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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 13

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All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

Maylene had a grin on her face, but I didn't understand why. "Hey, you seem pretty comfortable, although your pokemon has been seriously damaged…" I said to her calmly. "Open your eyes, Soul! I didn't think it'd be this easy to catch you with a feint!" she said laughing. I looked back at the field, witnessing the start of one of my most memorable battles.

Machoke's skin seemed as if steam was pouring out of his pores. "Wait…Shit!" I growled angrily to myself. Maylene successfully bluffed the "no guard" ability, when in reality Machoke actually had the "guts" ability! "Huntress, this is no longer a battle you can win head on! This is a battle against time, you're gonna have to hang in there and keep your distance!" I yelled at her. Huntress nodded with determination.

The crowd was eating up all the suspense, as they cheered on and on, "LETS GO MAYLENE!", "SHOW THIS SCRUB WHO'S VEILSTONE'S BEST!" and so on. Machoke dropped his arms, and readied himself for combat. "OK Machoke! Time to show his ghost who's really the boss! Use Foresight" said Maylene. Machoke's eyes steadied on Huntress as if he were locking on to her position as it focused its breathing."Ok Huntress, Here it COMES!" I yelled.

"Machoke, use bullet punch, get in there and take her out!" Maylene cried. Machoke dashed forward imitating the speed of a bullet, charging after Huntress. "This is what we conditioned our bodies for! Counter with swagger when you see your opening! I have to form a strategy, so buy me some time!" I called out.

"Roger!" Huntress called out, gracefully jumping over Machoke's head, dodging the attack."Machoke! Behind you!" cried Maylene. Machoke quickly spun around. Huntress landed behind Machoke, holding her arms out in preparation for her attack. "Use bullet punch to get out of there!" said Maylene hastily. Machoke threw his fist forward, successfully avoiding Huntress' swagger, although it couldn't control its direction, and somewhat stumbled from the sheer momentum and power of his attack. Then it hit me, "Huntress, Try to use the rocks as shelter!" I said to her with a grin. Huntress turned to look at me, "But I'll get cornered!" she said, dodging yet another bullet punch barrage, causing rocks to fly everywhere as the boulder shattered to dust.

"I know! That's exactly what we need!" I said to her, as she got closer to me. "Oh! I see now! You're the best soul!" Huntress replied. Huntress continued to dodge incoming attacks, and found herself cornered as I planned. Machoke slowly walked up to her, knowing there was no escape. "You're cornered now! A guts-boosted vital throw will be more than enough to finish you! Get him Machoke!" said Maylene happily.

Machoke leaped in for the kill, "Huntress! aim your Will-O-Wisp attack at his feet!" i called out. Right before Machoke was able to reach her, Huntress shot out a flurry of purple embers at Machoke's feet. Machoke tripped over as the embers burned his feet. The momentum he threw into his attack caused him to lose balance and fall forward. Huntress simply hopped over him, and Machoke crashed into a near by rock. Machoke steadily stood up from his fall, "There's your opening! i shouted. Huntress held out her hands, and a red aura surrounded her body. Machoke was locked in eye contact with Huntress, and his eyes began to glow red. "She can't hurt you Machoke! Vital throw!" Called out Maylene. Machoke shook his head, and jumped at Huntress. Huntress was unable to doge it's sudden attack! But oddly enough, he went crashing into the ground!
"OH! It seems Machoke has been confused by Huntress' Swagger!" Shouted the announcer. "Let's END THIS! FOUL PLAY!" i called out. Huntress leaped in front of Machoke, as it stood up, steadily teetering back and forth. She tucked in her arm, charging up her claws in a black aura that surrounded her entire hand. She then slashed her claws across Machoke's chest with full power, and the slash left black streak marks in the air, that struck straight through Machokes chest. The crowd grew silent, as both pokemon stood there. Huntress fell to her knee, as Machoke didn't move a single muscle. Maylene shook her head, "You never learn, do ya Soul? Machoke! Vital Throw!" she called out. Machoke shook off the attack, as though it didn't even hurt it at all. He turned to Huntress, and began to walk over to her. Huntress was unable to get away, as her last attack left her drained "Huntress! Use Recover!" I cried out.
Huntress stumbled forward, unable to focus any energy to recover, as she barely crawled away. Machoke picked her up with one hand, and slammed her into the ground over his head with tremendous force. The impact shook the whole gym. Huntress laid motionlessly in her own crater, The crowd roared in Maylene's seemingly triumphant round. Machoke held its arms up in victory, then a few seconds later, a sharp pain ran through Machoke's body, as it gasped and collapsed to the ground, next to Huntress. "WOW! it's a Double KO! Huntress' Will-o-Wisp depleted the last of Machoke's Energy!" Shouted the announcer.

"That's it then! It's a double knock out!" cried the referee. The crowd boomed, excited to just have witnessed such an interesting battle. They began to cheer in my direction, although they mostly shouted out their support for Maylene. Maylene and I returned our respective pokemon to their pokeballs. Huntress looked up at me from within her pokeball, "I'm sorry Soul…I tried…" she stammered. "No you did well; you fought with everything you had and I commend you for your efforts…take your rest now…" I said, placing the ball back on my waste.

"Ladies and Gentleman! Hold onto your hats! You thought round one was crazy? Brace yourselves for ROOOUND TWOO" yelled the announcer into the microphone. The crowd went crazy, as the referee stepped up to center field. "Round two is going to begin! The First round resulted in a draw, So the Gym leader decides who throws out the next pokemon first!" he said, looking at Maylene's side. Maylene took a deep breath in, "Well Soul, Let's see what you've got then!" she declared pointing at me.

"Hmph…Despite your choice advantage, I will still win…Nightwing, Front and center!" I said, tossing out his pokeball. With a puff of smoke, Nightwing glided out of his pokeball, and hovered over the center of the field. Maylene smiled, "Your whole team seems to have weaknesses all over! Medicham, Lets show them who the champions of the ring are!" she said, tossing out her pokeball.

I whipped out my pokedex again to scan this new pokemon. "What!?" I exclaimed to myself. Medicham was a psychic fighting type pokemon! That means it has no major advantage over Nightwing. I still grimaced however; my pokedex still couldn't specify my enemy's moves or its ability! The gym must have some kind of electrical interference! I thought to myself. "Combatants Ready?" cried the referee, holding up both flags, "Begin!"

"Nightwing! Get some distance with Earthquake!" I called out. Nightwing charged into the ground, sending a huge shockwave through out the entire stadium. The earth under Medicham cracked open, as rock and dirt rose out of the ground to swallow Medicham like a pair of jaws.. "Medicham! Use detect and get out of the way!" responded Maylene. Medicham formed an insta-shield, parrying the earthquake, and allowing enough time to jump out of the crater. Nightwing smirked with an evil grin as he rushed forward, charging right for Medicham. "Nightwing pull back! Now!" I called out. Nightwing frowned, extending its wings and immediately stopped his attack. "Soul! His shield! It can't-" he began. "Shut the hell up! Don't question my authority!" I said harshly. "My apologies sire!" Nightwing said, as he drifted back toward me. Maylene smiled, "You're pretty sharp! I was going to use your own force against you! You would have been right in range for my attack!" she said confidently, rubbing her nose.

I stared at Medicham calmly, "Hmph" I said with a grin. Maylene, unaware of her mistake, just told me her medicham's entire move-set! Detect is a move used to block frontal attacks, while the aggressor is parried successfully, the user can retaliate with a close up move! In this case, knowing a little history on all pokemon recorded in Rowan's data files on all known pokemon, Mediham's attack of choice is Hi-Jump Kick!
Which means, the secondary attacks take full advantage of an opponent caught off guard after a successful parry, and if the enemy is in close range! Also, because Medicham is a psychic/fighting type, the last moves need to cover its weaknesses to dark and flying types. And what moves are better than Psycho Cut and Ice Punch?

I laughed softly, but that laugh grew loud and arrogant. Maylene was taken back, "What's so funny all of a sudden?" she asked with a confused look. I shook my head, Now was the time to mess with her head, get her to believe she already lost the round. "Sorry…I've got you all figured out!" I said smiling, "Your move-set…Detect, Ice Punch, Hi Jump Kick and Psycho Cut…" I said coolly. The crowed grew quiet, waiting for Maylene to respond. Sweat steadily dripped down from her forehead, as she wore the "crap how did he know?" face, "But how!? I only used one move! You can't have completely predicted my entire move-set!" she stammered.

I chuckled, "Well honestly, it was a hunch-" I said, coolly pushing my hair out of my eyes, "YOU just confirmed I was right…" I said with a smirk. The crowd grew quiet with anticipation. "No matter, I'm still a gym leader! And I have a move you are excruciatingly weak to, so I can still fight back!" She called out, stepping forward. The crowd roared, supporting their leader. I shook my head, and whispered to Nightwing next to me, "Whenever she uses detect, immediately pull back, we'll make her think that you can't stop that guard. After she uses it, and when the timing is right, we'll taunt the shit outta her. Make sure it is inconspicuous, got me?" Nightwing nodded with a wild grin, and went back out to battle.

"Last chance Maylene, forfeit this round, you're out gunned." I said coldly. "Don't worry about me and bring it on!" she called out. I shook my head, "So be it...show her the art of assassination!" I called out. Nightwing charged directly at Medicham, with his jaws encased with ice. "Medicham, use detect!" Maylene called out. Medicham rose up its barrier right before Nightwing initiated contact. Upon seeing the barrier, Nightwing pulled back, leaving himself wide open! "Clean up those escapes Nightwing! You look sloppy!" I growled at him. Maylene saw the opening and capitalized, "Medicham, leap in and use ice punch!" she called out. Medicham ran toward Nightwing at full speed. In the spur of the moment, Nightwing taunted Medicham, signalling it to come, "Hit me with everything you've got! I won't even move!" he said with a wild grin. Medicham growled and launched itself at Nightwing, as a cold white mist emitted off its icy fist. "Nightwing, use roost!" i shouted.

Medicham jumped at Nightwing swinging its fist with full force, smashing him into the ground. The crowd roared, cheering Maylene's name. Medicham stood over Nightwing, looking down on it in triumph. Nightwing and I both grinned evilly. "GOT YOU NOW! LET HER HAVE IT!" i shouted. Nightwing savagely charged at Medicham. "Medicham, detect!" Maylene cried. Medicham attempted to use it's sheild, but it failed! Nightwing yoked up Medicham in his powerful icy jaws, taking it straight up into the air. He crunched down, causing Medicham to flinch. "But how!? That ice punch should have finished you!" questioned Maylene. "Heh heh, The move roost allows the user to rest it's wings, and perch itself upon the ground. It completely nullifies it's flying typing when it's used!" i said with arrogance in my voice. I pointed my finger at Maylene, "You had your chance!Bring it down and shatter the gym with Earthquake!!" i said coolly.

Nightwing did a barrel roll, and spiraled straight down to the ground. He crashed Medicham into the floor, shacking the entire gym with his terrifying power. The ground beneath them shattered and rumbled, creating another crater. Medicham laid motionlessly, obviously unable to continue the battle. "End of Round! Soul wins!" cried the referee. The crowd went into a complete uproar. "That still doesn't explain how come i couldn't use my detect!" Maylene said angrily. "Simple, i taunted you right before you attacked!" i said shrugging my shoulders with a smirk. "Final round is ready to begin! please present your last pokemon!" called the referee. The crowd was cheering loudly, waiting for our last choices.

-Back in Sandgem Town-

Announcer on tv: "That's right folks, this kid is a pure genius! He easily took down Maylene's second pokemon, Medicham! I'll say John, this was a great match to feature this Trainer !"
Announcer 2: "That's right Mark! Now, this may very be the first battle Maylene will lose in 3 years! Ever since her training with the sinnoh's best Gym Leader, Volkner himself, Most trainers literally choose NOT to challenge Candice or Maylene, both who have undergone serious training with him!"

The conversation continued, as Prof. Rowan and Spirit's Mother, Hope, watched the ongoing battle from within Hope's home. "He is quite good at this, did you know you were raising a monster?" Hope teased. Prof.Rowan sighed, "He studied quite a lot, and he is brilliant when it comes to pokemon and devising tactics. He's beaten me in many games of chess as it is…" stood up and peered out of the window. "You and I both know what fuels him…it's his hatred and anger…" He said.
Hope's eyes began to glow a bright ruby-redish color, "He is saddened by the loss of both his parents, and it eats at him constantly…how do you move on from such trauma at that early of an age?... Do you know who he's angry with…?" asked Hope. nodded, "He's angry with himself...he thinks it was his weakness that did them in, when it was really not his fault at all. There is no way a small child that young can stop his parents from dying in either of those circumstances. He needs to learn that it's how they died, and lived before then, that he should learn and draw his strength from" Prof. Rowan finished his speech, and went to sit back down next to Hope.

"Oh! The match is starting up again!" Hope said, calling back over. Lani, Peter, and Susan ran into the room with popcorn and other snacks in their arms, "Yay! The battle's back on! Let's goo Soul!" screamed Lani. Peter and Susan also cheered on for their hero, as the match continued on the tv.

-Back in Veilstone-

"Emperor…You know who her last pokemon is…" I said calmly. Emperor nodded, "I can take him this time, I swear I won't go down..." he responded. "We need to approach this very, VERY carefully…One solid attack from her Lucario will put you down, HARD. On the other hand, he can't hit you as hard if we can burn him with that Scald...We can't use toxic, so it's Roar and Ice Beam that we need to utilize to stall for time. Use Scald at every chance you get, he cant take those hits for long..." I said sternly. Emperor nodded, and he walked out to center stage.

Maylene said some words to her Lucario, and sent him out to center stage as well. Both pokemon met in the center of the arena, and they immediately stared each other down, knowing fully well of what the other is capable of. Emperor stared down at Lucario, "You've beaten me in battle before, but unfortunately, Today will be your downfall…" Emperor said. Lucario growled back at him, "Your aura boasts new power, but you shalt not defeat me..." Lucario said to Emperor (Soul CANNOT hear this).

"Trainers ready? BEGIN!" bellowed the referee.

Both pokemon immediately leaped backward, giving each other a respectable amount of space. "Emperor, Use your Ice Beam! cover the ground!" I cried out, "Lucario, Swords Dance! Go!" cried Maylene. Lucario prepared his fighting stance, as Emperor glazed the entire field with Ice. "Lucario, focus your aura in your feet to create friction on the ice!" Maylene called out. Lucario's feet began to glow a light blue. Shit they had an out to that! i thought to myself, "Emperor stay mobile! You cannot beat him 1 on 1! Use your ice beam to create paths to slide!" i shouted out. "Lucario, get in close with Extreme Speed!" yelled Maylene. Lucario took one step and literally vanished. Emperor hopped on his belly immediately, creating an ice path to slide around on with his belly. Lucario warped right in front of Emperor, aiming a punch at him. Emperor used his icebeam to create a new course, and narrowly slid out of the way, and went in the opposite direction.

"Lucario, use Bone Rush!" Maylene commanded. Lucario barked in response, and created a a boa staff with his aura. He used his Extreme Speed to catch up to Emperor, and WHACKED! him with it, sending Emperor flying. "Gah!" Emperor cried, as he was sent flying into the ground, crashing into the ground. Suddenly, Lucario warped again, this time right behind Emperor, ready to play a game of pinball with Emperor's body. I began to grit my teeth, "Shake it off Emperor! Retaliate with Scald!" I called out. Emperor spun around right before Lucario could hit him again, and shot out scalding hot water. Lucario was pushed back by the pressure of the water, and the ice melted underneath them. The heat, and vapors from the ice kicked up a huge mist, that covered the arena. Lucario, Extreme Speed Go!" Maylene called. Lucario began using his extreme speed to run around in a circle, creating a funnel to disperse the mist into the air. The crowd roared in response to Lucario's bad-assery and Maylene's quick thinking, as he cleared the mist in seconds! Dammit, i thought, She's making Emperor and I look like bitches on national t.v.! Maylene and Lucario stood their patiently, with cocky grins on their faces.

Lucario's staff dispersed, running out of energy. "Get in and use Close Combat!" Maylene commanded yet again. Lucario quickly calculated an opening, and dashed in. Emperor had no time to respond, as he got kicked straight into the air. Lucario leaped straight up, charging after Emperor in midair. It then kicked Emperor back into the ground, causing Emperor to crash into the ground with increadible force, BOOM!. Lucario landed onto the the ground gracefully, and fell to a knee as if it were posing. It was breathing heavily; I could tell that it hasn't yet mastered the Close Combat move yet. Suddenly, Lucario's arm and legs were frozen to the ground. Unable to move, he turned his head and looked in shock. Emperor stood right behind him firing off his ice beam!
Maylene was shocked yet again. Lucario and Maylene both looked forward at the new crater, and saw Emperor standing up again. "What?!" Maylene blurted out finally. I laughed, "well what did you expect? Did you think an Emperor would simply lay down as the enemy tried to take his Kingdom?," I said, trying to buy time so Emperor could heal up with the MoonLight Crest. Emperor stood up tall, looking over Lucario, "Scald him down Emperor!" i called out. Emperor hosed Lucario down in scalding hot water, this time successfully burning lucario, and diminishing his attacking power! Lucario steadily arose to his feet, getting ready for round two. "Lucario! Close Combat!" Maylene called out, as lucario used his Extreme Speed again. "Let them hear the cry of a true Emperor!" I shouted. Emperor Looked up, and shouted out, SQQQQQQQUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAWK! His bellow sent out a giant shockwave, pushing Lucario back midair, and sent him flying in the opposite direction. "Use Bone Rush to catch yourself!" Maylene instructed.

Lucario immediately created a new boa staff using his aura, and slammed it into the ground to catch himself. He spun around, and sent himself flying toward Emperor yet again, this time, throwing the staff at Emperor. Still exhausted from taking the close combat from earlier, Emperor was smacked directly across the face, and the impact forced him to stumble backwards. Lucario slid next to Emperor, and punched him right in the ribs. Emperor coughed and keeled over, allowing Lucario the opportunity to kick him in he head. Emperor was sent rolling backwards into a nearby wall. Emperor quickly stood up, and fired off another ice path, escaping the corner by sliding away just as Lucario punched a hole into the wall. "Soul! his striking power is still incredible! even after the burn!" Emperor staggered. "I studied Lucario's movements. it was still panting, and was starting to look fatigued. "It's ok all you have to do is out last him this time!" i responded. Emperor slid from one side of the arena to the other in a matter of seconds.

Lucario suddenly appeared next to Emperor yet again, attempting another attack, but Emperor sent himself airborne by making a ramp out of ice with his ice beam attack. "Lucario! Ge him in the air with Bone Rush again!" Maylene shouted. Lucario took the aura off his feet, and slid up the ramp Emperor made, sending him flying right after Emperor. Suddenly, i remembered something pivotal to our victory. "Emperor! The Salac Berry!" i said to him. Emperor quickly rustled his feathers searching for the berry. The second he found it, he tossed it into his mouth and ate it. Lucario winded up his staff, like he was about to hit a base ball. "Use Roar!" i said. Emperor once again let out a loud SQUAWK! sending lucario flying toward the ground via the shock waves. Emperor chased after Lucario now, completely turning the tables. He shot Lucario into the ground with a Torrent + Salac berry boosted Scald. Lucario fell into the floor with a loud THUD! and Emperor landed on the ground safely. He walked over to where Lucario lay, and he was left there, unconscious. Good, i thought, the burns finally took it's toll on him. "The battle is over! victory, by leading 2 rounds, goes to Soul!"

The crowd boomed with excitement. Cheers could be heard through out the entire gymnasium. "Emper-or! Emper-or!" cried the crowd, in awe from his performance. Emperor humbly walked over to me, holding his ribs and slightly bowing to me. "Job well done..." i said coldly. Maylene and Lucario approached us after the battle. "Soul...this is the first time you've beaten me...It seems i still have much to learn myself!" she said with a bright smile. Lucario also bowed to Emperor in a humble manner. Maylene handed me the badge, and i took it. "Defeating you here was a great step-up in my career...great game..." i said coolly, as i walked out of the gym, With Emperor by my side.

-15 minutes later-

I handed my pokemon over to Nurse Joy to be healed, and I returned to the Veilstone PokeCenter main lobby. I found a table nearby, and sat down, laying my head on the desk with my hoodie up. Spirit saw me sitting there, and walked up to me, joining me happily. "You did very well, I am surprised at how much tougher you've gotten!" she said in a joyous tone. I grunted, "Training for as long as we did with the champion of the sinnoh league might do that sometimes…" I said. Spirit chuckled, and began to rant on about the battle, when we were approached by Maylene.

"Hey…" she began, but Spirit cut her off. "You did well…It must have been a tough loss for you…I'm sorry…" she said. Maylene shook her head, "No! Actually, it's ok! I'm happy!" she said. I looked up at her to hear what she wanted to say, since she is one of the select few i deeply respect. "I realize now…that I still have training to do." She said smiling, scratching her head. "I Guess what I mean is…I really wanted to battle someone strong, and I remembered how our battles from when we were kids were so fulfilling. No one as good as you has challenged me for a while, so I just wanted someone to get my blood flowing!" she said happily. I smiled, and stood up. "You weren't too awful out there yourself…You're a bit easy to read though…" I said coolly. "What!" said Maylene, puffing up her cheeks in anger. Spirit and I started laughing. The three of us hung out for a while, talking about our journeys so far, just basically catching up. We picked up our pokemon from Nurse joy, and began to go our separate ways. "Hey Soul! Here's my number!" Maylene said, handing me a piece of paper. Spirit stared at me from the corner of her eye. "Call me so we can battle again, or maybe we can catch up and do some training! Definitely keep in touch bro!" she said with a smile. I nodded as I gave her a fist bump, and said our good-byes. Maylene ran off in the direction of her gym.

"Hmph! You better not call her!" Spirit said in a jealous tone. "Oh shut up...let's head back to Micail's and Sharah's. We'll sleep there and head to Hearthome from there," I said, as we walked toward Route 215.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 13
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