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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 6

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 6   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 6 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 1:56 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

I carried Emperor on my shoulder all the way back to the Poke Center. On my way groups of people swarmed me, clapping and cheering. They acted as if I won the world cup at a champion’s banquet. All they did was get me irritated, I simply wanted them to leave. “Great battle, Soul! You’ll definitely make it to the top” people said, patting me on the back. When we finally reached the Poke Center, I requested immediate medical attention for Emperor.

“You worked hard out there…” I said to him. He grabbed my hand. “I owe it to you, for not giving up and respecting me as a te-“...he finally passed out. Nurse Joy, and her chansey, rolled over a stretcher and carted him away. People were still approaching me for autographs and such, but I broke off and quietly disappeared. I went back outside, behind the Pokemon Center, and sat against the wall.

“What’s wrong Soul?” asked Huntress, as she broke out of her pokeball. I was about to respond, until I heard someone clapping. I quickly stood up, ready for a fight, but I saw it was Psyche approaching me, still clapping. “Very nice…you won that one pretty smoothly” he said in a mocking tone with a grin on his face. My face darkened as I stared him down, “What do you want?” I growled. His grin disappeared, and his tone became serious. “I wanted to say your skills as a trainer are good, but could use some work.” he said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an envelope. He handed me the envelope. I glared at him as I took it. I opened it up, and read the context:

Dear Soul,
Complete your badge collection, and come in first place at the Pokemon League Cup, only then will we accept your challenge. Before you continue, there is a special microchip I left in this envelope. Bring it with you to Floaroma Town, I will wait for you there to train you, and help hone your skills. Keep the microchip safe at all costs.
-Cynthia, of the Elite 4

I looked back at Psyche. “That Lawna Baker woman gave that to me to bring to you, but that isn't why I really came here,” he began. “I know it was you who stopped syndacite a few of days ago…” he said. “Yea what about it? You want to give me a medal…” I responded sarcastically. Psyche began to get frustrated. “NO! You idiot!” he yelled, “You're a target now! Syndicate will hunt you down, and kill you! You interfered with them not only once, but two times now! They won’t let that pass!” he said.

Psyche grew silent. I closed my eyes and chuckled, “You really think I am scared of some Syndicate thugs.” Psyche didn’t answer right away, but he bowed his head, “Yes…I do” he said calmly. My eyes widened with rage, and I ran up to him, grabbing him by the collar and lifting him up off his feet. I then pushed him against the wall, “What did you say! I’M NO COWARD! I won’t die as easily…as easily as…” I let him go, and backed off.

I thought of my parents. How my mom was too weak to stay alive after giving birth to me…how my father tried to save those people, and himself, from that burning building. And how i was unable to do anything about it, i couldn't save them, because i was young and weak. I clenched my hand into a fist, “My parents…” I said. “They were too weak to survive! That’s what life is! Only the strong have the right to live! Without power, you can accomplish nothing! This is why I,” I turned to Huntrress, “No, WE will be strong! My team and I will become strong so we can protect those that we love!”

I faced Psyche again, staring him in the eye, “Am I scared? Yes! But with fear there is strength! That very thing I am scared of, death…and failure…That’s what makes me strong!” Things grew quiet again. Psyche just stared at me, and at Huntress. “You are absolutely right, and you are strong Soul, that’s why I want to recruit you to the Pokemon Elite Action Center Enforcement, or PEACE for short.” He said. I looked at him carefully, “No. I don’t want to join your fan club...We had this discussion before...My team is all i need,” I pointed at Huntress.

Psyche clenched his fist. “Yea! What about your little heroics when Roark and I were attacked!” he responded. “Greiger was there, I wanted to show him that I wasn't scared to oppose him. I wanted to show him I was ready for him, any time anywhere!” Psyche growled angrily, and then grabbed me, punching me in the face. He held me up by my collar, “YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?!?!?” he bellowed. Huntress was about to attack Psyche, when his Gengar popped out of Psyche’s shadow ready to oppose her. I held my hand out to stop her.

“DO YOU know what Syndicate is!? They are a group of terrorists who use stolen pokemon to smuggle weapons into sinnoh, and sell them off to different regions! THEY HURT people Soul! I was like you, alone and cocky, and what happened to me! They stole my Sceptile, and left me in a ditch to die! If my boss didn't come when he did…” he let go of me. “Your decision is yours "hero", when you’re done joking around and actually want to do something worthwhile with your life-“ he began, but suddenly there was a flash of bright white light.

“WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!” I exclaimed shielding my eyes. Psyche put on his goggles. The flash started to wear off but my eyes were still seeing doubles. “Soul! Are you ok!” asked Psyche, as he surveyed the area. “Yea..was that a flash attack?” I asked him, “It sure was! During the attack, you dropped your letter with that stupid chip!" he said, as he quickly surveyed the area. Psyche spotted someone fleeing in the distance, and pointed at the back of the fleeing culprit "that guy is in an awful hurry, huh Soul?” He said, . “Yea, well let's go introduce ourselves!” I said remembering that the letter said keep the chip safe, and I began to run after him. Psyche followed me, “I can handle this myself!” I said to him looking back as I ran. Psyche grinned, “Sorry, but there is no way i'm leaving now! That guy was wearing a gray mask!” he responded. I shook my head “Syndicate!” I said in an angry tone.

The culprit took many sharp turns trying to lose us, but we were too quick to be shaken so easily. He made a left turn up a dead end alley way. “We got him now!” yelled Psyche, but as he said that the criminal ran straight up the wall, and flipped backwards grabbing a nearby fire escape of a 3 story building. “Psyche! Shut the hell up before you jinx it any further!” I yelled. I stopped before I got to the wall, “Great!” I said angrily. Psyche ran straight, and up the wall, emulating what the culprit did, “Look live!" He yelled, as he held out his hand. I grabbed it hold, and he threw me up to the roof. I just barely grabbed a ledge and pulled myself up and secured my foot on a nearby window. I held out my hand for psyche, and he launched himself upward, grabbing my hand. “RAWR!” I grunted, as I threw him over my head on top of the roof.

He helped me up quickly, and we resumed the chase. We were hoping roof top to roof top now, trying to catch up, when we jumped onto the last building. “END OF THE LINE! Just hand over the letter!” I called out to the suspect. He wore a gray mask just like Psyche said, similar to Greiger’s, but it looked dull. I guess the grunts wear these grey masks I told myself. “You don’t know what this is, do you kid? Wait till the boss finds out i nabbed it off of you! im do for a raise haha!” the suspect said. Psyche and I kept taking small steps forward. “No,” said Psyche “but I’m sure you’re gonna tell us!” the suspect laughed, “You want me to tell you what this is? Ha! Figure it out yourselves!” the Syndicate grunt laughed, as he reached into his back pocket and threw 3 shuriken at us.

I jumped in front of Psyche, and grabbed 3 empty pokeballs off my waist, and threw them at the incoming shuriken, deflecting them. The culprit that pulled out a black ball, and with a puff of smoke, a gliscor appeared. He was about to use gliscor to kite his way off of the roof, headed toward the other buildings. I ran off of the roof behind him, and grabbed hold of his leg. My wait caused him to slip, and he accidentally grabbed one of gliscor’s wings. It lost balance, and we began to fall toward the ground. Crap! I thought. “Not on my watch!” Psyche said to himself, as he ran at full speed grabbing the black ball the Syndicate Grunt dropped, and then he jumped off the roof. He threw the black ball at the gliscor, catching it in midair, and caught me. We both landed on another roof nearby, hitting the roof hard with a loud THUD, rolling to a stop. Psyche dropped the black ball on the same roof, close to where we lay.

“ugh…you alright…”I asked him. Psyche, almost immediately got up, shrugging off the pain as if he did that on the daily. “Yea man I’m good” he said stretching out his arm. The black ball that Psyche threw to catch the gliscor burst open, and it appeared to still be injured from our fall. We both jumped backward, “It’s a wild pokemon! Huntress, come out of your hiding spot and use Will-o-Wisp” I shouted. Huntress materialized herself and shot out wisps of fire, burning the gliscor. I threw a newer pokeball at it, and it disappeared inside with a puff of smoke. The ball wiggled three times, and a dong confirmed it’s lock. I walked over and picked up the pokeball, “How was it wild?” I asked Psyche.

Psyche walked over and picked up the black ball the culprit used. “It appears to be a pokeball. Hey, here check it out” he said tossing me the ball. I examined it. It’s made from the same materials as an apricot made pokeball…I chewed a piece of it to get a taste. Psyche gagged, “Ew bro you don’t even know where that’s been!” he said disgusted. “Shut up, “I grunted as I spit out the pieces. “It’s made from a black apricot; the technology in it is far superior than that of a regular pokeball. Based on the nature of it…it seems to be able to override a trainer’s signature to caught pokemon, basically making them wild again…”

“That explains a lot…So that would me that microchip you got…is a form of a new energy source, so Syndicate somehow found out about it's existence, and attempted to steal it!” said Psyche, analyzing the details. We ran down the fire escape on the side of the building to find the villain lying on the floor unconscious. Psyche called in some reinforcements on his radio. I took the microchip back, and took another one of those black pokeballs off of the culprit's waist. The other one was empty, which meant he planned on snagging another pokemon on the way back to his HQ. “I'm taking one of these with me…” I said to Psyche. He grabbed my shoulder, “You’re not an agent of PEACE or a police officer, and I’m not supposed to allow you to take that…” he said sternly. I turned to face him with a serious look. “I won’t join your group directly…but you may consider me an ally, for as long as our goals are the same…” I said to him. He grinned, “What goals might that be?” he asked.

I looked at the black ball in my hand. “I think it’s cowardice to steal pokemon from people…I also believe that these Syndicate thugs are tough to fight against…They will keep me and my team on our toes and teach us how to get stronger, and as i oppose them i can possibly halt their small scale operations." I looked at gliscor’s black pokeball. “I don’t know who the former trainer for this gliscor was, but I’ll take care of it, and keep it with me as a part of my team.” I said. Psyche nodded, and walked over to the villain, sitting him up and putting him in cuffs. “Get to Floaroma Town, I think Cynthia owes you a few explanations. I'll meet up with you there later. And Soul” he turned to face me “Don’t forget you and I have unfinished business” he said with a scowl. “Yea, don’t worry, I’ll buss your ass in a battle any time,” I said with a smirk. “Let’s go huntress,” I waved her over, and we both left Psyche behind.

We returned to the pokemon center later that evening. It got real dark out now, and the winds was cold. Emperor was waiting for me by the door. “I see you guys had some fun without me” he protested. Huntress giggled, “You shoulda seen it all! We had a fight, someone stole some stuff! Then a chase! And oh! We had another fight!” she said excitedly. “Huntress, we are about to move out,” I said pulling out her pokeball, “Take a rest for now.” Huntress nodded and retreated back to her ball. “Where to?” Emperor asked. I checked my watch for the time, “6:30, it’s not too late. We’re gonna head over to the nursery, I just want to pay the kids a quick visit, after we get this crobat treated. Then we head out to floaroma town afterward” I said coldly. Emperor nodded, and I walked back into the pokemon center.

Jubalife City, Half Hour later

I knocked on the door to the Little Rock orphanage. The woman from earlier answered the door. “Oh! hello there, Soul” she said with a warm welcome. She opened the door, “Please, come in!” she said. I nodded to Emperor, and we both walked in. It was a pretty spacious first floor. There was a wooden floor with antique furniture everywhere. It looked like a top dollar place to live, as if it were the inside of a mansion. “Nice place you got here…” I said to her. “Thank you! The kids all went to sleep, so sorry if you came to see them!” she said. She left the room into the kitchen. I could hear metal clanking and pots moving around in the kitchen, then she finally walked out with a tray of food.

You both looked hungry, so I got some of the leftover dinner for you, and some pokemon food for your pokemon. I let Huntress and gliscor out of their respective pokeballs, and we all sat down in the living room. As I started eating, I really took a good look at the woman. She was wearing a see through white gown, and a pink robe. I swallowed some of the food, almost choking because I didn't think she realized she wasn't wearing a bra. “Oh? Something bothering you, Soul Surprised ?” she said completely clueless. I shook my head no, “Thank you for the food…” I said politely.

“Not to be rude, but I never did get your name…” I said to her. She appeared to have dosed off, and just woke up as I said something. “Oh my! Where are my manners! My name is Hope, and I’m sure you remember the kids!” she said with a sweet voice. I nodded, and looked at my pokemon. They were all staring at me with these conceded looks and huge smiles. “Keep eating!” I barked at them angrily, and they turned away. Hope yawned and stretched her arms up, completely exposing her chest. I looked away, “Well ma’am! I thank you for the food, please tell the kids that I stopped by!” I said, as I got up to leave, with my pokemon following me.

“Soul wait!,” she said, “I wanted to ask you for a favor. I turned around to face her. “My daughter, her name is Spirit, she left for Floaroma town a couple of days ago. She’s been doing some training with her Budew over there, would you be a doll and go see her, she’s been there for quite some time! See if you can get her to come home, and tell her I'm worried ok?” she asked with a smile. I was a bit confused. “How can you trust me so easily?” I asked. She let out a soft laugh, “Well for starters, you didn't try to come onto me at this time of night, even though I look pretty ecchi right now,” she began, “And your pokemon, they looked so happy, and I could tell they trust you, even that gliscor is starting to trust you, and it appears you both just met!”

I was startled to hear that second part, “Can you tell what a pokemon feels or something"i asked, but she shook her head "No! not at all! hehe!” she stammered a sweet voice. It seemed like she was hiding something...“Yea…I promise…whatever” I grunted. The mom laughed softly, “Good night soul!” she said waving. I waved back, and my pokemon and I left for Floaroma Town.

-From Hope's perspective-

Soul walked out of the front door, nd took his pokemon with him. I let out a sigh, and looked over at a picture of myself and my children. "I almost got caught haha-" i laughed to myself, shaking my head. I can't tell Soul how i can read the thoughts of his pokemon just yet...but one day there will come a time that he will need to learn everything about my, and my daughters, "abilities"...till then, take care of him, Spirit.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 6
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