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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Appreciation

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Appreciation   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Appreciation EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 2:17 am

Words from Soul himself:

Hey guys! today the views of my story have finally broken the 200's barrier, and i have recieved a few very helpful reviews. Even though everyone reading my story isn't commenting on it, i can tell you have a lot of interest in my writing! I encourage each of you to find more readers, maybe friends among the internet, or people you may know who like to read fan fics/short stories or whatever the case may be. This is really just an attempt at refining my artistic view on fictional literature using a topic many people i know really love (judgeing based on the amount of sales of X and Y), so all of your support really helps my drive to write more, and better.

This isn't a new chapter, but a strong thank you for spending your time reading, and i pray more and more people (as you read) point out some of the minor kinks in my writing so i can continue to get better! Please message me, weather it'd be some reviews on what you'd like to see happen next or to ask questions about certain characters you like, its fine by me! and i PROMISE Soul's team, and not any one persons team, will become drastically overpowered (In regards to Emperor's rapid evolution, i kinda hate prinplup, he's an ugly duckling so i skipped it entirely haha...) Keep reading and show your support through the reviews, and i'll be happy to keep writing!

So like i said, please Favorite, and Follow!
Full fanfic - click here
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Appreciation
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