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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 15

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 15   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 15 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:03 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

“Come on Soul! Run!” I heard someone scream in the distance. Everything was black, and I felt like I was going nowhere fast. I didn’t know what I was running from, or even why I was running in the first place. As I ran further, images began showing up in front of me. At first they were blurry, but as I got closer, they cleared and I was able to see them perfectly. My mom and dad, Prof.Rowan, Spirit, Psyche, Heart and Core, Cynthia and the other Elite 4 members…Then Greiger and Syndicate.

I collapsed, falling to my hands and knees. I didn’t understand the point of these images flashing before my eyes. Then suddenly Prof. Rowan showed up, alongside Spirit’s Mother, Hope. “What’s going on…” I muttered in a weak voice. Prof. Rowan reached out his hand to me, “These images are of what you love, what you want to protect, and what you want to overcome.” He said. “Yes, you were meant to accept your challenges. You do so bravely, but do not forget you have friends, who will help you! People who will challenge you, and love you no matter what happens! Stand up and do what’s right for them, and for yourself” said Hope.

I reached out my hand, and attempted to take Prof.Rowan’s. As he pulled me to my feet, a bright light shined from behind him, and it was blinding….....

I woke up in a daze as I stared around another hospital room yet again. I could only see the shadows of people at first, but as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see everyone clearly. That police officer from the night before, Heart, Core, Psyche, Spirit, Cynthia, Hope and Prof. Rowan were all in my room arguing about something. I was still dazed, so I could barely understand what they were talking about. My ears were ringing; the room was spinning all around me. The noise from the argument only seemed to make things worse.
“Can you all SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?!” I yelled feeling nauseated. Everyone paused and turned to look at me abruptly. I glanced over at Spirit’s mom, Hope, who was sitting on a chair next to me. Her eyes were glowing with a bright red; just like how Spirit’s eyes would, as if she was just in a trance. She shortly snapped out of it, shaking her head. She caught me staring, and smiled sheepishly “oh! Why-hello there Soul!” she stammered, almost like she was hiding something…

I looked up, and Prof. Rowan was clutching her shoulder, and it seemed he was just waking up from a sudden daze too. “What the hell…” I whispered to myself. I was about to question them, but someone grabbed me by my shirt. I turned to face my aggressor, and it turned out to be Psyche! He punched me right in my face, with tremendous force.
Heart and Core grabbed Psyche and pulled him off of me, “Hey man! I know how you feel but chill out!” Heart said grabbing Psyche off of me. “Shut up! I’m tired of this guy’s fuckin’ attitude! He acts like he’s some kind of deity! As if whatever he wants is top priority! He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself!” He bellowed, fighting off Heart and Core, trying to get loose.

My body was still numb, so I couldn’t fight back. “Look at you! You bark orders at everyone else right?! So why don’t you bark orders at me!” Psyche said angrily, “You treat Spirit like some kind of weapon!! To the point you call her “Useless”, with no regard to how she feels?! I WON’T let you treat my friends that way!” I glared at Psyche, too worn down to respond. “WELL!? The hell you lookin’ at me for?! Apologize to her!” Psyche pointed at Spirit.

I turned to face Spirit, and looked her in the eye with my usual scowl. She stared back at me with a worried face, and turned away. “We can talk about this later…” she said, and she walked out of the room. “Spirit! Wait!” Psyche said, as he ran after Spirit, followed by Heart and Core. Prof. Rowan sighed, shaking his head. “Well…that wasn’t on my schedule…but now that the distraction is out of the way…We have an important matter to discuss…” Cynthia said calmly.

Cynthia walked over to my bedside, and sat down next to me. She placed a hand on my leg,“Soul, this is Falkner, the Violet City Gym leader of the Johto Region” she said, introducing the officer to me. I grunted, “A little far from home, huh pig?” I snarled. Falkner sighed, “Seriously! Can you stop calling me that?” he said angrily, “Anyway…I’m one of the founding members of the Pokemon Elite Action Center Enforcement Corporation, also known as PEACE. Our job is to go region to region and put a stop to any international threats, as well as take down any group activity threatening the safety of people and pokemon. Such as the huge crime based organization, Team Rocket” He began, as he was walking over to me. “Our offices in the Johto Region received word that a new group calling themselves “Syndicate” has been stealing high tech equipment from military bases, and selling illegally obtained weaponry worldwide via the Sinnoh underground market.” He said.

“Yeah? Cool story bro, but what does that have to do with me?” I said coldly. Falkner sighed, “Prof. Rowan, seriously? What have you been feeding this kid? Nails and spoiled milk?” Falkner said shaking his head. “Trust me…Soul is highly dependable, He may seem like a cold-hearted person, but he deeply cares for pokemon, I could always see that in him while he lived with me all these years…” Prof. Rowan answered, “He still has trouble coming to terms with his past. All the boy needs is guidance…” “Whatever, I don’t need a shrink or anyone’s “guidance”, I can fend for myself! I have my team, and that’s all I need…” I said to them in a harsh tone.

“Watch your tone, Young man! Your father is speaking to you!” Cynthia said. I got a bit frustrated, “He is NOT my father! My father died long ago!” I retorted. The room grew quiet for a few minutes. Cynthia was the first one to break the ice, “Soul, we get it, you’re still upset, but right now, we need you to grow the fuck up…” she said sternly. “Hmph…” I grunted. “Do you still have that micro-chip I handed to you back in Eterna?” she asked.

I nodded, “give me Emperor’s pokeball…” I grunted. Falkner walked over to the table with my belongings on it, and pulled out Emperor’s ball. He tossed the ball, and with a puff of smoke Emperor appeared. He stretched his wings upward, yawning loudly, as he stared around the room quietly. “What is it, Soul?” he said calmly. “I need that device” I said to him. Emperor went under his left wing, and pulled out the micro-chip from within his feathers, and tossed it to me.

Cynthia let out a sigh of relief, “At least he is dependable” she said. “Yea, you gave it to me, but what exactly is it?” I asked. Falkner walked over and held out his hand. I gave him the chip, and he began to examine it. “This micro-chip has the power to boost emp waves via high frequencies. It’s basically a sound amp, but weapon-ized…” said Cynthia. I laughed coldly, “Government and their stupid weapons…” I said. Falkner shook his head, “This was an accidental weapon, this microchip was meant for deep sea exploration and was created by Prof. Oak himself. You see, we haven’t discovered the full depths of our oceans, and there are many undiscovered inhabitants of the seas. This device was created to use those sound waves to transmit shockwaves through the deeper depths of the ocean, effectively bouncing back waves between objects…” said Falkner.

“Oh I see…so it was supposed to create a picture of the ocean where man can’t reach, and show hidden ships and treasures or map the different environments underwater. Kinda like drawing a picture with sound…” I said. “Exactly, however, there were many greedy men who sought out to use its power…” said Cynthia. “So some fat guys want to use it like an expensive metal detector, no harm no foul…” I said. “It wouldn’t bother me as much if it was just for that purpose people wanted this micro-chip…” began Falkner, “But, like any accidental weapon, this microchip can be altered…and placed into a machine that can literally shut down all electronics in a given area. It can also spread a high tech pulse that can effectively kill people simply by its loud frequency, or even alter brain patterns!”
My eyes widened. These people trusted me with a weapon that has more power than I could have possibly imagined. “I was able to recover this device right before it was about to be stolen by Syndicate…I needed a place to stash it, since I knew I would be an obvious person of interest to anyone who wanted to take it, being the league champion and all. After physically meeting you in Eterna, and seeing your complete devotion to getting stronger with your team, I saw it fit to keep the device with you,” she said with a straight face.

“Hmph…It was no problem, besides, I still have a bone to pick with Greiger…” I said coldly, “Any chance I have to stare him down again I’ll take.” Cynthia nodded, “It was a selfish reason that I gave you the device in the first place, however I was comfortable with this choice. Syndicate didn’t know who you were from a hole in the wall. Why would they come after you for something you didn’t have? You should be honored, I consider you a person to be admired,” Cynthia said, “However, Syndicate knows for sure that we are working together now…”

“Well I can’t take it back now…you need to hide it with someone else…” I said. “Are you scared of having it?” Emperor said calmly. Everyone turned to Emperor, it seemed like they forgot he was there (all they heard was squawking). “I’m not scared or anything trivial like that…Syndicate knows who I am now, I have meddled with their affairs more than once or twice, and they definitely have mark me down in their little bingo books…” I said.
Falkner nodded, “This was the real purpose for everyone meeting you in this room today. We all know the risks of holding this chip, so we all agreed to be a part of this little “smokescreen”. They won’t know who has what this way, ‘cause I’m sure they have been watching all of us for some time now…” he said. I nodded, “Will everyone be o.k. with becoming permanent targets? This room might be secure…but when we walk out and part ways, everyone in this room will be a threat to Syndicate…” I said.

“Yes, Psyche already agreed to take Heart and Core under his wing. Falkner also made them official members of PEACE. They will journey as normal, and partake in assigned missions together. Spirit will continue to journey with you as planned,” began Cynthia, “As for me and Falkner…we both have squads of men to fall back on so we will be well defended. Prof. Rowan and Hope will go into hiding under the façade of leaving Sinnoh on an exploration in Kalos.”

“Wait…the orphanage, what about the kids?” I asked, remembering the children that Hope takes care of, Lani, Susan, and Peter. “They will be brought PEACE headquarters in Johto, they’ll be fine” said Hope with a soft smile. I steadily got up and walked over to the table with my belongings. I took off the hospital clothes and began to get dressed. “Oh my!” said Hope, blushing as she stared in my direction, but Cynthia looked at me un-phased. I had nothing but my underwear on, and my toned muscles were visible.

“Soul! Th-There are woman present!” said Prof. Rowan in a flustered tone. I shrugged as I finished getting dressed and strapped on my back pack. “The microchip…Leave it with me…” I said coldly. Everyone in the room was taken back, “No way, I forbid it! That is too dangerous!” replied Prof. Rowan. “You don’t understand! Syndicate won’t think I have the chip. They will target PEACE, Falkner and Cynthia” I argued.

“Wrong, they will come for you first, these men are not stupid, and they haven’t been caught making a single mistake yet! They would have guessed you had the chip already! We will leave it with Hope and Prof. Rowan instead. They will be hiding, even Cynthia and myself will be made unaware of their location” said Falkner. I was about to protest, but Prof. Rowan stopped me, “We already had the argument of what is going down and how from when we got here. It’s been decided” he said with a solid nod.

I sighed, but nodded in agreement, he may not be my biological father, but he is still my dad nonetheless. Falkner walked over to Prof. Rowan and handed him the chip. “Falkner…has anyone come looking for Helfire?” I asked him. Falkner looked puzzled at first, but nodded, “Ah! You mean the houndoom situation? I argued that case a few days ago, I was able to get the case completely dropped for you and Houndoom for lack of evidence. The old man and woman from the day-care also refused to testify against either of you, so that helped tremendously.” He responded.
I wore a shocked expression on my face, “How long have I been out!?” I asked. Falkner laughed, “Just 2 days, Soul. Doctors said you and your pokemon were put through a lot of stress since even before all that went down. Must’ve been training really hard, eh?” he said patting me on the back. Everyone got up and began heading out of the room, but Hope and Prof. Rowan came over to me.

“Those dreams I’ve been having…it was you two all along…?” I asked. Prof. Rowan looked puzzled, as if he didn’t know what the hell I was talking about. Hope smiled and placed her hands on my shoulders. “It wasn’t him, don’t worry, I gave my daughter the permission to tell you…um…everything about us. So ask her your questions, and speak nothing of it until then, ok?” she said with a cute smile. I nodded In agreement, and gave Prof. Rowan a handshake.
“Just you and her huh old timer?” I said. He nodded, “Heh…you have your orders to smash…” I said with a smirk. Prof. Rowan looked me in the eye, “I wouldn’t be a great professor unless I studied every species carefully,” he said with a serious tone. With that he parted the room with Hope, saying our good-byes.

Few minutes later…

I went down stairs, and checked out of the Hospital. As I walked into the lobby, I saw Spirit sitting at a table with Psyche and the others. “Hmph…” I grunted, “You gonna apologize to her…?” asked Emperor. “Not you too…” I said in an annoyed tone. “Look, she’s a chick. Chicks will be chicks, so you gotta deal with it…” he responded. I shook my head, “what are you my conscious now…” I said sarcastically. Emperor chuckled, as we approached my “friends”.
As I walked up to the table, Heart, Psyche and Core glared at me.

I stared right back at them blankly. I looked over at Spirit, and she stared up at me, as she twiddled her thumbs. I don’t have time for this crap…I thought to myself. “Let’s go…” I said calmly, as I about faced and started walking for the door. Psyche gritted his teeth as he grabbed my shoulder, “That’s not how you talk to woman!” he said. Heart and Core stepped up behind him, “It’s kinda messed up how you act toward her sometimes man…” Heart said.

Suddenly, Spirit stood up, and walked over to me. She grabbed my arm, “We have things to discuss…Heart, Core, and Psyche, take care of your selves. Bye.” She said abruptly as we stormed out of the hospital. I turned my head to see the puzzlement on their faces as we left.

As we walked out the hospital, Spirit slowed her pace. We eventually stopped once we got far enough from the hospital. Spirit looked at me carefully; she clearly had a lot on her mind. Emperor and I exchanged glances. “Soul…I’m sorry…” she began. I was a bit surprised, why was she apologizing? “I know we met on a bit of a shaky ground…and haven’t been completely honest with you…It’s just that…well, it’s more so about my family.” She began. “Your mother told me you had answers for me…is this it?” I asked. Spirit nodded, “Yeah, I’m going to tell you about my family secrets…”
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 15
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