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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 18

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 18   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 18 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:14 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

As we walked on, the storm picked up around us. Flurries furiously fell from above, so I adjusted my ear muffs, and flipped my hood up. Gold walked on ahead of me, with his hands resting on the back of his head. I glanced down at heracross, whom I have named Titan, who was sleeping soundly from within his pokeball. I sneered slightly, and turned my head to look at Emperor. He looked unsatisfied, as if he were missing a piece of information. I nodded to him, and he nodded back at me. I fixed my eyes on Gold, who began whistling a tune. Heracross was powerful, no doubt about it. However…to give the legendary Gold, one of the original 9 pokedex holders, and the Poke-Athlon Champion, a run for his money? I was not convinced that he had showed me everything…

I ran up to Gold, and roughly pulled his shoulder back. He spun around, "Wha-!?" he stammered, but I swung a hard left, aiming for his face. Gold's expression went from confusion to immediate frustration, as he swayed out of the way of my fist. He jumped back to get some space, but since I was taller than he was, I stepped forward, easily closing the gap. I threw another punch with my right arm this time, giving him little time to dodge. He responded by spinning to his left, grabbing my arm, and pushing me backwards in the process. I lost my balance and fell, but I caught myself by slamming my left hand into the cold snow covered ground. Using my hand and arm as a pivot, I swung my legs swiftly, attempting to roundhouse kick him. His reaction time was on point, as he quickly jumped into the air to avoid my attack.

"Hmph…" I grunted, as I brought myself to a crouching position, putting all my strength into my legs. I leaped up and tackled Gold midair. "Guh!" Gold grunted as my shoulder made impact with his gut, digging deep and knocking the wind out of him. I pushed my entire wait into him, attempting to slam Gold into the hard, cold ground. Somehow, before we made impact with the floor, Gold recuperated from the shock, and swung out his pool cue from off his back, slamming it into the ground to stop himself from falling. He used my force against me, standing up, and throwing me over his head. I flipped over, and landed on my feet. I slid backwards uncontrollably, kicking up a large cloud of snow around me. I sneered at Gold briefly, as I regained my balance and dashed forward. Gold swung his pool cue at me, but I narrowly dodged it by ducking, and I advanced in. With excellent composure, discipline, and skill, Gold used the cue's swinging momentum to spin it around in his hand, twirling it like a baton in a 360 degree spinning motion. He grabbed the cue firmly, and shoved the stick forward this time, trying to jab me in the chest.

I dropped to my knees immediately, sliding along the snow as I leaned all the way back. The cue went over me, swinging at nothing but air. I knocked the cue out of the way with my left hand, and then stood up quickly, swinging a right fist, aiming for Gold's jugular this time. Gold quickly pulled in his cue as I stood up, and he used the thicker end of the cue to effortlessly brush my fist aside. He then lifted his cue up into the air, and swung it diagonally downward, trying to knock me off balance again. I was ready however; I knew he'd swing the cue that way, so I leaned over to the right to dodge his attack, leaving him wide open! As his arms rose, I swung my left elbow with tremendous force, but he was able to defend against my attack by blocking with his right hand. I dropped my left arm, and shot out a right hook for his rib, but Gold was able to block again, this time with his cue.

We stared each other down for a few minutes, glaring into each other's very soul. I dropped my fists, and fixed up my ear muffs and my sweater. "What the hell was that about?" he growled. I looked at him again, "Why don't you tell me?" I responded. Gold looked confused, not fully understanding my question. I sighed, "A great trainer knows…that in order to make his pokemon truly powerful…you must train your own body as well, to completely make your minds and soul in sync. A pokemon that trains with its trainer becomes infinitely more powerful that way. So, REAL trainers condition their bodies too, in order to keep up and fight alongside our pokemon." I said. Gold finally eased his guard, and put his pool cue into its bag and onto his back, "What's your point?" he asked sternly. "Your condition is flawless. Your moves, response time, attack pattern. You are in extremely good shape…" I said analytically. Gold snickered, rubbing his nose, "Weeell~, you know, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I am pretty awesome! Heh heh!" he chuckled, however, I didn't laugh with him. "Now I will ask again…What the hell was with that performance?" I growled. Gold stopped laughing and looked back at me with a smile, "I get it now, you're talking about my battle with Heracross?" he said.

I nodded in agreement. "Well, when the professor and I arrived, we were studying the ancient temples, where regigigas once rested; we met the Snowpoint City Gym leader, Candice, there. She was our guide pretty much, showing us around and helping us with our studies. I was honestly just loafing around from pure boredom, so Candice told me about one of her recent adventures. She spoke of a pokemon that she rescued from some crazy organization named Syndicate, and how it almost ran through all her subordinates with ease. Apparently, even after Candice and her subordinates defeated all the grunts and chased them away from lake Acuity, one pokemon remained by itself. It was brimming with power, and refused to leave the battle ground until the fight was over. One of her subordinates decided to chase it away, but she was swiftly taken out. The rest of her subordinates challenged it, and they were also getting their butts whooped, even while it was 3 on 1"

"Candice saw this pokemon's true nature; and figured out the Heracross' ability was moxie. It was full of lust for power, and pure rage, as if it were subject to some serious trauma. She stepped into the battle, calling off her subordinates, and gave the heracross an ultimatum, kinda like how you did. "Join me and get some help, or live out here on your own" she said. The pokemon shrugged her off, uninterested, and fled the scene. Sightings of the pokemon training and fighting random trainers spread throughout the city, and it became a bit of a local legend!" Gold finally ended. I nodded, "And of course, this pokemon we are talking about, must be about this same heracross?" I asked. Gold nodded with a smile, "Yeap! Candice warned me that it was pretty strong, but being who I am, I decided I only needed 3 pokeballs to catch it!" he said confidently.

"When Explotaro and I finally found it, we challenged it right away. Being the great trainer that I am, I couldn't just go all out on the little guy. We were actually smacking him around quite a bit, and I eventually threw my first pokeball. I was shocked I didn't catch it, even after hitting its critical capture spot, on its horn, with my cue skills. We battled for even longer after that, and I eventually ate threw another pokeball. But, as far as that battle goes? I was never fighting it at full power. I will admit, I greatly underestimated Heracross and its ability, but I still couldn't warrant Explotaro to go all out in that battle…" he said darkly, "I wanted a fun challenge, not to mercilessly incinerate my opponent…" he finished.

"Hmph…that's not what it looked like when I started watching…that heracross landed multiple hits, and was even ready to completely put Explotaro down." I said snidely. Gold looked at me, with a smirk, "You know, I analyzed your skill during our fight too. You're good, smart even. You planned out your moves very well, even forced me into a couple of corners. But there is something that you clearly lack: experience. You haven't fought the pokemon I have, and you haven't trained with a fellow champion, at a serious level, and on your own in an abandoned mountain for as long as I have." Gold clenched his fists, and looked at me coldly, although, he was still grinning, "What I mean to say is, you are decades before yourself thinking you can pick a fight with me, and win…" he finished.

My eye twitched, and Emperor stepped forward, ready to pick a fight. I held my hand out stopping Emperor from advancing, "Now isn't the time for battle…We need to get Titan to the pokemon center..." I said coldly. A violent breeze passed us by and the snow was coming down even harder, but Gold and I didn't budge an inch, eyes locked on each other's. "Heh…you're pretty fun…we should play a little…it'd be a good lesson for you!" Gold said, turning around and walking onward, placing his hands on his head. I looked back at Emperor. "What do you think…?" I asked him. Emperor nodded firmly, "There is no doubt in my mind…that young man before us…is incredibly powerful. It is unreal…If his own physique is at that level…what does that say about his pokemon?" Emperor said. I nodded, "And if that's the case…that Double Team combination that we were in awe of, is just a cheap trick to him…" I said, looking at Gold. I let out a sigh, and followed Gold once more, as we trekked on to the city.

-A Few hours later, in SnowPoint City Pokemon Center-

Gold and I walked through the electronic sliding doors, and made our way to the front desk. The center was filled with people and pokemon, all socializing amongst themselves happily in a warm environment. Out of the corner of my eye, I could even see a couple in the back tongue wrestling like no tomorrow. "Hello! How are you today?" asked the nurse from behind the desk. I placed Titan, Huntress, and Nightwing's pokeballs onto the table, "Just need a recovery…" I muttered. The nurse happily nodded and took out a tray from underneath the desk, and placed the pokeballs on it. "Your pokemon will be ready in about an hour! So please, wait in our lobby, or comeback later to pick them up!" she said with a smile. Gold sneezed, and rubbed his nose, "Geez…I can already hear the professor complaining! Come on…" he said in an unenthusiastic tone, leading the way. I bowed my head to the nurse, and followed him.

We took a flight of stairs to the basement level, and entered what seemed to be a huge under level library. "…woah" I said in amazement. "That's what I said, when we first got here!" Gold said with a huge grin. We walked further into the library, passing by huge bookshelf after bookshelf. The lights were dim, but not too low. The library had a very comfortable and relaxing aura, and people were scattered across the library reading, studying, and looking for books. We approached a large brown door in the back of the library, and Gold led me inside. When we got in, I quickly observed the room. There was a fire place directly in front of us, burning with bright embers of flames, revealing the bookshelves filled with books along the walls. Around the fire were two big brown chairs, and in those chairs was an older man and Candice, the Snowpoint Gym Leader.

Sitting around them was Sharah, Mikail and Spirit, as well as another boy who was dressed in red, and wore a red and white cap backwards with jet black messy hair. Spirit and I locked eyes, and she smiled greatly, as she got up and ran right at me. "Soul, you've been gone for so long in the snow storm! I became worried!" she cried, but she quickly let go and hit me on my head with her fist. "Ow! What the hell?!" I growled at her. "Hmph! You ditched me you bastard!" she said angrily, as she reclaimed her seat. "Well, well! I've heard so much about you young man!" said the older man, "Soul, was it? My name is ! Your step-father and I go way back! He is a very bright man and had many great breakthroughs in his evolution research!" he said beaming at me.

I reached into my pocket, and grabbed the e.m.p microchip. "Here…" I said coolly, as I tossed the device to Prof. Oak. He caught the device, and looked at it, studying its every crevice patiently. "Hm…This device…it seems it may be salvageable, but the pulse it emits will still be too powerful and can still be weaponized…However, if I can look into it more…maybe I can find a way to save it" He said solemnly. I winced at his words, "You intended to keep this device around? I figured I was bringing this to you so we can destroy it!" I cried out angrily. Gold and the other boy stood up, "Hey! That's our mentor! Relax!" said the boy in a warning tone. I shrugged him off, "Why on earth would we want a device around that can wipe out entire cities!?" I said angrily. Spirit pulled on my sleeve, trying to calm me down, but I pulled my hand away from her as well.

Prof. Oak sighed, "The truth is…we never intended to destroy this chip." He said firmly. The room fell silent, as anger fell upon me. All I can see, was that burning building, with people crying, and my father being unable to make it out…"They said that device can be amplified and used to fire off e.m.p. waves that can literally de-materialize anything within its radius…And YOU'RE telling me, that we do not intend to destroy it?" I said again. "This device can give millions of people jobs! It can continue, and fund, research in fields of the world never seen before, and allow us to have a better understanding of modern technology, and be the blueprint for plans of the future!" argued. "That doesn't condone the risk of this device falling into the wrong hands, and that it may cost the same millions of lives we tried to employ!" I argued right back. Candice raised her hand, silencing and myself. "Soul, that simply isn't your call to make. The device was created to do a job, it was never intended to be a weapon, and therefore it should not be treated as such. Right now, the professor is here to see if he can tone down, or complete shutdown, any threats this device brings about. So how about we all step out, and let the professor do his job." She said with a smile, "Soul, I know you'd like a gym battle? So how about that?" she asked.

I shook my head, "My pokemon are at the center, so that is impossible at the moment." I said, knowing I only had hellfire and Emperor with me at the moment. I turned my attention to gold, "How about a battle with you then…?" I asked Gold. Gold grinned, "Those are words I love to hear!" he said, clenching his fist. The boy looked at me, then back at Gold, "No fair! You had all the fun looking for that heracross! I was stuck here doing boring stuff!" he complained. Sharah and Mikail stood up, and started heading out. Spirit turned to them, "Where are you guys going?" she asked. Sharah shrugged, "Mikail has some stuff to pick up from the port, so we can bring it over to his gym. Apparently, there's some new and improved equipment there waiting for him" she grunted. Mikail nodded, "Yea! A lot of people have anticipated the arrival of our new equipment! People are coming from all over just to work out at my gym! I even have deals and plans to make new gym sites worldwide!" he said happily, and they headed out on that note.

Candice stood up out of her chair, "I'll head to my gym then, I have a few things to check up on as well" she said, and she followed suit. Prof. Oak looked at the boy and Gold, "I'm glad you all want to improve your skills as trainers, but you certainly can't do it here! I need time alone to study this device anyway, so time for you all to leave!" said, as he began pushing the boy, Gold, Spirit, and I out. "You two stay out of trouble! Come back over here when you're done fooling around!" he exclaimed, shutting the door behind us. He then re-opened the door, "And Gold! You better not try to use your bike again in the center! I will know!" he said, and he closed the door once more. Gold stretched his arms upward, "Welp, I have an idea on where to go! It'll be the perfect spot for our battle!" he said happily, as he led us out of the library.

We trekked back out into the snowstorm, headed to Lake Acuity, as both Gold and his friend walked ahead of Spirit and I, happily conversing amongst themselves. Spirit walked closely beside me, and Emperor followed us. Spirit leaned over and whispered something to me, "You do know who these guys are right?" she asked. I nodded, "The legendary pokedex holder and Poke-Athlon Champion, Gold. So, if that's Gold, then he must be another legendary pokedex holder, Red." I said as I stared at Red's back. "So you know they aren't just any ordinary pushover's right?" she said. I nodded solemnly, as we walked through the entrance to the lake.

Gold took in a deep breath, "THIS! This will be an excellent memory for our comrades! To battles in the ice cold beauty of one of Sinnoh's three great lakes!" he exclaimed. Red scratched his head, "Hey Spirit, you have a pokemon, right?" he asked. Spirit nodded to answer his question, "Then we should have a double battle!" Red exclaimed, tapping the palm of his hand with his fist. Spirit looked at me, "Uh…?" she stammered. I looked back at her, and she was standing there waiting for my approval. Spirit began to blush, "Well!?" she said anxiously. "Hmph…I don't care, Just stay out my way…" I said in a nonchalant tone. Spirit's face lit up with excitement, as she squealed with joy, "Yes! Then let's have a double battle!" she said, letting Flora out of her pokeball. With a puff of smoke, Flora twirled elegantly onto the snowy field. Emperor stepped forward to battle, but I held out my arm. "No, not you…" I said to him. I took Hellfire's pokeball out, and released her. She erupted out of her pokeball with a burst of flame, growling as she landed onto the ground.

Gold and Red looked at each other and bumped their fists "We got this!" Gold said, "Yea piece of cake!" Red replied. Gold threw out one of his pokeballs, and a Politoed came out with a puff of smoke, and took to the field. Red grabbed a pokeball of his own, and then another ball, and then another ball. He had a puzzled look on his face, almost like he was having a tough time choosing his pokemon. "C'mon man! We don't have all night!" Gold exclaimed in a rushed tone. "Hey! I don't know who to choose! haha! Give me a break!" he said waving his hands back and forth in protest. "Just use charizard!" Gold said, "Blue took him back already!" Red responded. "Well how about Blastoise?" Gold said again, "Green took him back too!" Red protested. "AWW! C'mon just choose one!" Gold said with a face palm. "Ok ok! I'll go with Vee!" Red said finally, as he released his own pokeball. With a puff of smoke, an Espeon appeared, and stood by, ready to battle. "Any rules for our battle?" Spirit asked, as her eyes began to glow. "Yeah…win" I said coldly. Spirit pouted, "We are up against two champions! Don't make it sound so easy!" she whined. Gold shrugged his shoulders, in a cocky gesture, "Well, you guys should get the first move, we'll try not to destroy you TOO bad!" he said in an uppity tone.

"Fine by me…Hellfire, Close the gap between you and Espeon with Pursuit!" I demanded. Hellfire charged forward, and seamlessly warped forward at Espeon, about to attack. But Politoed stepped infront of Hellfire, taking the brunt force of our attack effortlessly. "Politaro is trained in defensive strength and vitality! Week physical moves like that mean nothing! But you're within range! Water Gun!" Gold responded. Politaro opened its mouth to blast Hellfir, but Flora quickly yanked Hellfire out of the way, and took the water blast. Roserade also appeared unharmed, "The same here! No water attack can peirce Flora!" spirit said confidently. Politoed leaped high up into the air, revealing that Vee was behind him the whole time! "Psychic now!" Red called out, as a psychic wave blasted Flora backwards.

Flora bounced on the ground toward Spirit, and Hellfire was finally regaining its compsure, "We're looking sloppy…"I said to myself, time to get serious! "Spirit! It's time to plot!" I called out to her. Spirit nodded, "Roserade, Get on Hellfire's back!" she ordered. Hellfire ran up next to Flora, allowing her to mount. Politaro suddenly fell in from above us, aiming for Roserade! Hellfire was able to narrowly move to the saide, but Vee was a step ahead of us again! "Vee! Baton pass!" Red called out. Vee began to glow as Politaro and Vee switched places! "Politaro! Water Gun!" Gold called out.

"Now!" I said, "Flora! Jump off of Hellfire and use Leech Seed!" Spirit called out. Flora leaped forward with tremendous speed, and fired off three seeds at Politaro! But suddenly, Politaro began to glow, and Vee switched places with yet Politaro again! The seeds appeared to bounce right off of Vee, and were redirected at Flora! "What!?" Spirit called out in shock. Damn these guys are good! I thought, as I turned my attention to Hellfire, "Hellfire, use Pursuit!" I called out to her. "I'm on it!" Helfire growled, as she used her speed to charge toward Flora. "Psychic, Go!" Red exclaimed. Flora was about to take another Psychic attack to the face, but Hellfire was able to get in front of her in time to neutralize the attack. "Good response! But there is more than one attack!" Gold exclaimed. Flora turned around, and leaped out of the way of Politaro's Bounce attack! Narrowly escaping damage once again! The impact on the ground created a mini tremor, which knocked Hellfire off balance.

"Flora, use Giga Drain!" Spirit called out almost immediately. Flora shot out a red beam, aiming for Politaro, stopping it from attacking Hellfire. But once again, a white flash occurred and Politaro swapped places with Vee! "Great work Vee, now use Light Screen!" Red called out. The beam hit Vee, but a protective barrier formed over it, protecting it from major damage. Several green orbs retracted from Vee's energy, and went back to Flora to replenish some of its health. "Pursuit! Go!" I called out. Vee was wide open, unable to guard from my attack, but another flash revealed that politer was there instead! "Hmph! Too predictable!" I called out. Red and Gold couldn't foresee our trap! Hellfire leaped over Politaro, and Flora charged forward, "Now, Leech seed!" Spirit called out triumphantly.

Flora shot out some seeds at the bewildered Politaro, unable to get away in time! Politaro was wrapped up in seedlings, and began to get drained of its energy. I focused my sight on Red, "Now then! Where were we?" I grinned darkly. Red was quick to the uptake, unyielding in strength. "Vee! Use baton pass again!" he called out. Flora was still right next to Politaro! "Politaro! Use Hypnossis!" Gold cried out. Right before the switch, Politaro shot out a beam ray at Flora! She quickly fell asleep, and fell to the ground. The flash occurred, and Vee was right next to Flora! "Flora come on, Get up!" Spirit Cried out, but the move was too fast for Natural Cure to take an effect. Vee blasted Flora with another Psychic attack, and sent it flying into Hellfire, knocking them both over!"

"Their speed is incredible! It's like they've been partners for years!" Spirit said in amazement. I nodded in agreement, "Yea you're right, but this battle is Far from OVER!" I said to Spirit.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 18
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