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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 4

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PostSubject: Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 4   Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 4 EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 1:54 am

All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

It was late in the afternoon, the sun was setting and the breeze was cool. Emperor was steadily walking by my side, “You’re a pretty tough kid, you know that Soul?” said Emperor.
“I do what’s necessary, that is all” I answered. As we walked into Oreburgh City, we could see dust picking up from the dirt roads. It was quiet; people were in their homes settling in, ready to call it a day. The pokemon center was pretty close to the Entrance, so we stopped there.

We walked in, and the place seemed deserted. A single TV was on, and Nurse Joy was vacuuming the rug. “Why hello!” she greeted.

“Hey…can you take quick look at my pokemon nurse?” I asked. She nodded and smiled, and took Huntress and Emperor with her. While she’s doing that, I thought, I’ll go check out the gym. I left the center, and started heading for the Gym. It was completely dark out now, so I pulled out my flash light and my map from my bag. It took me a while to find the Gym, but when I got there I realized it was closed. There were a couple of people, a man with a camera and a woman with a microphone, standing at the front door, arguing with the gym receptionist.

“What do you mean he left?! He had an appointment with us today at this time!” said the lady with the microphone. Hmph…news cast people, I thought as I threw on my hoodie. “Roark stepped out! He’ll be back in a little bit! He said he had an urgent matter to attend to!” said the lady. “Hey…what’s goin on? I came to challenge Roark to a Battle.” I barked at them as i walked up. All three of them looked my way.

“This is great! We can actually get what we wanted after all!” happily squealed the news reporter. She and her camera guy ran up to me, “I’m Lawna Baker! And this is my camera man Charles! We work for the new TV channel Trainer Watch! We video tape trainer battles on the go and record gym challenges! Our plan is to find up and coming trainers in today’s society, and inform the people who to follow!” she said holding her hand out.

I didn’t reach my hand out to shake hers. I walked right around her and approached Roark’s receptionist. “Where did he go, I want to get my badge and leave…” I said in a mean tone. The lady looked quite cross, “HE STEPPED AWAY! He’ll be back tomorrow! then you may challenge him! SHEESH! Now if you people continue to bother me I will call the cops!” she put a closed notice on the door and slammed it shut.

Note to self…prepare to absolutely savage Roark in a battle since you can’t wring the secretary’s neck, I thought. I started walking back to the pokemon center. “Sir, Wait! You are a trainer, aren’t you?” asked the Lindy, with her cameraman following close by, “Can we have a quick interview?” she asked. I turned around ready to tell her off, but then I thought of the kid’s at the orphanage, and the promise I made.

“Hmph…you said you work for a tv channel right? For talented trainers?” I asked swiftly. Lindy nodded. “Sure I’ll answer a few questions…Make them quick I’m in a hurry, got it?” I said coolly. Lindy signaled Charles to roll the camera, “As a trainer, what is your goal?” Lindy held the mic out for me to respond. “That is simple…I’m going to dominate each and every Gym Leader, then I will raid the pokemon league…Once that is done, I will fight the Elite 4 and take down Cynthia herself and becom the new Sinnoh Champ…” I replied. Charles’ and Lindy’s jaws dropped. “Su- Such a bold claim! How do you expect to back that up?” she asked startled by my response.

“Simple, I will train my pokemon and myself, we will fight as a team, work together to take down every enemy we come across. We are elite in the making, and we will be the next champions to walk the Sinnoh Region.” Charles and Lindy looked at each other. “Well, what was your name again?” she asked. “The name is Soul…” I replied. “Why yes, Soul, do you mind if we watch your gym challenge tomorrow?” she asked. I nodded yes, and turned to leave. “Wait! We have more questions!” she said quickly. I stopped walking, “You got more than enough out of me, Be there for my battle with Roark tomorrow, it will be a real scoop…” I said, and I walked off.

I Returned to the pokemon center, and picked up my pokemon. I decided to rent a room for the night, so I can rest and plan for the battle with Roark. What pokemon will he use? What’s his battle strategy? I pondered. Emperor and Huntress your too busy running around and enjoying themselves. “How can you have this much fun when we have an important battle coming up?!” I growled at them. They stopped playing and looked at me. “AWWWWW! I think Soul is cranky!” said Huntress, falling into a swoon. Emperor began laughing hysterically, “Yea! Bro relax! We can take that chump, just like all the other trainers we washed!” he exclaimed happily, puffing out his chest. Huntress hovered over to my side, giving me a hug, “Soul! We will help you win! We have faith in you!” she said squeezing me tightly.

I let out a sigh, getting ready to respond, when suddenly; KRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAH BOOOM!

I turned quickly, and leaped toward the window to see what happened outside. “What the hell was that” I asked hastily. Emperor and Huntress followed me closely. “We gonna go check it out?” asked Emperor. I shook my head. “Not our problem really, I’d prefer not getting involved…” I said coolly. Emperor got upset, “CMON! Let’s just have a little fun!” he said grinning. I looked down at him. “You know what, let’s check it out…it may be a Syndicate operation like last time…I want to study their movements and group formations…Figure out what they really are after…” I said, reminding myself about the last battle I almost lost.

“WHOOOO! Now we’re talkin!” exclaimed Emperor, getting my bag and stuff ready. I put on my sweater, and threw up the hood, while Huntress retreated into her pokeball. I put on my back pack, “We’ll figure out what Syndicate is really after, Listen up Emperor, this is a recon mission, we will not get involved unless needed be, understood?” I said sternly. Emperor grinned “Yeah, yeah! Hey come on let’s not miss the party!” he exclaimed as he opened the door for me.

Oreburgh Mines- hour later

Emperor and I crept through the darkness, making sure we were unheard. The front gate to the mine zone area in the outskirts of town was blasted open. ”It looks like a fire type pokemon heated it open…” I said to Emperor, examining the blast marks on the gate lock. “Yea no kidding…Whatever did that packs some serious power…” he replied quietly. Explosions could still be heard in the area. “Stay close…”I said to Emperor, pulling my hood further down to cover my eyes, “Godspeed…” Emperor said softly.

We both sprinted into the darkness, using the shadows as our cover, getting closer to what sounded like a war zone. “Up there!” I said, signaling Emperor to travel on the pipelines above us. We jumped up onto a nearby bulldozer. I boosted Emperor up, so he could grab the pipe, and he swung me up. We followed the pipeline to the center of the mine zone to find a crowd of Syndicate members, surrounding what appeared to be Roark, and another mysterious person.

“Roark! Fancy meeting ya way out here?” said one of the Syndacite members. “That voice…” I whispered. It was the man with the Gold and White mask! “Your plans to establish a base in the mines are over! We are ending this now!” said the mystery person. He looked about my age and had white hair with blue goggles, silver eyes, and a long blue scarf, partially covering his mouth. Hmph…who’s this punk next to Roark? I thought to myself. The Syndicate members had a bunch of houndour and sandslash with them this time. “I see…so they use pokemon based on the operation at hand…which means the zubat was for locating more room in the cave to store things, the raticate helped dig, ryhorn broke down big rocks, and grimer helped dissolve the rock heaps…These guys are professionals after all, huh?…” I said to Emperor.

“I’m curious as to how yer think you can stop us? Me men are packing heat, eh? But alas! you got us all wrong! We aren’t here to take this dump as our base!” the other Syndicate members began to laugh. “No! we are here for the fossils mate!” The man said pointing toward a huge vault further behind them.

“You’d be crazy if you thought I’d let you get away with even one of my fossils!” declared Roark, standing next to his Rampardos, “I’d Rather die before handing out my hard earned and dug up research to a group of low-life thugs!” the Syndicate members laughed again. “Why, of course mate!” the masked man checked his watch, “We best be moving, right to it then! Just give us what we want,” said the man, jokingly at first, “And we won’t have to kill ya…” he said in a darkened voice.

Things got real quiet...like the calm before a storm. “Roark, I already called for back-up, help is on the way, so we have to buy some time…” said the kid calmly. “Thanks, Psyche…no matter what, I’m glad to have been fighting by the side of a trainer like you,”

So, the kid’s name is Psyche…Well Psyche, let’s see how you handle this kind of threat, I want to see what your made of! I thought to myself. “Yer know! I never did get to introduce meh self! The name’s Greiger! And I am the Captain of the organization named Syndicate! And today, lassies! You face yer deaths!” Greiger then tossed a pokeball to the ground, and with a cloud of smoke a Magmortar appeared! Greiger then pointed at Psyche and Roark, “GET THEM!” he said evilly.

“ROARK SHEILD YOUR EYES!” exclaimed Psyche over the vicious barking and the cries of the Syndicate thugs charging forward. Suddenly, out of the Psyche’s shadow, Gengar appeared! “Gengar! I need a large scale Hypnosis! NOW!” Gengar laughed a sinister laugh as a hypno beam spanned the entire crowd stopping all the pokemon and their trainers dead in their tracks, as they dropped like flies. Hmph, not bad at all kid, I thought to myself. Quick way to crowd control, this kid is damn good.

As the men had moved forward to attack, Greiger retreated further into the mine. Psyche and Roark began to give chase, “Gengar! Stay behind and keep them occupied with dream eater! Anyone gets up knock them back out with hypnosis! I’m counting on you!” Psyche said as he ran off. I got up and tailed the trio from above on the pipelines, making sure I didn't miss a single detail. “Soul! Should we stop Greiger?” Emperor growled. I waved my hand out, stopping Emperor from moving. “Not yet, I need more data on Roark’s and Psyches battle technique!” I said coldly.

“Magmortar! Fire Blast! Bring down those doors!” Greiger cried. Magmortar held out its arm and spewed hot lava out before them, melting down giant steel doors blocking their getaway path. “Not so fast! Rampardos, Stone edge!” cried Roark, as rampardos shot out rocks from nearby like bullets. The firing from that distance may have restricted Greiger and Magmortar’s movements, but there was no way to get a clean hit. Roark’s Rampardos lead them to a dead end, a cavern with thousands of boulders and rocks stockpiled up high. Seems Roark likes to keep his opponents locked in, giving them less options to work with, I thought. Greiger and Magmortar finally stopped, and so did Roark and Psyche, a few feet away from him. I kept a low profile from above, out of site and out of mind. “Emperor, in you ball” I said sternly. “But, I want to see this clearly!” he protested. “NOW!” I replied sharply, and I returned him into his pokeball.

Sirens could be heard approaching the site. “Hear that Greiger?! You’re cornered, and your goons are all out cold! You won’t escape! None of you Syndicate thugs will!” shouted Psyche. Greiger began laughing hysterically. “What a bloke! Yer don’t maybe think I wanted to lead you’s here to ye deaths?” Greiger said grinning. “What the hell would Syndicate want with yer fossils other to make money!? Ye can just die with yer rocks! Magmortar! Use yer earthquake!”

Magmortar stomped its feet, and the earth began to shake. Suddenly, Roark and Psyche’s legs were swallowed up by the earth, and the pokeballs on their wastes fell to the ground out of reach due to the seismic activity! Magmortar than gave Greiger a boost to the top of the cliff. Greiger retreated Magmortar back into its pokeball, then re summoned it next to him. "Psyche, ye have been a thorn in Syndicate’s side fer quite some time, so we opted to eliminate ye” he said grinning. I readied myself to throw my pokeball.

“Sweet dreams, lassies! Magmortar, Use yer Earthquake!” right as he said that I Launched Emperor’s ball to land right in front of Psyche and Roark, “Emperor Use mist and combine it with your bubble beam to freeze the rocks!” I exclaimed. Emperor erupted from the pokeball in a puff of smoke, immediately doing as I said. Before the rocks could fully fall, they were glazed over, frozen in place.

The mist and bubble beam combination surrounded the area in a crystallized mist that swirled around. I ran forward a little, and jumped off the pipeline, landing right next to Emperor within the mist. “WHAT!?!? YOU!!! NOT AGAIN!” screamed Greiger angrily, the sirens echoed loudly in the mine area, getting louder and louder. “GRRR! You hooded freak! You’ll pay for this and the time in Jubilife, yer HEAR ME! MAGMORTAR SMOKE SCREEN!” a thick fog formed at the top of the cavern, and Greiger disappeared.

“Thanks! If you hadn't of dropped by when you did…I don’t even want to think about it! Thanks a lot!” exclaimed Roark. I partially turned to see Roark and Psyche still stuck. “You both lost that battle…because of your lack of discipline!” I exclaimed. “You dropped your guard because you thought you had him, now look at you! You both almost died!” I was angry. I didn't want to have to step in, I didn't want to be seen by the Syndicate again…was it perhaps I was scared? I shook it off, “You both are weak...” I said coldly. Roark bowed his head in shame. “Hold on! What gives you the right to talk down on us like that! Hey! Don’t turn your back on me!” cried Psyche, as I started to walk into the shadows. “What’s your name!” he shouted. I turned to him again, “Sorry, I don’t talk to dead people…” I said coldly, and I disappeared into the night.

Psyche growled angrily. “DAMMIT!” he exclaimed, as Roark fell silent. “Hey don’t feel bad, we did good work!” Psyche said reassuringly. But Psyche continued to echo Soul’s words in his head. “Who was that kid?” he thought to himself out loud. He couldn't help but think, this is definitely not the last time he will see that mystery kid with the hoodie!
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 4
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