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 Chat Suggestions

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PostSubject: Re: Chat Suggestions   Chat Suggestions EmptySun Mar 16, 2014 1:40 pm

Okay, I joined the Nexus Forums, yay! I had an idea, but since I don't think Jolty will like it, I thought we could bat it around here and try and polish it.

Now that we have this new Ball of Fortune thing, JP has been harder to come by. The most expensive thing in the shop, a subscription, is going to be hard as balls to get. So mayhaps we should spice up the subscriptions, by figuring out more incentives for it.

My idea was having the chat send out a notification to subscribed users whenever a ball of fortune is about to appear. The problem I forsee Jolty having with this is that it somewhat enables subscribed users to keep their subscription, devaluing JP once again. Thoughts?
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Chat Suggestions
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