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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 14

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 14   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 14 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:03 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

My soul burns with the fire of ambition. I am a natural born tactician, a literal genius, but i can't let that alone define me. I need to grow stronger...mentally...physically, and spiritually. That's why I refuse to let the thoughts of Greiger defeating me, or the failures of my childhood hold me down. With three gym badges already under my belt, I will show the world the fruits of my success. I will train myself and my pokemon every day, to become the perfect team, ready to take down any threats that oppose us. In the end, it is our destiny to be a champions, not of just the pokemon league, but over ourselves as well.

It was a beautiful, cloudless day on Route 210. Spirit and I were getting in some early morning training. “Flora, Giga Drain, Go!” called out Spirit. Flora sprang to the right, dodging an incoming ice beam from Emperor. She shot out her giga drain attack straight at Emperor, leaving no room to dodge. The collision of the beam created an explosion, BOOM! A cloud of dust gathered around the area. Flora skidded to a stop, waiting for the dust to clear. As it cleared, Emperor grabbed Flora from behind. When flora turned her head, she could see a trail of ice that started from within the dust cloud, leading right behind her!

“Checkmate…” I said coolly. Spirit sighed, “Ok, Ok! We get it Soul!” she said pouting, “You’re no fun at all! You know you’re supposed to let the girl win, right?” she said whimpering. Emperor walked over to my side, “That girl isn’t bad, however, she still needs guidance,” He said calmly. I nodded in agreement, “Battles are not gender related, there are winners and there are losers, so hurry up and win already…” I said mockingly.

Spirit shrugged as she walked over to me, “Yeah, yeah whatever! When are we getting to Hearthome City?” she asked. I pulled out my map, looking at the route we were on. “The next point of interest is Solaceon Town. There is a Day-Care center there…And nothing else of real importance. We should be nearing there in a few minutes.” I said, putting my map back in my bag. Spirit stretched her arms up yawning loudly, “Ah! At least it’s a nice day out! I hope we meet up with Mikail and Sharah again sometime! They are good friends!” she said.

I grunted in response, I didn’t really care for those two. They were pretty useless…except for Mikail, he was able to supply that excellent gym space for us to work out in, and he even gave me those incredibly useful items. “I’d like to train in that gym Mikail allowed us to use again. I got a lot done there" I said. Spirit nodded, “Yeah, you sure did. You guys worked really hard! Try not to overdo it though…ok?” she said gently, holding my hand. I pulled my hand away, “Let’s just focus on getting to Solaceon Town…” I said rudely. Spirit shook her head, and we continued our walk in silence.

-Solaceon PokeCenter, 20 minutes later-

“Here you are~ your pokemon are vibrant with health! Please, come again!” said the nurse, handing back our pokeballs. I reached out for my tray, staring down at my pokemon. They were all soundly asleep in their capsules, Except for Emperor. I grabbed his ball and released him. “Do you ALWAYS have to have Emperor out his ball?” asked Spirit. “A Champion should always be followed by his Lieutenant. If I don’t have my right hand next to me, then what will I do if we get attacked?” I said in a serious tone. Spirit thought about it for a second, “Sure I suppose…HEY! Let’s go play with the pokemon at the daycare center! It’d be fun!” she said, pulling my arm. “Wha- No! I want to hurry up and get to Hearthome! The sooner I get my badges, the better!” I said to her. “Come on! If you keep going on like this, you won’t be able to actually enjoy your journey!...or the time you have left with me…” Spirit started looking sad. I wasn’t paying attention, “What was that?” I asked. “Oh- nothing! Just come on, big head!” she said giggling.

Spirit was laughing and joking as we walked to the day-care…but for some reason I could smell…Smoke! “What the hell is that!?” I exclaimed. Spirit’s eyes began to light up, “I don’t know! Hold on!” she waited for a second, “Ok! It’s the day-care! The building is on fire! There are people still inside!” I looked at Spirit in amazement, “How…” I began, “There’s no time! Just come on!” she said, sprinting in the direction of the day care. “Hmph…” I grunted as I ran after her.

When we neared the building, the fire was burning ferociously, “Emperor! use Scald on the door!” I said. Emperor shot out a stream of water at the door, bursting it open. “Follow me, Emperor! Spirit, stay here, you and your pokemon will just get in my way!” I called, running in with Emperor on my heels. “Be careful…” Spirit said softly. The inferno was rampaging, and we were right in the center of it. I pulled up my hood, and grabbed a rag out of my bag. “Wet this!” I ordered Emperor. He doused the rag in water, and I wrapped it around my face.

“Hello! CAN YOU HEAR ME!?” I bellowed. Cries from upstairs could be heard. “Emperor, the stairs!” I said. Emperor ran into the nearest hallway, and doused the stairs in water, quickly neutralizing the flames. I ran up the steps in haste, then suddenly I heard a very loud creak. “Watch out!” Emperor called to me, tackling me from behind. The Roof above us caved in, crashing into the floor behind us and leaving no path to return to behind us, fueling the fire even more. The flames burst, and an explosion could be heard BOOM!!!

“Move! MOVE!” I demanded, getting up again and running toward the saddened cries for help. We approached a nearby room and the cries for help could be heard from within it. I kicked the door open to reveal a bedroom engulfed in blazing hot flames. “Emperor!” I said, “On it!” he responded, blasting the flames with water. We ran inside and saw an old couple trapped by the flames. Emperor quickly put the flames out, but when I turned around, there was another explosion! BOOM!!! I was sent flying into the wall behind us! "Soul You alright!?" Emperor shouted. My ears were ringing and i had hit my head hard against the wall. I slowly stood up, as i tried to look around. My vision was blurry, "No way we goin back that way..." i stammered.

As I looked up, the figure of a pokemon with menacing horns could be seen in the flames. Its eyes grew bright red, almost as if they were filled with pain, anguish and hate, almost like mine. I had no time to be scared, our lives were at stake. “Huntress, Nightwing! Grab these people and slowly bring them down to the ground! Emperor! Ice beam the wall behind us!” I demanded, letting the other two out of their pokeballs. Emperor encased the wall behind us in a light layer of ice, even though it seemed to be weakened by the fire. I charged right into the wall, completely shattering it. My pokemon followed close behind as we leaped out the four story building.

Nightwing and Huntress quickly and efficiently brought the older couple to the ground. I held my arms out bracing for impact, but i accidentally flipped over as I collided onto the ground with my back, ”Gah!” I cried, as I rolled to a stop. Sirens could be heard in the distance, closing in on our location. I started coughing gruesomely, so I covered my mouth with my hand. When I looked at my hand, blood could be seen. Spirit ran over to me, “Are you ok?” she said in a worried tone. I brushed her off, “I’m fine! Go check on the others!” I stammered.

Spirit nodded and went to check on the older couple. The police dept., and the fire dept. reached our location finally, and proceeded to put out the flames. I staggered to my feet, and stumbled over to Spirit, “Spirit! Find out what caused the fire!” I ordered her. She was reluctant to do so, as she stared at me "No Soul, i can't do that!" she said. “What are you waiting for!?!? I know you can do it! Hurry up and tell me where the pokemon went!” I yelled at her. She stepped back, staring at me reluctantly, “No! you're hurt, you need medical attention!“ she said unyielding.

“Gruh! You're useless! Nightwing!” I growled angrily. Nightwing glided beside me, “Yes my liege!” he said with an evil grin. “There was a pokemon I saw in the fire! Hunt it down! It had long horns, looked almost like a dog, find it, and report back to me asap!” I said, as I fell to my knees and hands. Nightwing nodded, “Yessir!” he said, and he took off from the scene with tremendous speed. I looked up at Spirit, She ran over to my side, saying something to me that I couldn’t understand, then I blacked out…

-Soul was unable to continue! Soul lost 100$...Soul blacked out!- (yes this is a joke)

…I slowly came to, as i laid in a bed with white sheets. I was barely able to open my eyes, and i could still feel pain in the back of my skull. Spirit sat next to me, with a worried expression on her face. I coughed as I tried to sit up, “Soul! Hey take it easy! Your safe now, the doctor said you’ll be alright” she said. I looked around the room. “Where am I?” I asked. “The Poke Center, human division…” she responded. I was about to ask her why she didn’t use that power of hers to locate that pokemon for me, when a knock was heard on the opposite side of the door.

“Come in!” spirit said. The couple I saved walked in with a police officer behind them. “Thank you, young man! Because of you my wife and I are still alive! We know we will eventually go one day, but you saved us from a gruesome and unnatural fate!” said the man smiling. The woman nodded in agreement, “yes! Thank you oh so much!” she said. I stared at them both blankly, and I stared at the police officer. “Hey, pig, what caused the fire in the first place?”

The officer looked at me with a shocked expression “Uh…oh there has been a few local fires recently, apparently there is a wild pokemon that lives nearby in this area, it’s called a houndoom. It rarely attacks people, but as of late it has been setting some places in town ablaze. There were no casualties due to these fires, but people are getting restless…” he said. I grunted, as a loud bang came from the window. I turned my head to the window, and saw Nightwing clinging to the window from outside.

I hopped out of the bed to open the window. As I opened the window, the radio on the officer’s belt sounded off. “We have found the Houndoom, all units report to the forest! Over and out!” it said. I turned my head slightly to face the officer. “What do you plan to do with the Houndoom when you find it…” I said grimly. The officer sighed sadly, “We gotta put it down, People are scared of these fires, and how close they are to their homes, and now this! It’s sad but rogue pokemon like that have to be taken in” he said, and with that he left the room.

“Shit…” I said angrily. I turned to Nightwing, “Report!” I demanded. Nightwing smirked, “I found it, I know where it’s hiding!” he said. I grabbed my hoodie from Spirit and put it on, flipping the hood up. “Wait, where are you going! The doctor said to rest!” I stopped in front of the window, stepping up on the ledge. I was holding myself up on window, as I turned to Spirit. “Rest is for the weak…” said coldly, and I dropped out of the window. The air rushed past my face as my hair fluttered wildly as I fell. I didn’t realize I was so high up in the building, but that was ok. Nightwing swooped in above me, catching me with his feet, and we glided directly into the forest after Houndoom.

-With Spirit-

I ran to the window, and watched as Soul and Nightwing flew off. I sighed, and turned to the couple, “I’m sorry! He’s a bit edgy sometimes, please excuse him!” I said bowing to them. “No! not at all, he’s very enthusiastic! I suppose he’s off to save that pokemon from the police! That poor houndoom…” said the grandmother. I was kinda confused, “But…didn’t it attack you? How could you feel sorry for it?” I asked. The old man nodded, “Well you see…That houndoom is a mother…at least it was! Some kids from this town stumbled upon that houndoom while it was separated from its pack.

You see, these kids were cruel, and they decided to fight the houndoom. Trainers usually respect wild pokemon when they are protecting their young. Not all wild pokemon should be captured, im sure you know this young lady” said the old man. I nodded, “So you’re saying these boys captured the baby from its mother?” I said sadly. The old woman shook her head, “Much worse…they killed the baby for fun…The mother was hurt incredibly in the battle. Unable to protect her child, they attacked it saying they would toughen it up. The baby stood over its mother, fighting back as best as it could. But these boys had their pokemon attack…over and over…” the woman began to cry.

Tears fell from my eyes, how could someone do that? How could someone just pound away at a defenseless child? The old man cleared his throat, “Before they could finish off the mother, the police caught the boys attacking the baby to death. They arrested the boys, and had them tried against. The houndoom fled the scene, and was unable to be found until present.” He said.

I whipped the tears from my eyes. “And now, the houndoom attacked the homes of those boys? Didn’t it? It knew their scent, and tracked them…attacking them like they attacked her…but only to find out there homes were abandoned...” The couple nodded. “It doesn’t add up…why did they attack you? At your home?” I asked. “Well…those boys, on top of being sent to jail for a few years, had their pokemon taken from them. And being a day care, we took in those pokemon, re trained them to be good, and had other trainers adopt them.” “Oh…I see…so you don’t hold any grudges against houndoom?”I asked. They both shook their heads, “Nor do we hold it against the police. Wild pokemon that attack humans in the wild is one thing, but attacking people near their homes? Two wrongs don’t make a right but…if that boy makes it to houndoom and catches it, the law strictly forbids the taking of pokemon from innocent trainers. Maybe he can change that houndoom…And save its life” said the old woman. I nodded, and silently prayed for Soul’s success…

As I prayed, I thought about how Soul yelled at me earlier. Does he think of me as a tool? to be used when he needs me, and that he can simply cast me to the side when he's done with me? He acts very cold-hearted, I know...but for him to speak to me like that is...What should i do? I don't want him to think it's ok to talk to me like I'm a weapon. I took out my phone in my pocket, and scrolled through my contacts, until i found my mom's name. Maybe it's time i came clean about my powers with Soul and actually told him why i can and can't do certain things...but it's forbidden in the family to speak about "it" with any outsiders, not until they are officially our spouses. I can already foresee Soul and myself being together in the future, but that vision is beginning to fade away, as new alternative futures take its place. I'm out of options, i don't know which reality i should follow, and my mom is the only person i can turn to. I dialed her number on my phone, and gave her a call...

-Back to Soul-

We landed in the forest quickly. Police could be overheard nearby, as they hunted for the houndoom. I released Huntress from her pokeball. “Listen, I want that houndoom, at all costs! The police want to get to it too, so they are our enemy, if we attack them, we attack them indirectly! Attack their surroundings, slow them down, and protect yourselves! Huntress, stay hidden, wait for my signal! Let’s move!” I said quietly Pulling my hood up.

We sprinted out into the darkness, hiding ourselves in the shadows, as we ran past dozens of cops. They seemed to litter the area, looking for Houndoom, just like me. “Nightwing…” I whispered. As if he knew what I was saying, he let out a very loud cry. All the creatures of the night sprang into life, as echoes could be heard across the entire forest. “Hey! What’s going on?” yelled an officer. “Flash lights! Turn on your flash lights!” yelled another. The police officers were completely frightened by the cries of the pokemon in the darkness of the night. I used the noise to my advantage, and I sneaked by the officers unheard in the commotion, and continued deeper into the forest.

I eventually wound up by a river. I quickly surveyed area, searching for hints of houndoom’s trail. I walked up to the river bank, and examined the dirt closely. They were faint, but I could see paw prints, leading up the side. I held my arm out in the trajectory of the footsteps. "Nightwing, go up ahead, screech loud if you find it…” I said quietly. Nightwing nodded, and took off. I followed behind him, with Emperor by my side. As we walked on, the footprints grew heavier, and I was able to find black fur in some nearby bushes. “We’re on to it…” Emperor said. “Yeah…We will find it, and capture it…The power that thing had…and it’s eyes…” I said, thinking aloud. “Soul! Hurry! More officers are headed this way!” Huntress whispered. I nodded and sprinted onward.

I could hear a large shriek in the distance. “Emperor, pin point it!” I commanded, Emperor listened again for the second shriek, “South, it’s heading further south!” he said. “Roger…” I said, and we took off. “ey did you hear that? It’s coming from this way!” I heard some officers say as I rushed past them. Shit!, i thought, they are onto us! “Huntress, slow em down!” I demanded. Huntress giggled, as she shot out a Will-o-Wisp at a nearby tree, setting it ablaze. “Good, let them handle the fire…” I said coldly. The officers were terrified, "The tree! it suddenly went ablaze!" one of them screamed. They quickly called out their pokemon to help douse the flames with water from the river, giving us more than enough time to get ahead.

We finally caught up to Nightwing, he was already fighting Houndoom by himself. He swooped in for an Ice Fang attack, but the Houndoom athletically jumped onto his back, leaping up off his head to a nearby cliff. It snarled at us, as it sped off. “No! we came to far!” I said angrily. I jumped up toward the cliff, and Nightwing grabbed me with his feet, and glided me up to the top. In the split second he caught me, I placed Emperor and Huntress back into their pokeballs, but once we reached the top I re-released them.

Houndoom saw that we made it up, and was about to run off. “Emperor! Cut it off!” I cried. Emperor shot his ice beam out in front of Houndoom, creating a thick wall of Ice, completely halting its movements. “Nowhere to run!” I said to it with a grin, as my team and I surrounded it. “Yeah? We could say the same! Freeze!” said an officer. Suddenly, several fire blasts came from the opposite side of the ice wall, quickly melting a large hole! I looked around and we were cornered by a group of officers. One of the officers grabbed his radio, “This is Connor, we have the houndoom trapped, and there is some kid out here too, I guess he was after the houndoom, what are your orders?” he said. I couldn’t make out the words in response.

“Alright, that’s clear, dispatch a vehicle, we are on route 209, we’ll hold them here…Alright kid” said the officer, aiming his gun at me, “Please place your pokemon back in their pokeballs! We can take it from here." he said. The houndoom was trapped, and was growling ferociously, as if it wasn’t gonna give up. I started to laugh, “You are idiots! You think I’m gonna let this pokemon just die? When It has so much power to offer?…I’m only gonna say this once…Back off, and let me catch this pokemon…” I said coolly. The officers started laughing.

“You know it’s against the law to assault an officer right kid? Don’t be Mr.Macho, we’ll pretend you didn’t just threaten us! just go now, this doesn’t concern you" the officer laughed, as the others joined in. His arrogance annoyed me, I pulled out my pokedex, and scanned houndoom. It had some pretty vicious attacks, but what sold me was its ability. “You guys want Houndoom, I want houndoom…And houndoom wants to be free, seems like a problem…So, let the best man win…Huntress! Use Will-o-Wisp on Houndoom and scatter it at the officers’ feet!” I demanded.

Out of the shadows, Huntress shot a flurry of wisps in the middle of the crowd. “Men take cover! Get ready to use extreme force!” yelled one of the officers, as they took cover from the will-o-wisps behind the wall of ice. The stray will-o-wisps scattered on the floor, burning the ground and a few of them hit Houndoom. Its entire body was engulfed in flames. As it howled those flames grew brighter, and its power was increased because of its ability; Flash Fire! The officers cowered in fear, “What the hell is that?” said one of them?” Houndoom’s eyes grew crimson red, as it snarled at the officers.

Most of them got scared and ran off, but the one that was in my hospital room from earlier remained. “I know who you are kid…I saw you in the hospital. You saved that couple…” he said from behind the wall of ice, as houndoom stayed their, growling motionlessly. “Tsk…” I took of my hood, revealing my face. “I need this pokemon…” I said calmly. The officer nodded, “I know what happened to this houndoom, and I know why it attacked those homes…” The officer pulled out a pokeball, and in a puff of smoke his Noctowl appeared. “Tell ya what…You beat me in a battle, or catch this Houndoom before me, I’ll let you off the hook and i'll even get the other officers off the case. No files will be made against either of you…However if I get this houndoom before you, or beat you in this battle, you come in with me, and this pokemon goes. One pokemon is allowed each, do we have a deal?" he asked

I outnumbered this officer…or did I? I glanced at his waist, and I could see he had more pokeballs on his waste. He clearly has more pokemon than he’s letting on…so it is possible he could beat me in a full on battle, simply because he had a larger team. It's also against the law to battle or assault officers, so he's technically doing me a favor. I have Emperor, who resists attacks from noctowl so taking him on is easy, besides, I still want houndoom… ”Deal…” I said, recalling Huntress and Nightwing to their pokeballs.

Emperor stepped into the center of the cliff, and Noctowl readied itself. Houndoom snarled once more, and positioned itself to attack. “Emperor! Use Scald on Noctowl!” I demanded. Emperor shot out a stream of scalding hot water toward noctowl. IT gracefully weaved around it and flew toward Houndoom. Houndoom shot off a tremendous fire blast at noctowl, but it dodged that was well, as though it didn’t even get shot at in the first place. “Noctowl! Use foresight!!” called out the officer. Noctowl’s eyes glowed brightly, enabling it to see through the dark better, “Good now use fly attack!” yelled the officer. Noctowl flew directly at houndoom. Houndoome shot another Fire Blast, But Noctowl dodged it again. Houndoom had no time to react, it was about to get hit! “Emperor! Take the hit, then retaliate with icebeam!” I demanded. Emperor used his ice beam to slide in front of houndoom, shrugging off noctowl’s attack. He then retaliated with another beam of ice aimed at noctowl, but yet again, noctowl avoided the attack.

Houndoom lashed out at Emperor, Grabbing his shoulder with its jaws! “Noctowl! Use night shade on the both of them!” demanded the officer. “Emperor! Quickly use ice beam on the ground!” I demanded as I sprinted toward him. Emperor blasted the ground, layering the area that got burned up by Huntress' will-o-wisps with ice. Emperor and I jumped up and stomped on the ground with a tremendous force, shattering the ice and causing the cliff to collapse! The ground shook violently, and the rocks shattered as we all fell down the cliff in a huge rock slide! The sudden rock slide forced noctowl to move out of the way, allowing us to avoid the nightshade from noctowl.

The officer jumped up and grabbed noctowl as Emperor and I fell into the rubble. “Emperor! Throw houndoom up toward the rocks and use Scald!” I ordered. Emperor grabbed hondoom, tossing it above us, and proceeded to blast it with Scald. The rocks scattered, as I prevented us from getting squashed by falling debris and damaged houndoom at the same time. “GYUH!” I coughed as Emperor and I landed on our backs. The impact aggravated my injuries from earlier. I staggered to a knee, as blood dripped from my mouth and head. Houndoom landed on the ground soon after us. It lay still on the ground, hesitant to get up. The officer took a pokeball and threw it at houndoom. NO! I refuse TO LOSE! I thought to myself, as I grabbed an empty pokeball from my waist, and threw it at the officers’. It bounced off of his, and hit houndoom.

Houndoom’s ball wiggled once…twice! POOF! It exploded open, and houndoom stood there, weakened but unyielding. The officer landed on the ground, with Noctowl by his side. “Given up yet?” said the officer in a serious tone. I shook off my pain, as I struggled to stand, with Emperor by my side "Not even close!" i stammered bravely. “Heh heh...what’s with us and falling from high places today? God what kind of bird am I haha *cough* *cough*” Sputtered Emperor. “Handle your licks, it ain’t over yet…” I said scolded, but I was injured, still hurt and bruised from earlier. “Noctowl! Night Shade on the boy and his Empoleon!” said the officer calmly. Emperor and I leaped in opposite directions, avoiding the attack, when Houndoom fired a Fire Blast at Noctowl. Noctowl got hit, and was sent flying upward. The officer gritted his teeth, as he grabbed another pokeball from his waist. I leaped forward, grabbing the proken pieces of the pokeball I threw earlier, and threw the pieces at the officer.

Before he got a chance to throw the ball, one of those pieces hit him in the face, throwing off his vision. Houndoom dodged the pokeball, and charged after Emperor. “Emperor! Ice beam on the ground in front of me!!!” I called to him. Emperor blasted the ground infront of me, leading to the pokeball the officer threw. Right at that second the Houndoom changed directions, aiming for me instead, and it leaped out at me, claws and teeth bared. I jumped into a slide, sliding on the ice underneath Houndoom, making it’s pounce miss. I continued to slide, and I grabbed the loose pokeball.

Noctowl returned to the scene, prepared to attack again. “Noctowl! Use roost! Then use Whirlwind!” cried the officer. After briefly perching itself to recover energy, Noctowl flapped its huge wings, creating huge gusts of winds. Houndoom was sent flying crashing into the heap of rocks, whereas Emperor and I stood our ground. The officer went into his bag to grab another pokeball to throw at Houndoom, as he pressured us with Noctowl’s whirlwind attack. “Your strong kid, but you and your pokemon are too weak to fight on!” he said as grabbed a pokeball from his bag. There was that word again, the word I’m most afraid of, the word I strive to overcome. Weak. “Emperor! Here!” I called to him as loud as I can. I reached into my bag, bulling out a petaya berry, and I threw it to Emperor. Emperor caught it and quickly ate it. He began to glow, reacting to the power of the berry. “Ice Beam! Aim for the bird!” I called. Emperor shot out a beam of ice. At first the gale of wind pushed it back, But emperor threw everything he had into the beam, and it pushed through.

Noctowl was able to escape slightly, but its wing was frozen. It fell to the ground, frantically shaking its wing. The officer tried to throw the ball at Houndoom again, but I ran forward last second grabbing a pokeball from my bag, throwing both pokeballs I had with all my might. The first one collided with the officer’s, effectively disabling it. The second one, which was mine, caught the houndoom, and it rolled onto the ground.

The officer and I stared at the pokeball as it wobbled once…twice…DONG! A small chime could be heard, and houndoom was locked inside! I steadily stood to my feet again, while Emperor walked over to me. We may have caught Houndoom, but now we have to take down the officer in battle. The officer looked at Houndoom in the pokeball, looked over at Noctowl, who’s wing was still frozen, and sighed. But it wasn't a sigh of distress, he seemed relieved. “Well no need to continue! You caught the pokemon, and I don’t want to put Noctowl threw any more stress tonight Haha! You know, you’re pretty good kid” he said smiling, holding his hand out. I grunted and walked passed him slowly. I keeled over, and picked up the Hondoom's pokeball. I looked at Houndoom, It’s eyes were full of fear and rage.
“Hey…pig…”I stammered. The officer was a little annoyed, “Stop calling me that! What do you want?” he asked. “Make sure nobody comes…after…my Helfire…”I said. And once again, I blacked out.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 14
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