos began to glow red, and it appeared to teleport out of harm’s way! Emperor went crashing to the ground. Emperor slowly stood up, barely able to stand! “Emperor above you!” I tried to call to him, but he was completely dazed. “Finish it! Come down with Zen Headbutt!” Like a giant meteor, rampardos fell upon Emperor.

Luckily, Emperor looked up and was able to catch Rampardos midair, but when it landed, it continued to force its strength down on Emperor. Soul kept trying to yell out to him, however Emperor was too dazed. Welp…guess this is it, I got nothing left! All talk and no show…thought Emperor, as he began to buckle under the pressure of Rampardos’ attack. Right as he was about to give up, he thought about Soul. Emperor then took a step back, balancing itself. No! I can’t lose! I am an Emperor! This pokemon is beneath me! Emperor thought. It began pushing back Rampardos’ attack. I can’t afford to lose! What would Soul say!? How could I face him? NO! I refuse to accept failure!

The crowd grew quite, as emperor began to glow. “What! Not again!” cried Roark. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Emperor evolved into an Empoleon! Still weak, Emperor barely managed to throw Rampardos off, “I WON’T LOSE! NOT HERE, NOT NOW!” exclaimed Emperor, as it blasted Rampardos with a blast of hot water! Rampardos flew into the wall, and fell unconscious, burned by the heated water. "That move! it was a rare Unova Attack! it uses the fiery spirit of a water pokemon's heart, and blasts the foe with extreme hot water! It's name is Scald!" cried the announcer.

“Victory! Goes to Soul!” the crowd roared with excitement, and Emperor fell to a knee, wheezing and coughing. I ran to his side and put a wing over my head to help him up. “Up and at em, big fellah,” I whispered to Emperor. Emperor grinned, “Did I do good?” he asked. “NO! You were stupid and careless! And you also took unnecessary damage!” I scolded. Emperor laughed, “I expected you to say that!” he said, as we both walked out of the gymnasium and headed to the Pokemon Center.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 5
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