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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 16

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 16   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 16 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:04 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

Spirit and I were standing in a dirty, run down back alley in the outskirts of Solaceon town. I led her there, so she could tell me about her “secrets”, away from the general public. Spirit walked over to a near-by crate, and sat on it. “Well you see,” she began, “my mothers, and grandmothers, before me have always had these special abilities. We are all essentially telekinetic, and the first daughter of the family always receives these powers. However, after the first daughter is born, the mother’s ability to bare children is diminished. The power and ability is different for every daughter, some can lift objects with their mind, others can foresee the future or even enter ones dreams…” Spirit said, with her eyes locked onto mine. So that must be the ability her mother has…to enter into dreams…I thought to myself. “Well then…what’s your power?” I asked Spirit with a straight face.

We could hear rattata squeaking as the dashed around they abandoned alley, fighting over food. There was a brief moment of silence…“Nice place to bring a girl to chat Soul…” Spirit said with a smile. “Don’t avoid my question…Your power, what is it?” I asked her again coldly. Spirit let out a sigh, “That detail is forbidden to be shared, I cannot discuss my power or any specific power of anyone of my mothers, unless they are already deceased…or if you are my spouse” She responded. “Why?” I asked her sternly. Spirit looked at me again, “If you had a power, don’t you think there would be people in this world hunting you down or trying to find a way to use you?” she responded.

I nodded, “Makes sense…so why tell me at all…” I asked her. I was trying to be slick, based on what she said now; I could possibly deduce everything about her power. Spirit smiled, “Soul, you are incredibly smart, and very cunning…You’re the genius, Psyche is the infiltrator, Heart is the big bruiser….interesting set of friends, isn’t it?” she smiled deceptively. I grinned, “And here I thought you were an innocent girl…” I responded. Spirit laughed softly, “I have my secrets, and you have yours. Nonetheless, this comes back to why my mom sent you to be my body guard, every woman in my family always has a body guard with them when they travel” Spirit said giggling. I glared at her, “I did not sign up to be your body guard, the fact is the only reason you are still around is because of Syndicate…” I said grimly.

Spirit’s expression quickly changed, and she became clearly upset. She stood up, “Oh really Soul? And for what reason do you care about Syndicate getting to me at all then, huh!?” she demanded. I opened my mouth to speak, but words wouldn’t come out. I paused, Why do I care about her like this…? I thought to myself. I have never cared for any other person like this before, but why now? Spirit sighed. “You need to be honest with yourself; you care for me, like you care for Prof. Rowan. You have to admit your feelings!” she said. “Tsk!” I growled, “You know nothing about me, or my old man…And when did this interrogation become about me! You still have more explaining to do!” I barked at Spirit angrily.

Spirit walked up to me, and slapped me across the face. I grabbed my cheek and faced her again, “What the HELL is with people and hitting me!?” I said. Spirit returned to her seat on the crate, and crossed her arms and legs, leaning against the brick wall behind her. “You do NOT talk to me like that!” she said. “Like what?” I asked her angrily. “Like I’m some kind of weapon! or a useless tool that doesn’t work properly! You need to respect me Soul…” she said. I could see she was forcing her tears back, while trying to hold a poker face. A girls emotions…how abhorring and random I thought to myself. I turned my back to her, “Are we done here…?” I questioned. Spirit walked over to me, and placed her hand on my shoulder. “Soul…Help me help you, you have to start opening up…” she said calmly. I brushed her hand off, and pulled out Emperor’s Poke Ball, and let him out. With a puff of smoke, Emperor appeared, and stood readily by my side. I turned to Spirit, and looked her in the eyes, saying; “MY TEAM is all I need, I don’t need people to hold me back with their “feelings” and their drama, I will get my power threw my Pokemon!” I said in a determined, but dark tone. Emperor nodded, and we began to walk out of the alley. Spirit shook her head, as her eyes began to glow a bright blue. “Oh…Soul…” she whispered to herself, and she followed me in silence…

Someplace far away…

Luxray and I narrowly dodged a huge impact from an incoming shadow ball! BOOM! Smoke from the explosion kicked up and surrounded the area. I rolled on the floor, and quickly stood up, glancing over to my Luxray. “We can’t take that thing on this way! Use Roar, Now!” I demanded. Luxray nodded and took in a deep breath. It let out a huge cry, “ROAAAAAAAAAR!!!” it bellowed. The foe’s Gengar crossed its arms, trying to fight back against the power of Luxray’s roar, but it was eventually forced back to its owner. Suddenly, the owner’s pokeball on his waist burst open, as a new pokemon replaced it, and what came out was Kingler! “Not bad! But now it’s my turn! Kingler use agility!” the stranger called out.

Kingler zoomed at top speed, as it circled around my Luxray, waiting to strike. “Time to get in there, Wild Charge, go!” I called out to Luxray. Bolts of electricity surged around Luxray ferociously as he charged right at the foe’s Kingler! “Kingler, Protect!” The foe said quickly. Kingler quickly formed a barrier, as Luxray smashed right into it! The barrier began to crack from Luxray’s sheer power! The foe reacted quickly, “Use water fall!”. Kingler raised his giant claw, engulfed in water, and smashed it over Luxray’s head! Luxray stepped back from the recoil, as the shock of the blow left him dazed! “Guillotine time, Kingler!” the foe said with a grin. Like a ninja, Kingler swept up behind Luxray, and grabbed it with its giant claw, holding it midair! It crunched down on its claw, squeezing Luxray. Luxray began to wail, “That’s enough! Luxray come back!” I called out, as I returned Luxray to its poke ball.

Psyche returned Kingler to its pokeball as well. He walked over to me, with his scarf flowing in the wind. We were outside, on a PEACE facility located deep within Mt. Coronet. I stood up, and dusted myself off. My brother ran up to us, “What an amazing battle! You guys are really good!” he exclaimed happily. I clenched my right fist and raised it, “No, not yet, I’m still not strong enough!” I said to myself. Psyche shook his head, “You lack deceptiveness. You can’t use brute force to break your way into victory every time!” I glared back at Psyche, “I can’t help it! That’s all I know!,” I shot out a right straight, “My battle style is; to fight forward with everything I have! Unleash my power against yours, at full brunt force, unyielding and strong!” I said. Psyche chuckled, “Hard headed as usual…But it suits your personality well I guess” Psyche said with a grin, as he gave me a fist bump.

“Very admirable, I remember being young and stupid at that age as well!” a voice drifted in on us from the base doors. We turned to face the speaker, and it appeared to be a slightly older man, with jet black hair, wearing a brown detective’s coat. “Looker! It’s been a while! How’s the international Police work going for you?” asked Psyche. Looker sighed, “One thing after the other! The guys over at International Police HQ are quite proud of the help we are getting from PEACE with criminal investigations. I just got back over from the Kalos region; I was stationed there for about a month searching for a culprit named Xerosic, He was a maniacal scientist who threatened the Kalos Region with acts of war-fare. A young trainer by the name of Calem and I were able to apprehend the criminal, and bring him back to the Sinnoh region for detainment and a harsh jail sentence. And before that I was in the Unova region apprehending what was left of Team Plasma, and ending their threat to steal all the pokemon from their trainers, and thwarting their attempt to deep freeze the Unova Region.” Looker took in a deep breath, “But with the PEACE corp around, we can now work double time, and assign agents to perform some tasks for us.” He continued.

Psyche sighed, “So this isn’t a social visit then…” He asked. Looker got serious, and he sternly looked at us, “No, it’s not” he said. “Well what’s the problem chief?” I asked. “Black-Two ordered me to assign two PEACE operatives from the sinnoh region to help me crack down and obliterate the new Syndicate threat, at all costs.” He said. Psyche nodded, “Ok then let me confirm with the base-“ He began. “No, you cannot inform them, this is an off the record investigation, Internatonal Police business. I trust you Psyche, and only you. You see, the International Police do appreciate the help from PEACE, but some things we like done under the radar…if you catch my drift…” he said in a hushed voice. Psyche nodded, “Understood…Whatcha need from me?” Psyche asked in a grave tone. Looker looked at me and Core, “Where do your loyalties lie?” Looker asked us. Core kept quiet, But I responded for him, “Our loyalties rely to Cynthia and the Elite 4, as well as to the International Police.” I said bravely. Looker nodded, and looked at Psyche. Psyche gave him nod, “Right then…” Looker began, “Follow me…”

A Few hours later…

Looker placed his cup down after taking a sip. We were now in Floaroma Town, inside one of the bars. Since we decided to come to a bar to discuss our game plan, we left Core back at the base. There was a whole lot of buzz and commotion from within the bar. Apparently, there was a huge broadcast on t.v. It was another Elite 4 challenge in progress, and people were yelling and screaming in support of their regions “to be” champion. Psyche, Looker and I were sitting in the center of the bar, as the commotion and noise surrounded us. “What are we waiting for?” I asked impatiently. Looker motioned to us to huddle over the table to talk. “I’m debriefing you on your next mission, before that listen to me. In order for this to work, you have to make sure PEACE headquarters knows NOTHING about these small scale operations, you report everything to me, and only to me got it?” he said. Psyche and I nodded.

“Good, now we are going to infiltrate the Valley Wind works.” Looker said, laying down blue prints of one of the Valley Wind Works facilities. “What do we need from there?” I asked Looker. Looker took a deep breath, “My mentor, Black-Two was doing investigations on Syndicate and their habits. He says their goal is complete control over electronics and weapons. So then, what places do you know they have attempted to liberate so far?” Looker asked. I was completely speechless; I didn’t know all the details about Syndicate’s attacks. “They first attempted to harbor weapons on the outskirts of Jubalife city in an inhabited cave. They were thwarted by a young vigilante,” began Psyche but I interrupted him, “Don’tcha mean Soul?” I asked. Psyche and Looker glared at me. “I will write off the name, I heard nothing” said Looker sternly. Psyche pulled me in closer, “There are LAWS against vigilantism and using pokemon to be a “hero”, that job is for the International Police alone! And on top of that, Soul is harboring a dangerous pokemon, whose case is still on shaky ground! Don’t speak of Soul’s name or else we will be FORCED to bring him in for vigilantism you fuckin’ idiot!” Psyche said. I gasped and nodded, and sank into my seat. I guess it’s best to let the big boys talk it out.

“As I was saying, the second attack was when I and another civilian were attacked by a Syndicate thug, in order to steal this…” Psyche reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny microchip. “Is that the device we spoke about…?” asked Looker. Psyche nodded. Looker reached out to take the device, but Psyche clenched his fist and withdrew his hand. “I have full authorization by the Sinnoh International Police branch to keep this item within my possession at all times. In order to get it you have to fill out paperwork threw them…” Psyche demanded sternly. Looker nodded, “Understood, keep it safe then” he responded. Looker pointed to a hidden location in the blue print. “The data we need is here…” He said pointing to an isolated location from within the facility. “Your job is simply to obtain information and NOT confrontation, understood?” he said. Psyche and I nodded, “Good, keep hidden, this is a stealth operation…You leave in 15 minutes…” Looker said standing up and leaving the bar. “Wait what are you doing then?” I asked Looker. He turned around and faced me, “I cannot explain anymore, you have your assignments” he said, as he left the bar.

Valley Wind Works…

Psyche and I crept up to the front doors silently. “That Looker guy is pretty secretive huh…” I asked Psyche quietly. Psyche nodded, as he looked around. He opened up one of his pokeballs, and with a puff of smoke, Gengar appeared. “You know the drill…” he whispered. Gengar snickered, as he disappeared into Psyche’s shadow. Psyche shivered, as he started walking toward the back of the building. I hastily followed, as we quietly tip-toed into the back. I grabbed Psyche’s shoulder, and signaled above us to an air-vent. Psyche nodded, as I boosted him up. He grabbed the vent screen, and had Gengar unscrew the hinges with its ghastly powers. He hoped in, holding out his arm. I leapt up and grabbed his hand, as he pulled me up.

We crawled around in the vents as quietly as possible. We paused, as Psyche pulled out the blue prints to the building from his bag. I took my flashlight from my waist, and turned it on. “Ok…we are right here…so let’s go this way; it’s the shortest route to the room…” Psyche said quietly. I nodded and we packed everything back up. As we crawled deeper and deeper into darkness, we started hearing men talking. Psyche and I crawled over to the first opening, and we peered into the hallway from within the vent. Two men in syndicate uniforms were standing guard. “That’s the only entrance to that room…” I said. Psyche whispered something. Suddenly his shadow crept into the crevice of the vent screen. It slid through the shadows on the wall and entered the men’s shadows. “Hey it’s gotten cold all of a sudden…” one of them said. The other knew what was up almost immediately, “Sound the alarm!” he shouted, but it was too late, Gengar knocked them both out with its Hypnosis.

We quickly opened up the screen, and dropped to the floor below. We searched the men for the keys to the room, and opened the door. We dragged the men into the room, and shut the door behind us, and locked it so no one could get in. Psyche cuffed the men to a nearby radiator, and I turned on the light. The room turned out to be the computer lab we were looking for, and all the monitors’ were off. At the back of the room, there was a giant monitor. I pointed at it, “Fire it up Psyche,and get to the hackin’” I said to him. “Don’t give me orders…” he replied, “Turn off the lights too! Do you want us to get caught?” he growled. “Yea, yea…” I said shrugging my shoulders. After Psyche fired up the computer, I shut the lights off. Psyche reached into his bag, and grabbed a flash-drive and put it into one of the computer’s usb slot. Green 0’s and 1’s code started flying across the monitor, as different programs began opening up on the computer screen. The echoes of Psyches typing could be heard throughout the room. He began uploading a virus, and opened up a downloaded file.

“Syndicate’s been here for a while now…We are too late. Most of their operations have already taken place, all through-out the Sinnoh region! They started their reign since LONG before Soul’s confrontation with them in Jubalife City!” Psyche said in astonishment, gritting his teeth. I clenched my fist and punched the desk, “Damn! Just who are these people!” I said angrily. As Psyche continued typing and downloading information into his flash drive, he let out a huge gasp. His face was filled with puzzlement and confusion! “What!? What is it!?” I asked him. Psyche started typing madly, “It’s…it’s Spirit! And her mom is here too!” he stammered. I gasped, “What about them…?” I asked. I tried to make sense of all the data on the screen, but it all didn’t make sense.

Psyche paused, “Everything! They know everything about her! To her body size, thoughts and actions, her known pokemon!” he said. I shrugged, “So they know her, and her mom’s, bust size! That just makes some dude here a sick puppy!” I said hastily, but Psyche shook his head. “You don’t get it! They have data here that even we didn’t know…” Psyche began to explain, but the light was turned on. Psyche and I abruptly spun around. There was a couple of syndicate goons at the door and in front of them stood a sleek and slim trainer with a dark purple mask, wearing a white and silver syndicate uniform. “Well, well, well…” he said in a darkened tone. “Unfortunately, you know a bit too much now,” said the man, as he took some steps forward. “Now then…YOU DIE!” he growled, as he pointed at us. His men immediately released their pokemon from their pokeballs. Both men had some sinister looking Houndoom with them; they seemed to have been distorted by the power of Syndicate’s Vile Balls!

The man in front released his own pokemon as well, and out came a Giant Rhyperior! “Who are you!?” Psyche called out. When I turned to him, I could see he was shaking a little; he was trying to buy time! The man took the bait, “My name huh…it’s Weisler, second in command of Team Syndicate…” he responded to Psyche. “So, what are your plans now then huh? What will you do when you get the girl?” Psyche asked. Weisler stood there motionless, “Kill them…” he said simply and calmly. Both houndour charged right at us, as they bared their fangs; lusting for blood. Gengar suddenly popped out of Psyches shadow! But one of the men caught onto Gengar’s guise. “Houndoom! Sucker Punch!” one of them called out. Houndoom viciously pounced at Gengar, but it went right threw him! “Whos said I was attacking! It’s within range, use hypnosis!” Psyche declared. Gengar shot out a hypnotic beam, instantly sending Houndoom into a deep sleep. Suddenly, the second Houndoom pounced at Gengar, ready to crunch down on its neck! I acted quickly, “Garchomp! Dragon Claw!” I called out, throwing Garchomp’s Pokeball. With a puff of smoke, Garchomp appeared from within its pokeball, and smashed its huge claws into Houndoom, sending it flying into a nearby computer. Its impact completely destroyed the computer and the desk, and sparks shot out of the broken tech.

The sparks caught on some paper from the desk, and the entire thing caught fire! “Rhyperior! THEY DON’T ESCAPE! USE STEALTH ROCK!” Weisler said maniacally. Rhyperior shot out thousands of rocks that surrounded the room, and began to hover in midair! Psyche and I were completely trapped in the room, with Weisler and his men standing in front of our only way out! “You! Go get more men! And you! Use your next Pokemon to assist me!” Weisler began barking orders. One of the Syndicate thugs ran off for help, as the other one pulled out another pokeball. He opened it up, and with a puff of smoke a Toxicroak appeared! “Nowhere to run!” Weisler growled at us. I tried to make a break for the door, but the stones started flying right at me! Garchomp rushed over to me, and pushed me out the way of the incoming stones, taking all the damage for me. “Garchomp!” I called to it as I quickly stood up and ran to his side. It brushed off the slight pain and gave me a re-assuring glance. I nodded in return, and turned to Psyche, “Well we know what happens if we try to move forward now!” I said to him sternly. The Enemies Rhyperior and Toxicroak slowly advanced, creeping closer and closer.

Psyche began to sweat, I could see he had a plan, but he knew that attempting something right now would leave one of us open to an attack. “You’re cornered; surrender and I won’t kill you both…yet…” Weisler said calmly. He stood there, with no emotion, no sense of justice. Weisler, even threw his mask, had a cold, and heartless stare. He was clearly and easily 10xs as vicious as this “Greiger” I’ve heard about! “Now!” shouted the thug next to Weisler. Suddenly, Toxicroak lashed out, and hit Rhyperior with a Drain Punch right in the Gut! Before Weisler could even turn around, the Syndicate thug decked him right in the temple! Weisler’s mask went flying off, as he stumbled into the corner of the room. Weisler turned his head to face us, and Psyche and I stammered at the site before us...Weisler’s face was gruesomely scared up, as if it were deliberately carved up with a sharp blade! He had a savage look in his eyes, and a sinister scowl, “Traitor! I’ll see you dead!” he called out. At that moment, a large group of syndicate members showed up. The lone thug ran toward Psyche and me, hunching over, trying to keep his height hidden.

I snapped out of my trance, “We need an escape route!” Psyche called out, “We won’t be able to take all these people on!” he finished. I turned to Garchomp, “Use outrage! Crash right into the wall behind us! We’re getting the hell outta here!” I shouted. Garchomp charged into the wall at full force, with a bright blue aura surrounding him. KRAABOOOM! The entire wall came down with the impact, like a piece tissue paper had been ripped. I placed Garchomp back into its pokeball as Psyche and the mystery man sprinted into the gaping hole in the wall, with me close behind. Weisler calmly walked over to his mask, and picked it up. He put it on slowly, and turned in our direction, pointing his finger. “Seek and destroy…” He muttered, as his men charged after us. “I already radioed in for help!” said the mystery man, as we made a sharp right into one of the hallways. Suddenly under the pressure, it seemed like I memorized the entire blueprint, as we confidently ran through the facility in complete darkness.

Right next to us, the wall crashed open, as a Rhydon cut us off from our path! “They’ve found us!” I declared, “Not for long!” Psyche cried out, “Gengar, use Haze!” Gengar leapt out of Psyche’s shadow once more, and it held its arms out, materializing a thick fog with its ghastly powers! A couple of syndicate thugs came through the opening that Ryhdon made, “What the hell!” one of them said franticly, “I can’t see shit!” A couple of THUMPS and THUDS could be heard as Psyche and the Mystery man made light work of the thugs. Rhydon turned around to try and help its masters, but Toxicroak jumped in front of it, and used yet another powerful Drain Punch; aiming it straight for Rhydon’s face. Rhydon keeled over, and collapsed onto the ground, and it laid their motionless. “Let’s Move!” said Psyche, pulling me by my arm. “Right!” I responded. We had no choice but to escape, the sheer numbers of the Syndicate members would overwhelm us if we stood still.

After a few more close encounters, we finally managed to reach the front entrance. “There it is! We get out, and wait for back-up!” said Psyche. We were still following the stray Syndicate thug. Why is he helping us? I thought to myself. Right before we reached the door, a huge crash could be heard from overhead. The ceiling right above me was about to cave in! “Get BACK!” Psyche bellowed, as he tackled me. We both skidded across the ground. KRABOOM! CRACK! Rhyperior crashed through the ceiling, and landed on the ground with such an incredible force, the entire facility shook. The three of us stared down this rampant Rhyperior, as Weisler dropped down from above. “Thanks to you, months of research and planning have been wasted. We now have to destroy everything to make sure our plans don’t become unveiled…” Weisler eerily walked toward us. “That means I need to kill you three…and burn your bodies down with this building…but before I do that…hand over the drive!” Weisler yelled at Psyche.

Psyche quickly grabbed his flash drive out of his pocket, “You want the drive? Then let us walk!” he declared. Weisler chuckled, “You don’t get to negotiate!” he said darkly. Psyche smiled, “Yea? That’s too bad! We might have been able to get you a lesser sentence!” he said with a grin. Right then huge lights bled threw the glass doors, “THIS IS THE INTERNATIONAL POLICE! THE BUILDING IS SURROUNDED, AND YOUR MEN HAVE BEEN APPREHENDED, COME OUT NOW, WITH YOUR HANDS UP!” bellowed an officer over a microphone. I released Garchomp from his pokeball again, “Well then, Weisler, let’s cut to the chase. We can do this the easy way…or the hard way…The choice is yours” I said with a stern look on my face. Before this mission started, I was told not to attempt to battle any of the Syndicate goons. My style of battle causes too much ruckus and would reveal our location too easily. But now that our cover has been blown, and there is nothing to lose, I can finally go all out without holding back.

Garchomp and I bravely started advancing on Weisler. However, he started laughing, a high pitched laugh. “HAHA! I’ll admit I didn’t expect there to be a mole from within our ranks…but this is only a minor setback for Syndicate, at best!!” Weisler pointed his hand at the door, and Rhyperior used its Rock blast attack to blast open a gaping hole, BOOM! Wind rushed in from the outside, largely due to the helicopters flying overhead. The lights grew even brighter than before! Weisler returned Rhyperior to its pokeball, and he charged after us. Psyche and the masked man attempted to engage him, but he chopped the man in his throat, and kicked him into the wall. He grabbed Psyche, and hemmed him up by the collar. He slammed Psyche into the ground, knocking the wind out of his chest, “Guh!” Psyche yelped in pain, as he dropped the disk.

“Dammit!” said to myself, as I charged for the flash drive, “Garchomp! Stone Edge!” I called out. Garchomp charged after Weisler, to try and stop him from getting to me, but as quickly as I gave the order, he moved out of the way. He quickly retaliated by releasing a Crobat from its ball, “Toxic!” he called out. It sprayed a thick purple liquid at Garchomp. It yelped and fell backwards, completely stunned by Crobat’s Attack! I grabbed the disk in the opportunity I had, but Weisler got to me too fast. He kicked me in the chest and I fell over. He leaned over me and grabbed my shirt. “You wated to fight BOY?!” he growled, as he decked me twice. I nearly passed out, how can such a little guy hit so damn hard?! I thought to myself. He hit me one more time before ripping the flash drive out of my hand. “Crobat…Kill-“ he began, but troopers finally began to storm the building. “Hmph…” he said, staring down at me. Weisler jumped up, and Crobat scooped him up. He flew over the trooper’s heads with blinding speed, and flew off into the night. He reached into his pocket, and grabbed a small device. “Die namelessly…” he whispered as he pushed the button.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM BOOM! Large scale explosions could be heard from deep within the facility. I staggered to my feet slowly, making my way over to Psyche and the masked man to help ‘em out when suddenly, BOOM! An explosion from right next to me knocked me into a nearby wall. My vision was blurred, and I could barely see around me. Garchomp, still hurting from Crobat’s poison, ran to my aid. “Get Psyche…” I said, but to my shock, the masked man was already helping Psyche walk, with Psyche’s arm over his shoulder. “Let’s go…” he said as I blacked out in Garchomp’s arms...

A few hours later…

I slowly opened my eyes again….the room I was in was bright. Psyche, Falkner, and the masked man were all standing in my room, conversing about the events at the Valley Wind Works,and the damage to that facility. I slowly rose up in my bed. “Gawdammit!” I growled. My ribs felt like they were on fire, and my face was in some incredible pain…”Easy there man…” Psyche said to me calmly. “What happened? Did we get Weisler?” I asked them. Psyche shook his head, “Not only that, but we also failed to get the drive as well…” he said. I clenched my fists. “DAMMIT! We were so close…if I wasn’t so hesitant! If I could have at least-!” I began, but I started coughing, and I could taste blood. “Relax, you were right next to a bomb when it went off…” said the masked man. I grimaced from the pain a little, but I looked at the masked man, “Who the hell are you?” I said sternly. “Oh I do still have the uniform on, I forgot” said the man in a light-hearted tone. The man took off his shoes, revealing them to be stilts! When he removed his mask, it was none other than, Looker! “I’m a master of disguise, and I work better on covert missions. You guys accidently tripped an alarm when you opened the computer room. Rookie mistake, you shouldn’t have run in so carelessly!” he said. Psyche and I both nodded, “Well I guess it was all a waste then…” I said sadly, but Psyche walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Not exactly, I know the next place they plan to hit, and we gained some serious leads as to what they are after, we need to find Soul and Spirit, they need to know everything! But for now, recover your strength, we have time before Syndicate can make their big move!” he said reassuringly. I nodded, and I went to lie back down. The guys started to leave my room, “When you get better, we will be undergoing a new training regime with Looker and his mentor, Black-Two, so prepare yourself,“ Psyche said, as he turned my light off and closed the door behind him. I looked around for my pokeballs, but couldn’t find them. Must be at the center…I’ll check up on them in the morning…I thought. I stared at the ceiling as I thought about Weisler, and his calm and unsettling blood lust. He thinks I’m weak, huh? Next time we meet, I’ll show him real Power! I yawned loudly, and drifted off to sleep.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 16
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