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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 17

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 17   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 17 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:04 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

Undisclosed Location…

Greiger and Weisler stood in a dark office, preparing to have a meeting with their leader. The only light inside this room came from a giant monitor in front of them, which revealed a large desk and a giant, black, leather chair behind it. They were uneasy, as their last couple of missions ended in complete failure. The monitor was showing different videos of their recent progress and missions; which was constantly reviewing their weak points, and flawed strategy. The screen also showed the top tier threats to Syndicate, and its black market industry in a separate window in the top right portion of the screen. The door behind them opened up, and the hallway light bled into the room. The door soon closed behind them, and a man slowly approached the desk in front of the monitor. He pulled the chair back, and sat in it, facing Weisler and Greiger.

Greiger and Weisler stood firmly, as to not break formation. They were terrified of their boss, and it was made painfully obvious by the heavy atmosphere in the room. A fear so strong, it could be felt from them even while they hid behind their masks. The mysterious man wore a golden, full-headed mask, also wearing a golden and black Syndicate uniform underneath a massive brown, torn up, coat. "Status report on the weapons…" He asked calmly. Weisler stepped forward. "The Valley Wind Works operation proved useful…we were able to gather a tremendous amount of energy from the facility. However, much more energy is required to power the weapon development machine…" Weisler began.

The man turned his focus to Weisler. Weisler's eyes met with the masked man's, and he began to tremble. "The…the liberation of the VWW was halted do to the interference of PEACE operatives, and an unknown rogue Syndicate member…who recently joined our ranks as one of our operatives. This operative's equipment and pokemon have also gone missing since then…" Weisler stammered through gritted teeth. The man swiftly grabbed Weisler by his collar, and smashed his face onto the desk. Weisler's mask cracked across the face plate, and he rolled on the floor in pain, "AH!" he cried out. The man was suddenly standing over Weisler, and he kicked him on the ground.

"HOW THE HELL DOES PEACE OPERATIVES INTERFERE WITH SYNDICATE NETWORKING?!" he bellowed. Weisler coughed and wheezed on the ground, slowly attempting to rise to his knees. "I don't know s-" Weisler began, but the masked man kicked Weisler in the ribs with extreme force. The man then turned around, grabbing Greiger by his head, and pushed him to the nearest wall, and smashing his head into it and twisting his arm in the process. "IT WAS YOUR FAULT! The operation to store our weapons in that cave got us EXPOSED to the general public! Of course PEACE HAS to respond, this large of a operation would never go unnoticed, especially after that explosion YOU couldn't stop!" he growled.

He picked Greiger up and threw him into the desk. "Gruh!" Greiger cried in pain, as he collided into the desk, knocking it over. "You both are worthless…how does an elite espionage unit get its cover blown on so many occasions, AND to be defeated by a couple of random children and a single rogue? You are failures…Is the weapon development machine already constructed at least?" the man demanded harshly, as he reclaimed his seat. Weisler and Greiger slowly stood up. The man glared at Greiger. Greiger saw him, and quickly picked up the desk, and repositioned it back to the way it was. "The machine be built, commander…" stammered Greiger, "It be up ter maximum capacity. Me men and I are done with ther preparations…we just be waiting fer da energy to start building…" he finished.

The masked man nodded and turned his vision to Weisler. Weisler jumped slightly as he looked back at him. "WELL?!" the masked man snarled. "Yes…the energy…we have a plan to acquire the remaining energy needed. The PEACE operative called "Psyche" uncovered our "last resort" plan…however this can be an advantage for Syndicate!" Weisler said in a darkened voice, "I will use the time they take to create counter measures against us, to prepare a counter measure of our own. It will take some time before we have the strength and numbers to pull this heist off, but I know the perfect way to get it started, while also gathering the emp pulse chip Cynthia stole from us!" He laughed maniacally. Weisler began to grin underneath his mask, "We will take the PEACE base under complete control…and use their resources to stockpile the remaining energy needed for our device!"

The masked man appeared to be pleased. "That useless headquarters will be its own downfall, and will be the rise of the underground Syndicate Empire…we will rule the underground market, and become rich as the world destroys itself!" he said in a triumphant voice. "What is the time frame you need?" he asked. Weisler and Greiger looked at each other hesitantly, "We need 'bout 3 weeks, sir…" Grieger responded. The masked man slammed his hand onto the desk in anger. Weisler and Greiger jumped in shock, "I WILL NOT…" began the man, getting up out of his seat in anger. He paused, clearing his throat and sitting back down. "That time frame is too long…Get it done within no more than two weeks…Dismissed…" The masked man said coldly. Greiger and Weisler nodded, and saluted. They quickly left to get started on their new plans.

After they left the office, the masked man spun around in his chair to view the monitor. He waved his hand, activating the monitor and maximizing the size of the top tier threats window. He glared at Soul's, and his comrade's, information; in regards to personal profiles, used pokemon, known techniques and moves. "They seek to stop me…Cynthia, her elite four, the International police…and this hooded child, Soul…but everything and anyone that stands in my way will realize my cold, iron fist…" He said darkly.

1 week and a few days later, back with Soul…(inb4 flash back, sorry it had to happen)

The past week served my journey well. My team and I have gotten stronger, smarter and faster. We have become more unified since we first started out, to the point my newly acquired Houndoom, named Helfire, can now communicate with me. It hasn't been easy; we continued our gym league challenge, only seeking the strongest leaders in Sinnoh. We eventually made it to Hearthome city, where Spirit and I trained together before I took on Fantina. Fantina and I fought a large scale battle, taking everything I had and more to beat her in a doubles match. Emperor and Helfire were able to take on her Dusclops and Gengar combination effectively, but the ghastly duo had such incredible defensive and offensive synergy. The final move came down to a well-timed sucker punch, and well planned stalling to wear down Dusclops with toxic.

Spirit and I enjoyed some time in Hearthome city afterwards, as we walked through a nice park with our pokemon, meeting many trainers and mingling with them and their pokemon. Spirit enjoyed herself, but I was completely impartial to any of that. She later convinced me to join a pokemon contest with her, saying if either of us win, we can always split the pot, and that'd it be "super fun". I looked at the prize pool for $2000 and didn't need any more convincing, so we quickly entered. She has amazing coordination skills, and easily breezed through the first round with Flora (Roserade now), showing off her moves majestically. My performance wasn't so majestic like theirs, but I won my rounds by demonstrating Nightwing's (Gliscor) amazing power, combining his ice fang with earthquake to simulate glaciers erupting out of the ground. We battled each other in the finals, and knowing that she only had Flora, I was tempted to use Helfire. Instead, I chose Huntress (sableye) to create an entertaining match for the crowd to watch. We grinded out the game, in which Flora came out on top; The fans were so pleased with our match, that they voted for our fight to be aired on national television. As planned, we split the winnings, and sent most of the money to The Little Rock Orphanage, to her mom and step-siblings.

After our time in Hearthome, it was back to business for me. We traveled to Pastoria City, the known "marshlands" of the region. There, I challenged Crasher Wake, and his wrestling-water styled Gym. Emperor and I were able to beat him easily, as I got the burn on his Quagsire, diminishing its attack power and devastating earthquake attacks. His pokemon all weren't able to completely harm Emperor, but he certainly didn't make it easy for us. The battle lasted a long while, and was sort of like a grind game, but by using scald, and baiting out the burns and toxic damage with roar, I got the victory; winning 3-0. Crasher acknowledged my win with a big smile, giving me praise for Emperor's impressive defensive and offensive capabilities. He admitted he is very used to the wrestling style of battle, and is a bit weak to keep away strategy, however he said that I'm the first person who has been able to stall him out and actually beat him since Platinum, a legendary pokedex holder, took him down.

There wasn't much for us to do after that in Pastoria, as I was uninterested in catching weakling pokemon from the safari zone. I only prefer perfection in my teams, so we left, hitching a ride from Sharah and Mikail. We headed to Canalave city together via ship, one owned by Mikail, since he travels often to pick up new equipment for his Training Gym from other regions. We met up with Psyche, Heart and Core there, and they briefed us about what happened at the valley wind works. They told Spirit and me all about their findings on the database, but they still were not 100% sure about Syndicate's next move, or when everything's going down. Syndicate has apparently been looking for people like Hope (Spirit's mom) and Spirit for some unknown reason, leaving no trace or evidence as to why. Spirit didn't look surprised, in fact she was a little sad, saying that she's prepared for the future…whatever that means. Apparently, the computer reported that Spirit and her family members have special "powers", but Syndicate was unclear of what those powers were exactly.

Spirit didn't go into detail about it either, entirely avoiding the subject by asking about PEACE and what they know. Heart assured us that the operation and its results were strictly confidential, and only the International Police and the three of them knew anything about this operation. Spirit was relieved with the info, and they left us, telling us to stay alert for anything. Psyche pulled me to the side, saying that pursuing the badges and being put on t.v. all the time is risky and I should postpone my endeavor to become league champion. But I ignored him, refusing his warning as I have my own personal goals, saying "I've come too far, and worked too hard to be backed down by some Syndicate Scum." Psyche warned me to be careful, and they left us with that.

Later that day, I signed up for a televised bout with Canalave City's leader, Byron. I signed up for the t.v. event to make a bold statement. I remembered Grieger, and how dangerous he can be, but my mind and soul refused to be backed into hiding out of fear. My battle with Byron was literally a stalemate the whole game. His two Bronzong were able to flip the defensive rolls right back on me, each packing a punch with Payback and Extrasensory while stalling me out with a Protect and Toxic of their own. Helfire attempted to make heavy dents into his first Bronzong, but Byron was able to lock me down with poison, and stalled us out until Helfire fainted from it. But to our surprise, one of the stray fire blasts that hit his First Bronzong burned it, and it also fainted, unable to survive the stall war. I then sent out Nightwing to contend with his second Bronzong, but this battle came down to Ice Fang vs. Payback, which ended in my inevitable defeat.

Realizing the battle was close to ending with my defeat, I was forced to make a painful choice. Expecting another Bronzong, I sent in Huntress to stall it out with taunt, swagger and foul play. However, to my surprise, he sent out a Bastiodon instead! I attempted to taunt his Bastiodon, but it had an ace in the hole, Magic Coat! Reflecting the taunt back at Huntress, crippled our fighting ability severely and leaving us at the mercy of his Toxic attack. His flaw ironically was inflicting toxic on us in the first place. As soon as taunt's restraints ran out, I was able to flip the status-stall tactic back at him, with a will-o-wisp of my own! Not realizing that I was already afflicted with a status, he attempted to magic coat again, to bounce will-o-wisp back, but the move failed! Then the battle became a stall war yet again, as I had Huntress attack with Foul Play, and use recover to outlast his Bastiodon.

The battle ended with me being victorious, as expected. Byron awarded me his badge, also acknowledging his first defeat in years, previously losing only to Platinum as well. He asked me how long I have been on my journey so far. I told him about 45 days, and that I planned to beat the record time of defeating the league in 70 days, a world record set by Platinum herself. He laughed, and told me Platinum received her first 6 badges in just 25 days, and I'm way behind. He did reassure me that the time can be met, and the next location for my league challenge should be Snowpoint City, to challenge Candice, the ice Gym Leader. I remembered my promise to Cynthia at that moment, which was to meet up with and his pupils in Snowpoint city. I told Spirit, Mikail and Sharah that our next objective is in the land of snow, and we resumed our journey, headed north.

\On a Lift headed to snowpoint city…

"Wow…it's like a winter paradise!" Spirit said, marveling the spectacle. People were playing with their pokemon in the snow, making snowmen, and having snowball fights. There were plenty of people snowboarding, doing all kinds of cool tricks, as many other couples gently cruised down the mountain in harmony. There was a bunch of Abomasnow and Snover playing with the younger kids, keeping them out of harm's way as well. "Soul! We should go play too~" Spirit said in her swooning voice. I shook my head, "I have a job to do…Deliver this device to Prof. Oak, and get my gym badge. That's all I care about…" I said coldly. Spirit grabbed my arm, and pulled me in close, squeezing my arm between her breasts. "OHH Souuul~ you don't want to play in the snow with me? If I get cold, we could hurry back to the inn to warm up~" she said seductively.

I began to blush slightly, but the scowl on my face remained unchanged. "I already told you…" I responded without hesitation. Spirit persisted in her protests. I glanced forward at the lift in front of us, witnessing Mikail and Sharah hugging tightly, firmly locked at the lips. I sighed, "Look…I get that this is a romantic scene and all but my objective is to get my Gym Badges and all I need right now is focus…" I said coldly, and I coolly jumped out of the lift. "Wait! SOUL!" Spirit called after me, but I simply ignored her. I fell for a couple of minutes, soaring toward the snow covered ground, thinking about my game plan for defeating Candice. I opened up Emperor's pokeball, and with a puff of smoke, he emerged. He immediately used his Ice Beam attack to create a ramp, spiraling toward the ground. He opened up his wings, allowing me to catch up to him as I rapidly fell, and I stepped onto his back. I rode down the ice spiral on Emperor's back, as if he were a giant snowboard.

After we safely landed, Emperor stood up and dusted himself off. "Well that was fun!" he said energetically. "hmph…"I grunted. I looked back up at Spirit, as she drifted off on the lift. She crossed her arms, clearly upset. "You are a bad boy friend" Emperor said with a smile. I shook my head, "Shut up…" I responded quickly, "My mission is to get my badges, and beat the league; all she ever does is slow me down…" I grunted. Emperor shook his head, "You have something many men would die for. A young, sexy and absolutely beautiful woman right in front of your face, BEGGING to be your beautiful baby boo" Emperor said. I thought for a few seconds, about all the things Spirit and I have done together…but the image of my parents came right into my head, like a reoccurring nightmare.

"I don't…I can't have a girlfriend right now. If I get emotionally attached I will lose my focus. My quest for power comes first. After I obtain that power, then the woman may follow, and only then…" I said angrily. Emperor grabbed my shoulder, "I am your best friend, and your closest partner, but I can't allow you to be burdened by your past. Soul, you were unable to save your parents before, but you are stronger now! You have the strength to protect your friends, and Spirit as well." He said to me. I nodded in agreement. "That may be, but right now I won't allow her to be my weakness. Not yet. A man's journey is laid before him. It is his choice to fight down that path, or be hindered by the obstacles that bind him, even if it is "love"" I said.

Emperor and I weren't too far off from the city, but it wasn't exactly close either. So we began our little venture up the mountain. We eventually walked into a forest, full of ever green trees coated in snow. It was the little forest that was located right outside the great Lake Acuity. Emperor and I didn't talk much, and the silence left me to my own thoughts. I started thinking about my journey so far, and how it has been full of hardships, and tough battles. I am grateful for all of the opponents I got to battle, and all the people I came in contact with, and of course I am grateful for the pokemon I have now. I turned to look at Emperor, who was steadily walking right behind me. He caught me staring at him, and turned his attention to me, "Sup?" he asked. I shook my head, "Nothing…" I replied, as I kept moving forward.

We ventured deeper and deeper into the forest, nearing Lake Acuity. "Soul…do you hear that…?" whispered Emperor. I focused my ears to listen, and I could hear what sounded like a battle nearby. I turned to Emperor, "Let's check it out…" I said. Emperor nodded, and we sprinted in the direction of the battle. When we got there, we saw a boy and his Typhlosion, locked in combat with an unknown enemy. "Explotaro, Double team!" he cried out. Explotaro dashed forward, making multiple images of it homing in on a single enemy. I turned to find the pokemon they attempted to engage. Before I could see who they were attacking, the boy made his moves, sliding on his goggles. "Blast burn! GO!" he said with a grin. The multiple images shot out searing hot flames from their mouths, all at once, causing a huge explosion. BOOM! A cloud of snow kicked up engulfing the entire area. The force of the attack was so intense, that the wind of the impact almost sent me flying. Emperor placed his wing on my back, holding me forward as the wind blew past. The snow quickly cleared, revealing a heracross in the center of the clones.

Such a fierce attack, and on a heracross? That's a bit overkill…I thought. The clones vanished, as the Explotaro stumbled on its feet. In an instant, the heracross appeared behind Explotaro, preparing for an attack. The boy and Explotaro wore shocked expressions on their faces, "Explotaro! Flame Wheel!" the boy cried out. Explotaro narrowly weaved out of heracross' attack, promptly responding with his explosive flame wheel. Heracross was hit square across the chest yet again, but instead of it taking damage, it began to shed and peel. I looked up, and saw heracross flying in from above, slamming its horn right into Explotaro .

Explotaro flew back, but rebalanced itself by doing a back flip. The second it landed, he charged right back at heracross, rolling into another Flame Wheel attack. Heracross was unable to stop this incoming attack, and was thrown into a nearby tree. The snow from the tree collapsed onto heracross with a loud thud. Emperor and I steadily watched, waiting for a reply. The boy and Explotaro carefully approached the heap of snow. It was quite for a few minutes, but suddenly the snow burst everyhere, as heracross charged right at Explotaro. The boy reacted quickly, pulling out a cue from his bag. He grabbed a pokeball from his waste, and used the cue to hit the pokeball. It ricochets off of a tree, hitting a nearby rock, and flew right at heracross' back, dead center and right before Explotaro got attacked by a close combat.

The ball burst open, encasing heracross into it. The ball landed on the floor, and it began to wiggle. The boy looked confident, believing he made the capture. He glanced over at Explotaro, who was severely drained of energy. It looked as tho they were battling this thing for hours, and I just caught the ending of their battle. "We almost got him…" the boy said to Explotaro, but perhaps too soon! The ball burst open, and Heracross was free from its grasp. It roared, banging on its chest, clearly proud of its power. "Shoot! That was my last ball…" The boy said. Explotaro bravely stood up, preparing to protect his trainer from the wild pokemon. Heracorss grinned crazily, lusting for more battle, and slowly approached the two.

Right before it could make a move, I motioned my head to Emperor. Emperor nodded, and shot out an ice beam, creating a path. He slid across it like a jet, and slammed his body into heracross, sending it flying into a pile of snow. I walked up to the boy, with a grim expression on my face. The boy laughed hesitantly, "Boy, great timing! That was my last pokeball! Explotaro and I been fighting this thing for over two hours! It still hasn't lost its steam…" the boy said, looking at heracross, who was getting back up. "Do you have any more pokemon?" I asked. The boy shook his head, "I only brought Explotaro with me, I decided to come out and do some training, but we came across that big guy over there, I decided to catch it, but apparently that's not easy to do…" the boy responded.

The boy looked at me, "The name's Gold, who are you?" he said with a grin. I nodded in his direction, "Soul…My name is Soul, and I will be taking this heracross…" I said coldly. The boy sighed, "Look, ya snooze you lose! I failed to catch it, and I'm out of pokeballs too. So go for it!" he said, giving me a thumbs-up. I nodded, "Emperor, come back…" I said. Emperor quickly returned to my side, "What's the plan?" he asked. I pulled out Nightwings pokeball, "Wear it down, get it tired out then capture it…" I said. Emperor nodded, and I released Nightwing from his ball. With a puff of smoke, Nightwing appeared, ready to engage heracross. Heracross leaped at Nightwing with a gin, attacking him with a close combat. He punched Nightwing in the gut, and swung another fist at its face. The impact echoed throughout the forest, as heracross' fist imprinted into Nightwings jaw.

"Hmph…" I grunted coolly, as Nightwing grinned and started forcing heracross' fist back. Heracross' expression changed to a confused look, attempting to push his fist through. "Ice Fang…" I said in a calm voice. Nightwing's grin widened, as he grabbed heracross' arm into its jaws, freezing it completely. He twisted his neck, effortlessly lifting heracross into the air, and slamming it on the ground. Heracross rolled over in pain, clutching its arm and standing up. Heracross became enraged, as it gritted its teeth, stumbling to a stand. Nightwing watched him stand up, and attempted to go in for the take down, "Nightwing, stop…" I said. Nightwing frowned, freezing in his tracks, "Why!? I can knock him out!" he cried to me. "Save the savagery for our enemies…I wish this one to be our comrade…" I said, walking up to the heracross. Heracross tried to move away from me, but he fell as he was backing up.

I walked up beside him, and crouched down, "You…you seek power…" I said to him. Heracross' eyes were locked onto mine. "You have come far on your own, and I commend you for it," I began, releasing all my other pokemon from their pokeballs. They quickly surrounded heracross, "You have one of two choices, join us, and obtain unimaginable strength, becoming the champions of the sinnoh region and showing everyone in the region who is among the strongest," I said, holding my arms open to show my team, "Or you have the second choice. I leave you hear to fend for yourself, like you always have. And in the back of your skull, of the thought that you could have been even stronger than what you are. You will become hollow, a soulless warrior, whose sole purpose is fighting meaningless battles. For the rest of your miserable life…"

Heracross glared at me, as he looked at my team. Emperor nodded to him, Gliscor nodded, Huntress nodded, and so did Helfire. I held my hand out, "So then…the quest for conquest, or the path of emptiness?" I asked one more time. Heracross ignored my hand, and stood up on his own. "You think I need a trainer to become greatness? I can do it on my own!" heracross said to me. I was slightly shocked that I could understand him…but I didn't think too much about it. I stood up, and turned to look at Gold. He was nursing Explotaro with potion, wrapping his wounds with bandages. He then placed Explotaro back into its ball.

"Got quite all of a sudden? Did you catch heracross?" he asked, placing his hands on his head as he walked over to us. I shook my head, "Nah, he's being stubborn…" I said coolly. I turned to look down at heracross. "You remind me of myself…always wanting to do everything on my own…But even I need to rely on my teammates every now and then. Support from a team may be what you need." I said. Heracross nodded, "Do you guarantee that I will become stronger if I join your team…" he asked. "I will make you a Titan…" I responded confidently. I placed everyone, except for Emperor, back into their pokeballs. I pulled out an extra one, and opened it up. Heracross was absorbed into the pokeball, and it closed, wiggling in my hand. A dong could be heard, signifying the capture was complete. Gold laughed, "You know, why didn't I think of talking to it!" he said, rubbing his nose with a grin. I looked down at heracross from within its pokeball, "You could have, but you would have never understood it. You couldn't capture it because your personalities don't match." I said.

Gold shrugged, "heh! You know some stuff huh? Well, Snowpoint city ain't too far from here, let's go together!" he said, leading the way. I turned to Emperor, and nodded my head. "Right behind you then…" I said coolly, as I followed Gold deeper into the forest.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 17   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 17 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:25 am

THAT BOSS THO LMAO he made greiger and weisler his bitch and that is NOT easy to do lolol
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 17
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