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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 11

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All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

I awoke the next morning, from nightmares about losing my parents yet again. I clenched my chest as I sat up in my bed sweating like a madman. The pain of how I suffered from losing my parents was unbearable, and my thoughts began running rabid in my mind as I looked back at my childhood and reflected upon my ambitions;

Some would say I was blessed to be taken in by a world renowned scientist like Prof.Rowan, but they don’t understand anything. He was never home to cater to my whims, I was a child and he took care of me sure, but he often went away on data expeditions regarding his work. The life of a scientist is not easy; they have to make breakthroughs and discoveries to bring forth grants from the feds, so they can fund their research. Who was I to object? I stood by and watched silently, as to not be a burden to his work, until i was old enough to learn from him.

So I studied, and studied hard, making sure I stayed out his sight and out of his way. Knowledge, I decided that would be my strength; I believe that if I am on my own, then I need to be able to survive on my own. I took every class seriously, I was a strait A student, and an athlete far above even my upper classmen. I devoted myself to learning and training my mind, body and soul so that I can do one thing. Abolish my inner weaknesses. My parents were strong individuals, but they died. All because i was too young...or simply powerless to stop them from dying.

My father, he died a hero, saving innocent lives from a fire. He risked his own life for others, not caring about what happened to him. I watched him, go in and out of that building looking for more people...until the building finally collapsed unto him. They never found the body...I dont know if i have it in me, to willingly risk my life for someone time and time again, knowing that i myself can die. However I lack the strength and the heart to do all that, unlike my father did. He didn’t have the physical endurance to save everyone and himself, and yet he still tried. My anger with him is simply for leaving me, right after our mother left us. IT makes me selfish I admit, but I was a child. These thoughts don’t hurt me as much anymore, but I work hard so I don’t fall victim to my own concious of being unable to do anything.

This is why I am so cold-hearted to people, this is why I say mean things. PEOPLE TAKE WHAT THEY HAVE FORGRANTED, not realizing that people such as myself grow up alone having to fight on their own, having to get these important lessons on their own. It eats at me how spoiled some people have become because of their over dependence on others, which is why I treat people harshly. In my own way though, I feel I help people realize that they have to be independent, they have to learn for themselves through experience.

My thoughts swarmed my head, but I shook it off. I looked down next to me to see Spirit soundly asleep. She was looking rather ecchi as usual, wearing a loosely fit white-beater, with no bra. I shook my head and proceeded to get out of bed, but Spirit suddenly woke up and grabbed my hand. “Hey…soul, come back to sleep, it’s still early…” she said in a sweet and soft voice. I glanced over at the digital clock on the dresser by the bed; it said 5:32am.
I pulled my arm away from her, “I need to start training with my pokemon. An early morning training session is a great way to warm them up, and I have fallen behind on training as it is,” I said as I continued to get out of bed.

I washed up and quickly and got dressed. I let Emperor, Huntress and Nightwing out of their respective pokeballs. Huntress stretched and yawned, but Emperor and Nightwing seemed as if they were ready to work hard. “Bout time you woke up” Emperor grunted. Nightwing began screeching, as if trying to say something. I looked at Huntress and nodded for a translation. “Nightwing says he wants to work extra hard today!” She said happily.

I smirked, “I am happy to see you want to work hard, and work hard we shall. You guys are going with me to Route 210! Prof. Rowan told me about a training facility for pokemon there. I wanted to rent it out so we can build on each of your personal strengths and weaknesses and prepare for serious combat with Maylene.” They all nodded in agreement. I turned my head and Spirit stood behind me fully dressed, still brushing her teeth. “I’m going too!” she said bluntly. “Do what you want…” I responded, and left the room.

When we walked downstairs, Sharah and Mikail were already up and about. Sharah was wearing nothing but her bra and panties. She looked up at me and Spirit. “Oh! Good morning, Spirit!” she said in a pleasant voice. She then glared at me, “…Soul” she growled with an attitude. I didn’t even grace her with a response. “Morning, you two! I made waffles!” Mikail said joyously. “What are you guys doing up so early?” Spirit asked glaring at Sharah. Before Sharah could answer, Spirit grabbed my arm and forcefully turned me around.

“WHAT woman?!?!” I growled. “SHUT UP!” Spirit pouted, “Sharah I’m sorry, but Soul is only allowed to look at me, well, like that!” she said blushing. Sharah looked down at herself, shrugged, and left the room. Mikail scratched his head, “Heh heh! Sorry about that! Sharah and I rarely have company! As to why we are up, we always wake up early and head over to Route 210. You see, we have a training facility there, and some trainers like to show up early, but today it's closed since I have to do some equipment maintenance!” he responded.

I looked at Mikail in astonishment. “You and Sharah run that facility in route 210?!” I questioned him almost immediately. “Well no, Sharah was just a local trainer. She comes to my gym very often to train her skarmory and blissey. Her father needed her pokemon yesterday, so that’s why we couldn’t go get luxio ourselves. And my sandshrew is still very small, and it hasn’t trained at all yet” Mikail placed a few plates on the table, and put some eggs onto the plates. Sharah walked back in reclaiming her seat. She began eating furiously, glaring at me.
I looked up at her, “Got a problem?” I said to her coldly. She swallowed her food, “Yea I have a loser at my table…” she retorted. I grinned, “This loser would eat your defensive core alive…” I said to her. She looked away, “Hmph!” she grunted, as she ate some more eggs. “Hey Sharah, if you don’t mind me asking…How did you get with Mikail? You guys are polar opposites…he’s so down to earth and you’re so lively and...well, aggressive…” asked Spirit.

Mikail and Sharah stared at each other, and began to blush. Sharah dropped the googoo eyes quickly though, “Well he grew a pair, and asked me out one night, being a girl there was no way I’d refuse some free food! So I watched him more carefully after that, and I saw how hard he worked with the trainers at his facility. He took care of the facility night and day, cleaning on his own, and preparing food to sell to the trainers and their pokemon, raising pokemon that trainers request him too. He is an excellent breeder, and well I fell in l-, I mean I like him for his work, and what he does! He works hard so I kinda like that!” Sharah began stuffing her face some more, too embarrassed to continue. “AWWW how cute!” Spirit cried happily.

I finished my food, and looked at my pokemon. They finished their food quickly, and we stood up. Emperor and I said no words, as we made our ways out of the room. “Hey! Aren’t you going to thank us for the food?!” Sharah asked. I stopped right before leaving the room, and turned to them. “No…” I said abruptly, and I left. “UGGHH! What’s his DAMAGE!!” growled Sharah. Spirit chuckled, “He’s like that sometimes hee hee! Umm, so I’ll thank you both on his behalf and mine!” she said with a smile. Mikail shook his head, “Spirit I don’t know what you see in a jerk like Soul!” he said scratching his head. Spirit looked down, her eyes began to glow “Soul is in a lot of pain. I can’t fully help him just yet; he kinda blocks me out…but the Soul I love hasn’t arrived just yet! I’ll get him to come around in due time!” she said in a pleasant tone. Sharah and Mikail looked at Spirit like she had 10 heads.

-Later that day, at the Training Facility-

We stood by as we watched Mikail open the gates to his facility. It was a huge building, and when we stepped inside it seemed infinitely bigger. “Soul, Sharah the facility was supposed to be closed for renovations today, so you both have all of the gyms and equipment to yourselves,” he began as he led Spirit and myself into the lobby. “The gyms have the latest technology for both trainers and pokemon. You work out as a team for the most critical breakthroughs! Please try not to make any huge messes! I will be downstairs in the basement fixing up the newest equipment, so if you need me use these!” he handed us walkie-talkies.

We each took one. Mikail said his good byes and he ran off. Sharah turned to face us, “I have my own training regime and I prefer Soul didn’t see it, so I’m going off too. If you guys need anything there are computers all over the place. Punch in what kind of training you’re looking for and it will teleport that said equipment to the nearest room for you. You’re welcome to join me though, Spirit!” she said to Spirit and smiling. Spirit smiled back “Sure maybe in a little bit!” she said. Sharah nodded in agreement, and walked off in the opposite direction.
I turned to Spirit, “Well then…I’ll be seeing you…” I said. Emperor and I turned to walk away, “I’m going with you…” Spirit protested. I shook my head no, “I want to train with my team alone. We have some strategy to prepare, and things to discuss and I don’t want to be interrupted.” Spirit nodded, “Please, don’t overdo it Soul…” she said softly, and she headed in the same direction as Sharah.

I found a big room nearby that laargely resembled a dojo fighting arena, and I was glad to have it all to myself. I closed and locked the doors behind me, as I let out Nightwing and Huntress from their poke balls. My pokemon gathered around me, and we sat down in a circle. “Okay, we’ve been doing great so far, our efforts easily grabbed us 2 badges. The next gym leader, Maylene, uses fighting type pokemon. I’m sure this battle will be a 3v3 battle, so I am gonna be frank, Emperor I want you to sit out this one if possible…” I said sternly.

Huntress gasped, and Nightwing chuckled. “Heh! So much for team leader! You can’t even fight in the next gym battle! I will prove my merit, and show you the art of a true ninja!” Nightwing said in a raspy voice. Emperor stood up, “No! This is an outrage! I don’t agree with this decision!” Emperor said standing now. I glared at him, “Please be seated when your commander speaks” Emperor’s face was filled with disgust, but he sat back down. “Emperor you are arguably my most powerful pokemon i have, but right now, your strategy involves you suppressing your own health to dish out damage over time. Which also allows you to increase your attack power when done correctly, but I can’t have you fight a physically strong pokemon that clearly has a type advantage…” I said sternly.

“Don’t worry, Huntress and I can lead the team to a secured victory. Our power not only resists that of fighting type pokemon, but outright demolishes them. She won’t even see what hit her!” Nightwing said again. I turned to face Batwing, “Seems like our bond has strengthened…I can hear your words now…” I said to him.
Nightwing turned to me in surprise, and bowed his head holding a wing across his chest, “My master, it is an honor to finally fight by the side of a real warrior! When you took me from that Syndicate grunt, I was scared you’d be just as worthless as the trainer that owned me before! He was weak, and his decisions were filthy! You however, have the cunning and strengths of a ninja! Your thought process is suited for combat; I shall gladly fight for you with my life!” I nodded to Nightwing, “I will count on you then, don’t disappoint me.”

I turned to Emperor. He sat there shaken, unable to find words to defend himself. “Look Emperor, facts are facts. At the end of the day your typing leaves you in a serious disadvantage. This is not to say you are a weak pokemon, but I’d prefer keeping you out of seriously damaging battles, especially when our victory is not guaranteed. I wouldn’t usually take these precautions, but we know Maylene from when she visited Prof.Rowan with her father, who was usually only stopped by to borrow money for his gambling habits. She trains hard despite her financial status, and has a great sense of Battle. Not to mention she had an extremely powerful riolu at the time…we lost many battles against her and that riolu, even under my command.”

Nightwing and Huntress gasped when they heard Emperor lost multiple battles before. Emperor roared, and punched the ground, breaking the floor. “GRRR!!!” he cried angrily. I closed my eyes, “Seeing as you could not stand up to that riolu before has aided in my judgment. I confess, even with my direct calls and maneuvers during that battle, Riolu’s sheer speed and strength, combined Maylene’s cunning bested us. You were nowhere near a physical match then. Albeit your recent training and extraordinary feats, we have to assume that she has trained twice as hard and twice as long as we did."

Emperor faced me, “THOSE were our very first battles together! We were not in full sync as trainer and pokemon! She already had experience fighting and training with riolu from the get-go!” He declared. I nodded, “Indeed, this only solidifies my argument. Imagine our recent growth in power from our recent endeavors, now factory in our recently acquired combat ability and skill.” Nightwing, Huntress, and Emperor nodded. “With that in mind, factor in the gap you had from the beginning, throw in the fact that there was no type advantage from either party, and now throw in the gym leader training and battle experience AND the cunning and strength that Malylene had as a trainer from before. The possibilities of her skill will be IMMENSE, and we can count on her training hard day in and day out, that’s just how she was!”

It grew silent, “This being said, I don’t guarantee the safety of Huntress and Nightwing either” i said coldly. Nightwing retaliated quickly, “Nonsense! We still hold type advantage!!” he declared. I shook my head, “The last time maylene lost a gym challenge was 3 years ago, and it was to Platinum, one of those legendary trainers. This is why we will train, and we will train HARD. I refuse to become a statistic. The gym leader circuit I have selected to take on is actually the toughest of sinnoh's gym leaders. Although Roark and Gardenia were disappointing, you can count on a very difficult road ahead of us. So from here on out we have to train as if our lives were on the line.”

I walked over to a computer, and punched in some codes. A set of ankle and wrist weights appeared In the transmitter that was nearby. I called everyone close, and attached these weights to their respective arms and legs. I then attached a set to myself. “We will start training from now until late in the evening. We will fight with these weights, starting at 50lbs, and we’ll gradually increase the weight by 20 every hour. We have talent, but hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. We won’t be caught being weak and unprepared.” I paused and briefly thought about my parents…I then turned to my team, “Ladies and Gents, welcome to the big Leagues…”

-4 hours later, 180 lbs of weight-

I ran out of the way of an incoming attack, grabbing another pokeball on my waste. My moves were becoming sluggish with the extra weight, but with all of my might, I threw the pokeball at Emperor. He deflected the ball, aiming it at Nightwing, who narrowly swerved out of the way. Nightwing charged at Huntress with blistering speed, attacking with his IceFang technique. She dodged it and attempted a counter-attack with Swagger, but Emperor saw an opportunity to attack her as she focused on Nightwing and fired off his Scald attack.

Instead of continuing the attack, she used the momentum to hit the ground, sending her airborne, leaving Nightwing behind to take the attack. Nightwing saw the Scald coming, but had no time to move, and was blasted into the nearest wall. “Nightwing! You know the rules! You were hit, increase your weight by 40, and give me 10 laps around the gym before you rejoin the game, DON’T YOU DARE skip any laps! and you better be done with that in 10 minutes!” I bellowed, dodging a will-o-wisp from Huntress.

This game was a severe form of dodge ball, if you got hit, you temporarily increased your wait by 40, do 10 laps, and rejoin the game after decreasing the weight. This exercise was to increase endurance, durability, stamina and focus. It also helps with dodging and aiming, and keeping calm under pressure.

Nightwing started gliding around the gym, barely keeping airborne, struggling to fly on. “CMON! Nightwing don’t quit! Don’t let this beat you!” cried huntress, barely dodging one of my pokeballs. “Good, Huntress! Always motivate your teammates!” I called to her, escaping one of Emperor’s ice blasts. Huntress staggered to her feet, and began to take lift off again. I went to throw another ball at her as she staggered, But Emperor pretty much warped in front of me, using his ice beam to make a path on the ground to slide on. “OHH FUCK!” I cried, and he blasted me with his low-grade Scald. I was sent flying backwards.

“You know the rules Soul!” he said, as he went after Huntress. I punched the ground, “Dammit! It won’t happen again!” I said panting. My body was ready to give, but to lead a team is to lead by example, so I put up the weight and began to sprint. Nightwing finished his laps, and got back into the battle, sneak attacking Emperor in the back, sending him for a jog right behind me.
We eventually all collapsed in fatigue, completely drained from all the fighting. The room felt like a sauna, and you could hear the heavy breathing all around us. “Ok guys…W-We did great today. We worked hard, we got fit, and our bodies ache. We have an important battle tomorrow evening, so let’s all rest up…”I said wearily. I slowly sat up, barely being able to take off the weights on my arms. Huntress and Nightwing went to aid Emperor, taking off his weights. He took the most punishment, since he was bigger and a lot easier to hit. I put everyone in their poke balls, grabbed a towel and walked out of the training room.

Spirit was with Sharah and Mikail in the front lobby, laughing and eating. My stomache began growling, since I didn’t eat anything since breakfast, and neither did my pokemon. “OI! Soul! How was the training? Get anything done?” asked Mikail. I grunted and slumped myself into a chair next to Spirit. “Oh tough guy wants to act hard, like we all didn’t do some training today!” said Sharah. Spirit chuckled, “Well you haven’t seen one of Soul’s sessions! He trains ridiculously hard! When we trained with Cynthia, he collapsed with Emperor for almost an entire day! But it looks like he took it easy today!” they all laughed, but I was in no mood for games. My arms were killing me, and I could barely lift them.

My team worked hard, so I wanted to treat them to some nice food and pampering, so they don’t feel like I overwork them and give them no sense of gratitude. “I’m headed to the center…” I said coldly, standing up from my seat. “Nonsense, I took pokemon hospitalization classes, and I have a government certification for poke care! I’ll take care of your ‘mons for you!” Mikail said, standing up and holding out his hands. I didn’t trust Mikail…however the nearest poke-center was all the way back in Solacean, so I handed them to him, and he walked off. “Makes sure you feed them with the best food you got! The good stuff you hear? And they need some pampering!” I called to him. He waved his hand and walked into a room behind his register.

I sat back down and closed my eyes. “Hey, soul…I made some food, you need to eat…” said Spirit softly, handing me a plate of food. I grunted, and left her hanging. Spirit got pretty irritated, “HEY! Listen, take the damn food!” she growled. I looked at her begrudgingly. “Thank you Spirit…I really would love to eat…but right now I don’t have the energy…” I said coldly. She sighed and pulled up a chair next to me. "Then why didn’t you say that instead of just leaving me their! Jeez you’re such a jackass sometimes!” she said. She placed the food on the table, and grabbed a spoon. She took some food and held it up for me, “Hear, eat!” she said with a smile.

“I prefer that you d-ohmf!” I began to protest, but as I opened my mouth she stuffed the spoon in my mouth. “MMMM good right? Here have some more!” she said in a pleasant voice as she scooped up some more rice. I chewed and swallowed, “Look im perfectly capa-ohmffmm!!” I began again but she didn’t hesitate to stuff my mouth again. “AWWW! Just like a baby!!” laughed Sharah. Spirit chuckled, “my mom used to say that I cried a lot when I was a baby, cause I was always hungry. So she took the opportunities to put food in my mouth when I opened it to cry more!” Spirit and Sharah both started laughing. “In other words dip shit, quit yo’ bitchin!” laughed Sharah. Mikail soon returned and stood there with a grim look on his face. Sharah turned to him, “What’s wrong hun?” she asked. Mikail stared at me, “Soul, your pokemon were absolutely decimated! They were so damaged and hurt from your training! How could you abuse your pokemon like that!” he said angrily.

Right as he said that I found the strength to stand up, knocking the food out of Spirit’s hands. The dish broke on the ground and the room got silent, as I stared eye to eye with Mikail. “Who the hell do you think you are…telling me I abuse my pokemon? Do you think I’m some kind of wimp who’d just let you walk in here and bad mouth my training exercises? The hell do you think this is?” I said sternly.

Mikail shook his head, and pointed at the door, “The only reason I don’t call the police and have your trainer license revoked is for two reasons! One you are the step son of one of the greatest professors’ around, and two, to my amazement, they did exactly what you are doing to me right now! When I said I’d make the call, it seemed as though they pushed me into a corner, ready to attack me for you!” Mikail slammed his hand on the table. “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU!!??! These pokemon trust you! They clearly would do anything for you! And you treat them like this? They were dehydrated! and not well fed, so there was no nourishment! How do you call that training?!” he cried.

I glared at Mikail and walked up to his face, “You know what I see? I see a loser…a loser, who is rich, has his own little business, a cute girlfriend, and cute happy little pokemon. I see a man with no heart. That’s why your pokemon was taken from you so easily, and you couldn’t get it back on your own. Cause you lack the discipline, and the strength! So how about you grow a FUCKING pair of ballz and step out of my business.” I walked up to him and whispered in his ear, “If you don’t like my methods to obtain power feel free to call the cops, feel free to get my license revoked, feel free to do whatever you can to try and take MY team from me,” I began, darkening my voice.

“But be assured, that nothing in this world will keep us apart, nothing in this world will break our friendship. And when we do reconnect and find each other, you’re first on our little “hit list” So you can take your little pretentious “I wanna help pokemon” ass out of my face, and let me lead my team.” I backed up, glaring him in the eye again, and sat back down next to Spirit. Sharah stood up, “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YO-“ she began, but Mikail held his hand out stopping her. “Soul, man to man I understand. It's true that sometimes there just isnt food available, or you don't have money to get something, or even if you get stranded in a mountain. But you have to take care of your pokemon’s health. The training is good and well received by them, but they will agree to anything you tell them to do. So be cautious of them. Got me?” Mikail said.

I sighed and nodded, “Yea man…whatever…” I said making it seem as if I didn’t care, although I did care. what he said was a bit true, I did work them a little hard today. Mikail nodded, “Now if you don’t mind, clean up the mess on the floor, as I go back and tend to your wounded…” he said in a dominant tone. I didn’t retaliate this time, cause I knew I fucked up, so I nodded to him in agreement. He went back behind his counter and went into the back room. Spirit got up to pick up the food, but I stopped her. “He asked me man to man to clean that, so I have to…” I said to her. She nodded and sat back down.

A few hours later, Sharah and Spirit went off back to Solacean. I waited behind with Mikail, since he was still taking care of my pokemon, and finishing up his computer maintenance. He walked out the back room with their pokeballs on a tray. “Here” he said holding out the tray. I took the pokeballs. He placed the tray on the table, and handed me a bag. “These are sitrus berries. Give each of your pokes 2 of these before your match, and they will be 100% fine for battle. Right now they just need some rest, ok?” I nodded and peered into the pokeballs. They were already sound asleep, looking vibrant and healthy as they napped.

I took out 500$ from my pocket, and handed it to Mikail. He took it, and gave me back 200$, “Discount for today, don’t worry about it…” he said. He went back to the register and put the money in the cash drawer. We walked out the front doors of the facility, as he closed and locked the doors behind us. He pulled down a metal gate, and locked that as well. We walked back toward solacean in silence. The only thing that could be heard was the cold wind blowing by us, and the Kricketune playing their tunes. “Hey soul I’m sorr-“ began Mikail. “No, don’t apologize. Apologies are worthless, if you didn’t mean to do or say something than you wouldn’t have done or said anything in the first place…” I said coolly, “Besides you didn’t REALLY say anything wrong, Until you told me you were gonna call PokeAid on me…”(like children’s aid, get it?).

He nodded in agreement. I could tell that he felt guilty with what happened tonight. "Oh, by the way..." Mikail began, reaching in his bag. I looked over at him, and saw him pull out a purple glowing sphere, and a pearl in the shape of a crescent moon. "These are special items, the Pearl is called a Moonlight Crest Charm, it helps pokemon regenerate energy 4x's faster over time, giving them more durability. The sphere is called a toxic orb. It poisons the pokemon holding the item severely. Give the crest to Emperor, and this sphere to gliscor, it will give them incredible defensive capabilities." he said. "Thanks..." i said. Mikail nodded, so I held out my hand to give him a pound. Mikail smiled and he gave me a pound, and we walked back to Solacean like bros.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 11
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