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 Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 8

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All credit goes to SoulXCross, or Soul, for writing the fanfic. I am merely just posting the chapters for him.

Please continue to post your reviews for me! And please pass along my story to friends if you think it's really good. The more views/reviews I get, the more I write :Dthanks!

Link to full fanfic: Click here

It’s been hours since Cynthia and I got back to the cabin. The second we returned, she called everyone out of the cabin, and we started training like dogs. We trained separately at first, so each individual trainer can hone their respective pokemon’s moves. I trained with Emperor, Huntress and Gliscor. I taught Emperor both Roar and Toxic, i taught Gliscor roost and taunt, and i taught Huntress Swagger. It took us a while to get those moves down pat, but we eventually learned how to use them effectively. We worked hard on our minds, bodies and souls so we could fight in sync. Gliscor and I practiced especially hard in that field.

As the days drew on and a month quickly flew by, every trainer had finished with the individual workouts. To further our strengths, we started team battles and team orientated drills. These exercises were meant to establish friendships among each other, and to learn the value of working together. I didn't care so much about the friendship with those losers Heart and Core, but learning how to cooperate in teams with other people was a very important lesson to learn.

One day, Core and I partnered up to battle against Spirit and Heart and this battle was just getting heated as we dashed through the forest surrounded by trees. The objective? capture the flag.

“Emperor! Use Ice beam on the ground!” I called, as we ran forward at full speed. Heart quickly responded to my command, “Oh no you don't! Infernape, Mach speed Thunder Punch!” he called, and immediately, Infernape stepped forward with a burst of speed  locking onto Emperor like a target, making sure there was no time to layer the ground with ice! Core dashed in with Floatzel by his side, “Floatzel! Aqua Jet to catch up Infernape and parry the thunder punch with mudslap!” he demanded. Floatzel burst forward in a ball of water, effortlessly catching up to infernape in moments. The combined force between aqua jet’s speed impact and mudslap’s ground typing fizzled out the Infernape’s attack.

Spirit rushed in quickly catching up to Heart, Core and myself. “YAHOOO! Heh heh! they fell for the feint! Budew! Jump off Infernape’s and use leech seed on Floatzel!” she called out. Budew then popped out of nowhere, jumping off of infernape’s back. It shot a seed at Floatzel, tying it up and effectively dropping it out of the race. “Infernape, Grab budew and launch it at emperor! GO!” exclaimed Heart. Infernape grabbed Budew, and with all his might, threw him at Emperor. Budew soared threw the air like a bullet. "It won't be that easy! Emperor! Roar NOW!” I demanded. “I’m on it!” Emperor responded, and a blue aura surrounded emperor, as he let out a giant ROAR! The soundwaves of Emperor's roar halted it's progress, and sent it flying back to Spirit.

Just a little further! I thought, as Infernape and Heart quickly caught up to me. “Infernape! Close Combat!” he called. As Infernape swung his first punch, I grinned, “Get too close, and you drop you're guard!!” I said. Emperor swung around, facing Infernape right before he got hit, “Scald Him!” I called. Too slow to respond to the sudden attack, Emperor shot Infernape and Heart down into the ground digging them into the earth with a full powered Scald. Emperor and I continued to dash forward.

“Crap! infernape! cmon” Heart yelled trying to stand up in the slippery mud created by Emperor's Scald. I faced forward and smirked at how easily i took heart down, but somehow, Spirit found her way in front of us! “What! When?” I said angrily. Spirit was swinging threw the trees, with the help of Budew and its vine whip! She winked and blew me a kiss, as Budew accelerated in speed, swinging from tree to tree. “Emperor! It’s up to us! Shoot it down with you're ice beam!” I said as Emperor and I continued to sprint forward. “We can still make it!” Emperor growled, firing blasts of ice at budew.

Spirit and I were neck and neck as we both fired off beams of ice and solar energy, stretching out our hands to grab the approaching flag at the finish line. "Budew get in front of Emperor and use Leech Seed!” Spirit commanded. Budew and Spirit swooped in from above us and was about to tie us up! “Hell NO! Emperor use a full powered Scald!” I said quickly. Emperor shot out huge volumes of water with great velocity, but Spirit winked at us! “Later boys ;3, budew Protect!” she said. Budew made a short energy shield that blocked the attack! And what’s more, it propelled them forward even more! Budew and Spirit soared threw the air, and grabbed the flag.

Emperor and I came to a running stop. “Damn it…” I said, as Emperor sat down in exhaustion. Heart and core finally caught up to us. “So?! Who won!” said Core. I shook my head, and Spirit jumped up and down laughing holding Budew in the air. “That’s my little seedling! You’re beautiful and strong! Aren’t you dearest!” she said in a praising voice. Budew smiled and made little cute squealing noises as it was being weaved around in the air.

“OH YEAH! Mission accomplished! Suck it soul!” Heart said putting his arm around my shoulders laughing and skipping. I glared at him, “I think you are getting too familiar with me. Don't think you're better than what you are just cuz she got the flag for you…” I said coldly. He ignored me and went to give Core a noogie. “Heh heh! Next time choose the winning team!” he said putting Core in a full nelson. Core began crying, “STOP IT HEART! OWW! Ok! ok! next time I’ll make sure I put Spirit on my team!” he exclaimed. Heart let him go, “Exactly!...hey wait a second!” Heart realized he just got played. Heart began chasing Core around in circles, and everyone was laughing, heck, even i cracked a smile.

I watched as they played around, and had fun. “Hmph, Emperor let’s go…” I said quietly, and we both started walking back to camp. “Hey! Soul wait >:I” said spirit, as she ran to catch up with me, followed by Heart and Core.

We finally made it back to camp. Cynthia was outside waiting. She waved at us, “Welcome back! You guys have any fun? Did you push each other to work hard!?” she called out to us. Core, Spirit and Heart ran out to greet Cynthia with smiles of joy. They started gibbering away about the whole race and all the fun they had. I walked by the small group and waited in front of the cabin door with Emperor by my side. Cynthia turned away from the group to face me. “Soul, how about you? Anything you want to elaborate about the race?” she asked with a smile.

I stood up straight, and looked at Core, and then I faced Cynthia. “My team believed in me, and I let them down. He sacrificed himself in an effort to give me the lead we needed to win. If this were a real battle, I could have cost us our lives…This mission was a failure, and I failed my team” Heart, Spirit and Core looked at me with serious faces.

“Soul, this exercise wasn't meant to directly teach a lesson, it was to learn how to communicate with each other better! And to have fun!” Cynthia said, she walked over to me and grabbed my shoulder, “Listen you guys worked hard out there, come into the cabin and relax for a little while" she said. Spirit and Core rushed inside without hesitation, giggling uncontrollable as they raced to eat the food set on the table. “Soul, I want to work out with you a while longer…” Emperor said to me. I nodded, “Emperor and I are gonna work out a little longer.” I said to Cynthia. She smiled, “Okay, but don’t overdo it…” she said, and she walked inside. Heart walked up to me, “You know…Soul, you are a great leader, and you worked hard…Let me train with you as well, so we both cab get stronger as a team.” He extended his fist out to me.

I placed my hand on his fist, “No…Emperor, Huntress and Nightwing have to work out together as a team, besides you and the others were able to train with Cynthia for an entire day longer than I did. We need this extra training, So don’t mind me…Go eat.” I said giving him a fist bump. He gave me a nod, and walked inside.

3 hours later…

Emperor Huntress and Nightwing were breathing pretty heavily. I was pretty banged up myself, from taking too many of their combined attacks. Emporer and I stood up, ready to go another round, but Nightwing and Huntress were at there limits. "Huntress," i called out. “Yes soul!?” she responded happily, “Take Nightwing and both your pokeballs to the cabin, me and Emperor are gonna go at it again.” I said coolly. Huntress nodded, and scooped up Nightwwing, and sped off. Emperor was still breathing heavily, I put the training gloves back on again, and charged at Emperor, “ARGH!” I cried, as I swung quick 1,2 combo. He ducked and swayed out of the way of both hits. I threw an uppercut straight through the middle, punching Emperor in the gut.

My punch connected, but Emperor was able to muscle threw it. Emperor then swung around behind me, “GOOD! NOW ATTACK!” I screamed, as I quickly turned and swung a right jab. But just as I wanted, he blasted me with his Scald, before I could get my punch in. I hurtled backward into the ground, and hit my back hard against the cold muddy floor. “Gah!” I coughed, as the air in my chest seemed to escape me. “CMON! GET UP!” Emperor shouted. I staggered to my feet, and grinned at Emperor. I charged forward yet again, “HAAAH!” I bellowed.

Emperor shot another Scald at me, but I ducked under it, and used the mud on the ground to slide in under his Feet. He cut the attack short, but was too late to avoid my assault. I swung my hand threw, pulling his leg as i slid under him, effectively tripping him. He turned as he fell on his back with a loud THUD! I quickly stood up and attempted to charge at him yet again as he laid on the ground. As i jumped at him, he let out a giant ROAR! sending me flying backwards! “Good! GOOD!” I called to him, as I quickly got up again. He was learning to use Roar effectively! And now that I’m tired, he was using my attacks as set up bait, making me think I got him. Then he quickly and effectively musters up an attack from behind to retaliate to my assault! “It's NOT OVER!” I cried, and I dashed forward, using the mud. Emperor’s braced himself for another round. As I got in on him, and was about to give a blow of my own, my leg gave out, and I slid into him instead, causing both of us to fall over.

We just sat their huffing and puffing, trying to catch our breath. We started coughing and sputtering in exhaustion, and those coughs slowly turned into laughs. “You’ve done it! The move Roar gives you time to recover your footing, and toxic allows you to weaken your opponent in that time, giving you a major advantage! also as you tank those hits with your bulk,  your ability torrent powers up your Scald as you get weaker! the longer you are in the battle you will only grow stronger!" I said wearily. “Yea! This new move set will make me damn near unbeatable!” Emperor responded.

Suddenly, an Aerodactyl swooped in from overhead, and landed by us. Psyche hopped off its back, and walked over to Emperor and myself. We glared up at him from the ground. “You both look really pathetic right now” Psyche said barely able to hold in his laughter. Emperor and I helped each other stand up. “Oh yea…Tough talk from a chump like yourself…” I said, barley able to stand. My vision began to get blurry. “Heh, you both seem to be working hard……” that was the last thing I heard Psyche say, since Emperor and I both collapsed on the spot.Psyche sighed as he took Emperor's pokeball from my waste, and put Emperor back into his ball.

=From Psyche's Perspective=

I picked Soul up, and carried him back to the cabin. I knocked on the cabin door, and Cynthia opened it up. “Hello Psyche!” she said happily. I quickly saluted. and Cynthia shook her head with a smile , “Haha! At easy soldier!” she said waving for me to come in. I lugged soul in over my shoulder and walked in. As i walked into the room, i oould see two boys sitting on a couch in front of the fire place, alongside Spirit. “Who the heck is he?” the eldest boy demanded. “Yeah! How come he’s hear? Is he joining our training?” the youngest chipped in.

Spirit smiled and waved, “Hello Psyche! How have you been? And how is Grotle?” she asked. “EEEEEHH?!?!?!?” the boys said in unison. “SPIRIT! Why do you know all these guys!?!?! WHAT THE HELL!!?!?! Are you hiding something? >.>” the eldest boy asked nudging Spirit's arm. She moved Heart’s elbow away, “Well, you see, I met Psyche in the forest one day. he was being attacked by a couple of Ursaring for some odd reason. I Swooped in and fought them off for him with my grotle, and since he didn't have any pokemon with him, I gave him my grotle!” she said with a smile.

I pulled a pokeball off my waist, and tossed it to Spirit, “Yea, at the time My pokemon had been seriously injured in a gym battle, So I went to the pokecenter to heal them up. I got wind that there were some Syndicate activity in the forest. I intended to simply gather intelligence, then come back later with a team, but I somehow got found out and was forced to take them down on the spot. Unfortunately, Greiger got away and he sent the enraged Ursaring after me…” I walked over to an empty couch, and laid soul down on it.

“Psyche, my instincts tell me that you should hold on to grotle for now…” Spirit said, and she tossed the pokeball back to me and I caught it, “You sure? My team is with me now…” I responded. Spirit shook her head, “I have a strange feeling, that you will need him, and he will need you…When the time comes, you will see” Spirit said with a smile. I sighed and shrugged, “You've been right about these things before, so I’ll just take your word for it…” I said, as I placed grotle’s ball back on my waste.

I turned to Cynthia. “I came here to update you as a PEACE operative, so please listen,” I said sternly. “What’s PEACE?” asked heart, but Cynthia held her hand out to silence him. “Ok, go on ahead” she responded in a serious tone. I looked over at Spirit and the two boys. "Don't you think it'd be better to not discuss something so serious with civilians present?" i asked Cynthia. Cynthia shook her head, "They are fine. Oh and by the way, The older boy is Heart, and that's his little brother, Core" she said, finally introducing them. I gave them a nod, “Right Then…Syndicate has been lying low as of late, probably still moving weapons under the radar. We interrogated the prisoner i apprehended, but it appeared to be futile. It seems that he some how developed sudden amnesia. He cannot recall any events from where he's been, even up to the events from a month ago.” said Psyche. “Any theories?” asked Cynthia. “We believe that these people may be innocent. The same technology found in the Vile Balls, as we call them, is being used to manipulate people and their natures. You see, studies lead us to believe that the power of these Vile balls is to amplify ones anger and heighten the evil in one’s heart”

Cynthia walked over to the table where Heart and the others were seated. She pulled out a chair and sat down, crossing her legs. “And about the whereabouts of Syndicate’s base of operations?” she asked. “Still unknown, with little to no progress on that topic” I replied shaking. “Very well, then. Thank you for the update Psyche, well done” she said, still deep in thought. Heart stood up out his chair abruptly. “I waited, now answer my question!” he said sternly, “What is PEACE?” I closed his eyes and let out a sigh, “PEACE stands for Pokemon Elite Action Center Enforcement. We are an organization of Agents who are dedicated to stopping criminal empires like Team Rocket, and Team Galactic. We tried to recruit Soul, but he’s a bit of a rouge.” I said pointing at the fallen trainer on the couch.

Cynthia chuckled, “He’s strong and he doesn't give up. He’d be a great leader if he didn't shun people away and try to carry everything on his shoulders alone” she said. It grew silent. Cynthia stood up, and started a fire in fireplace. Warmth quickly filled the air, as she went back to take her seat. “Well then. I’m glad to have been able to update you, Ms.Champion, but I have things to take care of.” I said, thinking about the other 3 badges i still had to train myself for, and the abundance of PEACE recon operations i have to do. I was about to leave, but Heart called to me, “I want to join PEACE! How do I sign up?” I turned and stared in Hearts eyes.

“I’m strong! And I work hard! It’s not fair that Soul gets all the credit! Especially since I’m stronger than he is now!” Heart said angrily. I paused for a second, is this kid serious? i thought. I started to chuckle at first, trying to hold in my laughter, but i eventually gave and busted out laughing at Heart. “HAHAHAHA! YOU? Stronger than Soul!? Heh heh! That’s cute, I never thought this kid could be this funny!” I cried, whipping tears from my eyes. Heart growled angrily, “WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO LAUGH! I AM STRONG! AND I CAN BACK THAT UP, TOO! HOW ABOUT WE STEP OUTSIDE!” he bellowed. Spirit moved to grab Heart to sit him back down, but Cynthia moved her hand to stop her.

The laughter disappeared from my face, as i walked up to Heart not breaking eye contact. “You know how I know your full of shit? When I look in your eyes, I see a boy that grew up with both parents at home, whom had plenty of money. A boy that didn’t have to struggle on his own, or feed himself on those cold stormy nights. Your eyes don’t have that anger, that feeling of regret, that fire to fight on. You are just an average teenager, who grew up with what he had given to him like everything is peachy clean and it's all a game.”

Psyche then pointed at soul, “You know what he had? He had two dead parents by the age of three, a step-father who knows nothing about children, that also never had time to take care of a child because of research, and struggledas a misfit in a community of wealthy and spoiled kids. He wants to put his heart and soul into every little thing he can, and he works hard. He grew up virtually alone blaming himself for the death of both his parents, and struggles with the thought he has something to prove! He has the heart and soul of a real warrior, willing to take it to the next level no matter what even if it costs him his life!” I said sharply.

Heart was stricken by My words. Core sunk deeper into his chair, staring at soul while a single tear fell from Spirit's eye. Heart put on his coat, and zipped it up. He picked up his pokeballs that were on the healing-pulse machine, and placed it on his waste. “When you are ready, Psyche step outside and let’s handle this like men” He said passing me and walking right out the front door. He stood motionlessly waiting for me to step out with him. Least the kid has style, i thought, as i walked out behind him.

It was late at night, and the moon peeked over the trees, shining a bright light on the meadow. The mud had dried up from Emperor and Soul’s training, leaving a battle scared field for us to fight on. Heart and I stood on opposite sides of the field, as Cynthia walked up to the center.

“This battle is a one v. one, Obviously the first pokemon to fall will be the loser, any objections?” She asked. Both trainers shook their heads no. "Good. The challenger will decide who chooses pokemon first, Heart?” Cynthia said turning to Heart. Heart threw his pokeball, and with a puff of smoke, Infernape appeared, recharged and ready for battle. I laughed, “Your infernape looks pretty strong…but not strong enough…” I said as I grabbed a pokeball from my waste and tossed it into the air.

With a puff of smoke, A Kingler appeared. “Oi, Kingler, This isn’t a real match, so take it easy” I told my Kingler. “Kokee ke ke!” cried Kingler, snapping its claws. Heart clenched his fists. “BEGIN!” declared Cynthia. Heart made the first move, “Infernape! Mach punch! Get in close!” he cried. Infernape ran toward Kingler in a burst of speed, preparing to attack. “Parry it with Crab hammer…” I said in a relaxed tone. Kingler lifted its giant claw, effortlessly blocking the attack. “Use Close Combat!” Heart said swiftly. “King, protect…” Psyche responded. Kingler brought up a shield, blocking all of Infernape’s attempts at an attack.

“Don’t let up just yet!” Heart cried. The shield began to crack under the pressure, as Infernape rained flurries of fists on Kingler pushing it back. “NOW! Use thunderpunch!” heart said with a grin. The last punch from the close combat shattered the shield, leaving me no time to make a new one. Infernape gathered electricity and swung forward. “Kingler, use agility to move around him…” I said. With warp speed King moved behind Infernape, causing it to swing at an after image and lose balance. “This bores me…Yoke him up with vice grip…” I yawned. Kingler grabbed Infernape in its giant claw, squeezing him tightly inflicting great pain. “Infernape! Try to shake out of it!” cried Heart, but his cries were futile. “End it, Crab Hammer! Bury him into the ground!” I said Coolly.

Kingler lifted Infernape up into the air, and swung down with tremendous force. Water from the crab hammer splashed everywhere, and kicked up a lot of mud from the impact on the ground. Infernape lay unconscious in its own small crater. “Infernape is down, winner is Psyche!” said Cynthia. I returned Kingler to its pokeball "Hehe, Body Bagged" i said, as Heart ran out to his beaten Infernape. I slowly walked up to Heart, and crouched real low to get right in his face, and smiled. “I told you. You are nothing but a weakling. You lack pain, and you lack that hunger for victory…And you know what’s even funnier? I’m not even a full time member of PEACE, I'm just a volunteer. In order to volunteer, you have to pass an exam. A 1v1 battle with a real agent, and you couldn't even beat me…Your pathetic.”

I walked over to Cynthia. “You went a little too hard…” she whispered. I looked over my shoulder at Heart, who sat on his knees, Holding Infernape in his arms. “No, he has to learn…He’s a guy, not a girl he can handle a little push. If he’s too weak minded to get up from this, then it’d be better if he just went back home...Don’t give up on him Cynthia, and thanks for being the ref." I summoned out Aerodactyl from his pokeball, and took off into the night sky.

=From Heart's Perspective=

I finally mustered up the strength to get up, placing infernap back into his pokeball. I walked over to the group, with my head down, clenching my fists and gritting my teeth. Damn, that kid was tough as hell! He would go up aganst my infernape with a water type! the coward! i thought to myself, But wait...maybe that's what the lesson was?  but slowly, I started to let go and laugh. “Haha! That Psyche kid is really tough, and he taught me something today…He taught me that I need to train even harder to overcome my weaknesses and that I have to move on with my journey to learn more about myself and my pokemon too! He’s just like soul really…they both were the first people I ever lost a battle to, and that will surely be the last, cause it’s time that I, too, take my game to the next level!"

I walked over to Cynthia and Spirit, who were standing on the side of the field. "Welp, Cynthia, Core and I will be taking off now, thanks for everything" i said with a smile. “Yes, we will, and take care of Heart, you hear?” said Cynthia, as they said their final fare wells. I turned to Core, "Let’s go Core, we have to train some more on our own to learn what true strength is!” I said to him. Core nodded, "Okay, big bro!" he said happily, as he turned and bowed to Spirit, and Cynthia. “Thanks for everything ladies! Stay beautiful!” he said. “Yes, we will, and take care of Heart, you hear?” said Cynthia, as they said their final fare wells. With that, Core and I began our journey once more, headed out of the forest.
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Pokemon Adventures: Soul - Chapter 8
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